A Tank With Such A Big Gun It Shoots A Bomb

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Source: PhlyDaily

A Tank With Such A Big Gun It Shoots A Bomb

edited by – WEBE show him some love!
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  1. Hey all! Thank you to Phly for the shout out ❤ We look forward to seeing you with us!
    Be sure to let us know what other motoring related content you’d love to see us create.

  2. 5:26, do it Gaijin…

  3. When i get killed by a FV4005 i feel like im blind

  4. Ahhh finally, 1440p videos

  5. The engine wound for the AML-90 is terrible, it sounds like a lawnmower that needs a new sparkplug

  6. GetmeoutofSanFrancisco

    Holy shit that tank has a full on door

  7. Try the centurion mk5 AVRE again ^^

  8. What do u mean your WITH R3S😂

  9. Am bout to commit crime.


  10. that intro sums up this update. squads of R3s everywhere ruining the game

  11. Phly pliz try new tank Japanese pliz

  12. That 7×1 was painfull.

  13. your mic seems kinda off

  14. Alexandru Giurgea

    Yo phly, try the IAR 81C with 250 kg bomb and rockets. Is great against tanks even at higher battle rattings

  15. Please play the underrated Chi-Ha Kai

  16. Considering how it is on wot, nobody really wants that kind of gameplay unless you are undesirable people, sounds cool but at the end it just ruins the fun for everyone that wants to play the game, like planes

  17. Call sign Badger01 THEPLANEGUY

    Soup. Mmmmm.

    Got u to press read more lol

  18. Soup store reference. Yes. Best. Good stuff.

  19. Who thought they were being called on discord?

  20. 4:35 phly turn into stuka

  21. It is football not soccer


  22. The RU is easily identifiable through his VROM VROM VROM everytime you just blip the throttle…

  23. You are not the sharpest tool in the shed you are the shed

  24. 14:08 the fact that he hull broke it is good enough

  25. The 183mm hesh should just cave in most tanks literally

  26. 10:02 wtf😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. “7:1” are you refering to Germany:Brazil in 2014? XD

  28. A gun so big it cant one shot anything, such a useless vehicle. If this thing hits anything it should just stop existing

  29. You should do operation desert storm next!

  30. ThePruld jajajajaja nice reference

  31. 7:29 it’s football and rugby !!!!

  32. IM AT SOUP


    Shitbarn in WarThunder lol

  34. Soccer team score 7-1? I’m brazilian dude, why do you say that!? ;-; Now I have bad 2014 vibes

  35. Phly pls play the new F8U-2 that just got added last patch… super excited to see this plane in the game finally!!

  36. >Ready for round 2
    >25seconds reload remaining

  37. Have you wrecked t-90’s with 150mm HE to the turrets yet? Oh fun days they havnt fixed since the april fools day event!

  38. hahahhahahaha. There are only R3s. Best opening ever.

  39. they are the donut media of the uk with out the moreeeeeeee ppppppppower baby

  40. Hey phly daily are you still a pilot? Which planes do you fly?

  41. schwever gustav : the biggest cannon ever made shot around 10 times before being scrapped in fear that the enemy would take it over (idk full info but ik that that the cannon was on rails and i think its barrel was so wide it could fit a truck inside (maybe even a nuclear warhead))

  42. How would normal subs like me get into a WT thing like BoB, midway, Dunkirk?

  43. Not me nutting over that Quattro 2:14

  44. Phly’s barn open for business also means bunghole

  45. Play Vickers MBT

  46. WHAT… i just made a vid on the Barn… Bruh

  47. Somebody watched the solaire and lautrec

  48. Phly! Epic Challenge! acquire enough points to use a NUKE! And reduce the opposition to ash

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