A Tiger Tank’s Worst Nightmare

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The American M8 Greyhound light armored car was a very prolific during WW2. There's even a recorded instance of one destroying a heavier German tank, possibly a Tiger or Panther. In War Thunder is is capable of the same feat, but in its native of 1.0 it is an absolutely absurd vehicle. Possibly even overpowered. Gaijin could probably move it up and it'd still do very well.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Makin' A Sweep, Fight For Peace, In The Field, Search and Destroy, Comanche Down
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: https://gunnerheatpc.com/ )

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A Tiger Tank's Worst Nightmare

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