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Today I've got a confession in . I've developed an unhealthy relationship with the Rinoceronte and here's why!



  1. the fv single handedly lost the enemy the game

  2. It’s kinda the same way I feel about my T57 Heavy, it was my 1st tier 10 tank because I always liked being off-meta. I hate how everyone can bully me but a few days ago I had this game where I did 4k dmg and 7 kills after a certain 60TP teammate said my tank was trash

  3. I have a toxic relationship with the Foch 155, lol

  4. Complaints Department

    Do you think WG will buff the reload speed for the shells on the Rino at some point?

  5. Test_name Test_surname

    Have I ever had a game on this map from this spawn that enemies would not contest that location and let me go hulldown and keep themselves exposed? NO!!! this replay is bullsh1t. Not in 20k games never

    • TheMightyCongueror

      It’s not his fault the enemy team was stupid, yeah, he was lucky that he didn’t get rushed, and probably would have 9 times out of 10, but there is no point complaining when it’s the enemies fault, it’s the enemies stupidity that kept him alive, and had him deal 7K damage. They maybe could have won even if he died, but that doesn’t really matter.

  6. Charming Villain

    At the start i was like ” is he pushing up alone there?”
    then at 4:56 i was like ” wth is he doing with his keyboard?!”

  7. Jonathan Richard

    for me its like grille 15 it is very accurate and did everything to help the accuracy but the shell never hits what im aiming xd

  8. What is wargaming doing with this tank and kran…They have the same matchmaking role, kran is 100x better than rino in every way – speed, manuverbillity, gun handling, dpm gun depression, turret armor… Rino only has better accuracy and hard gun stats (pen and damage). I bet they arent nerfing kran because then reward tanks like chief and 279e would be way better than any tech tree tank

  9. cool your play on NA that awesome never did i ever thing you come to Na

  10. Y not just just play like a super conq who has 120 and quick reload

  11. GG. Poor T49

  12. T28
    I love it and I hate it
    Fantastic armor from a distance
    Great dpm

    Slower than a snail
    And useless on field maps

  13. LOL @6:52 “…it is a significant week point…” as he points to the dime sized zit on top of the gun. T110e5 drivers “really?”

  14. This is 1 of my favorite tank but the reload holds it back alot.

  15. I could have bought it last month because I already have the tier IX, but this tank is terrible. The enemies had to wait on the open to get killed…

  16. The 45 T is the better tank the rhino is just bad in comparison

  17. I really don’t know why but this tank just feels sooo good when I play it. The kranvagns really strong but I just do so much better in the Rino.

  18. I have a TOXIC RELATIONSHIP with the entire fucking game, broken MM and OP premium pay to win tanks … But I also love it…

  19. It just so happens that I had a very nice game in this tank today; 4 frags, 4k-plus damage, and I got HT-7 for the T 55A done with honors. This was on the Kure Naval Base map. From the get go, it appears that the Red Team was passive and we had a 268/4 that was gunning for glory, and I made it my business to keep them alive. It’s posted at WOT Replays

  20. It is always interesting to hear the commentary on a game I watched live

  21. This is the type of gameplay that used to be the main in WOT at one time.

    Instead of the 3 minute, everyone racing around crap that is prevalent nowadays.

    it felt tactical and team reliant.

  22. Look at that big hole on rinoceronte butt XD

  23. I laughed when I saw this video was about the Rinoceronte – I have the exact same relationship with this vehicle. I keep trying to make it work (I like the accuracy of the gun) but she is tough to love.

  24. Quick question, I always see quickybaby saying thank you or giving the chat commands to teammates, but I jever.see him mouse over them or use cntrl and the team list to select.them or.use the command wheel? How do you do this? If want to.ise the pre made chats. Bit it usually takes long to select someone

  25. I watched his stream the other day for nine hours and if you decide to do the same unsubbed you will probably watch 70 to 90 ads on Twitch, good luck greedy baby

  26. vz55 just so much better than this tank

  27. Imo carro should of been the tech tree tank , with the rhino as the clan wars , ( both needing small tweaks

  28. The console version of this tank is so bad, you may see 1 a week in a game. WG console, destroyed the Italian tank lines.

  29. If someone ask me the definition of “hindsight”, I’ll link him those video, easier than explaining.

  30. On the turret roof, are these recoilless guns? I suppose they are just for show?

  31. ThatNirvanaTool

    I always feel like people underestimate this tank. I see a bunch of people act like the turret is cheese but other then Tier 10 TDs spamming gold I never have an issue going hull down. I have all the field mods and run turbo, hardening and vents. The speed isnt super fast yet workable. The hull armor isnt great but like I said the turret works more often then not. All in all it just has a greater learning curve then most tanks IMO, so WOT players being themselves just say “ehh its not me its the tank”. I think all the Rino needs is one or 2 minor buffs and it will be GREAT. I say obvious ones are slight speed and reload, but I would love it if they gave it 530 or so DMG per shot without touching the reload. if WG decides to buff it I feel they might overdo it and have all the kids whining about how broken it is, but it would serve them right for making fun of my fav tank 🙂

  32. Too bad you can’t use the TOW missiles mounted on the turret….

  33. I’m all for tanks having weak spots. But rangefinders should not be weak spots. That spot on top of the gun should be treated as a piece of spaced armor rather than part of the hitbox.

  34. Your relationship with rinoceronte sounds pretty much the same type of relationship i got with my foch 155

  35. Rino was one of the only tanks that saved me during ranked, between it and the IS7….ill always love it but hope that WG does something with the reload

  36. i think you could pene jag next to gun, it have only 255mm and you have 268 pene at 4:35

  37. Earl John Bagain

    my toxic relationship with my tiger 1

  38. 4:21 You could have just fired at the superstructure. That wouldn’t have been 100% pen chance, but more likely to pen than to even hit that pixel shot below the wreck.

  39. I always thanks the helpful players!

  40. i remember seeing this live on twitch lol, it was so funny seeing the t49 shoot his 183

  41. World of Thanks ^^

  42. I’m going to drink when QB gets 10k game. And I don’t usually drink

  43. Patrick Hawkins

    Why no ads QB? Surely you deserve the extra revenue.

  44. Honestly, the Rino gets alot of undeserved hate. Its actually a great tank, you just need to get used to its unusual playstyle

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