A Troll Bought Me a CDC.. so I played it

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. This tank is nothing compared to progetto

  2. What up boss!!? ?

  3. Lol, out for a nice 1 am stroll in the park lemming?

  4. I should be sleeping

  5. CDCs smash in the right circumstances. Rammer.Vents.GLD. Ive bounced E4s before hahahah. Watch when everyone else fires then get that shot in. Rinse/Repeat.

    Just prepare for when you get shot to lose shit ton of hp and crew members and/or shit to get broken. Gun. Ammo rack. Tracks. I just run three repair kits.

    • Evan Ray Thats alot of good info. Ill definitely try that set up tomorrow.

    • Richard Juarez np yw. This all coming from a 49%er. 😛 pity I didn’t know all this 32k games ago.

    • Evan Ray Shit I usually just run it for the credits and bulldoze people in the E75. And Im at 56% but knowledge is knowledge. Thanks for the insight.

    • Richard Juarez
      Glad i could share. my first time ever offering WoT wisdom lol.
      I must admit tho, seeing vert stab, rammer optics in creators vids when i notice their slot layout is a nice vindication. 🙂

    • to clarify. 49% overall. 51% on CDC. so there’s that lol. and i play on an 8yo laptop which doesnt help 😛

  6. 2:58 rofl

  7. Why are your graphics kinda wonky

  8. my favorite tank
    you need a lot of time learn to play it lemmingrush its good tank
    and its better then progetto

    • If i recall correctly Lemming actually has the CDC 3-marked on NA but i suspect that was in the days of yesteryear when it was still considered decent (Edit: by the meta)

    • my bad then 🙂

    • Perhaps it will be good again when/if they make match maker +1/-1 but until then you can’t fight tier tens on corridor maps with this tank and hope to do well.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Franjo Grgić how is it better than spaghetto?

  9. Lemming any idea when next stream will be again?

  10. A friend of mine bought me a fuming M4 Improved and told me to 3 mark it, worst and most painful 3 mark of my life!

  11. I would love to send you a grille

  12. Alexander Bugala

    it is huge box, but still long distance medium – I would use camo instead repairs

  13. Next gift: Jagdtiger 88

  14. Are you done with school anytime soon?

  15. always nice to say thank you even for a troll.

  16. Sometimes they drive an ST1 because they already have an IS7…

  17. The good old CDC which I think was one of my first premium tank purchases. I use to play this tank quite a lot in 2016/17 but hardly ever now. I keep it hoping for a buff in armour, like that’s ever going to happen so maybe I should just sell it.

  18. My only tier 8 prem tank T25 Pilot1 is worse than AMX cdc …i have to do a lot of runing , relocate and bushing.

  19. oho. why not. u can play as an opportunist.since ure good bruh. u GOTTA belive.

  20. Well played still. CDC used to be okay but has turned garbage in the current meta. BTW, the way you talk really reminds me of Turd Flinging Monkey.

  21. Man, you have never played the Rev yet, you can’t fucking pen 90% of the tanks you meet…

  22. I don’t want an AMX CDC.

  23. Yes it’s very hard to get damage as a low tier in a blowout. Either way if you are getting stomped your life expectancy is very short anyway and if your team is the one kicking ass you can’t compete with the top tiers roflstomping the enemy. I had that all weekend it almost made me uninstall….again ffs

    Love your analysis….”a lot of tanks with potential to be useless” sounds like every tank in my garage lol

  24. 9:43 in a CDC if you take one hit you start to die… isnt like that in every tank? lol

  25. ST-I drivers are not the brightest… that’s why they chose IS4 line 😀

  26. All your critique of the CDC is dead on in case nobody believes you. The tank is awful. It does nothing superbly but does many things poorly especially take damage. And worst of all I found the gun is terrible in the current meta. Don’t ask me why but it’s aim time is awful.

  27. I thought you had made a video about me, from the title. 🙁

  28. How do you pen this cunt? … Sooo relatable!!

  29. watching you play makes me want to keep playing then i realize i am terrible and never win

  30. Tanking Trucker

    I love it thank you for gifting me the CDC, your a cunt for gifting it to me though lol. N e t r a that’s in the premium shop that you buy right now if it does not have armor it’s not worth getting your right on the money with that one. Because like you said you’re going to be bottom tier 70 to 80% of the time I would think this morning numbers when you get hit by two tier tens there goes 3/4 your help so basically you can’t hit three times you’re done and in a tank like the CDC everything’s going to Penn you. Great video as always keep up the great work.

  31. 25 subs away

  32. Hey LR, I have a pretty technical game in my WZ-132-1 that might be worth looking at.. got saved by team mates, lost and regained a flank, communication, and raw aggression… It’s not some epic 10 kill game or anything, more of a using my tanks strengths to the max. I think my decision making was pretty obvious throughout the game too.

  33. imagine only having this as a premium tank …

  34. I am waiting until inevitable buff in the future on this vehicle. Hopefully it will save it a little bit.

  35. 2:56… Stronk coding comrade…

  36. This vehicle has the size of a barn , les armour than Toyota Prius and crap hull traverse and you need to play it in order to figure out that is crap ?Give me a breack ! I did figure that only by reading the specs and I am an average player at my best .

  37. Was always difficult to play but it got power-creeped so badly it became almost impossible to make a difference to a game’s outcome…….

  38. Should i use 2nd or 3rd gub on my MT-25?
    2nd one has better dpm, but lower pen and alpha

  39. I haven’t played this game in awhile..have they made it easier to get credits without buying a premium account?

  40. I should be trolled with a CDC, suck it up. A gift is a gift. It’s not like he gave you an Excelsior

  41. “This cross is so stupid that nobody will be ready to punish it.” Love it.

  42. I like your vids for the most part but that laugh is sooo annoying

  43. NKVD Comrade Orion

    Can’t believe people used to say this piece of shit was OP once.

  44. In ur opinion what is the best premium for begginers

  45. I’m gonna buy the T26E5 Patriot. Thoughts?

  46. I could never get my T54E1 to work. I never found it’s groove.

  47. CDC is a good tank. I run 63% wr after 550 games. Biggest mistake people make is thinking it’s a medium and playing it as one. Sure the icon says medium but it’s a TD. That’s it. Play as TD, and ignore the whining in chat. If you can’t crack solid late 50s in this then you need to change your style in it.

  48. The CDC used to be highly rated when it came out. Has it been nerfed?

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