A Troll Bought me a Chinese TD… So I played it

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. but unlike the CDC, this vehicle is actually very strong xd

  2. In my experience that rule about being behind the bush and not being spotted is not always true. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt so in my opinion its a broken rule. And not using a camo net along with a fully trained crew in camo skill with a TD is not wise. You are just asking to be instant spotted especially once you shoot. Yeah I realize you just got the tank but just saying.

    • The trees hadn’t been knocked down, if they were bushes or had been knocked down it would have worked.

    • In this case it was the ELC, but I’ve faced nothing but blind Soviet HTs before in sneaky lights and been getting spotted every time I move up in to LOS even when double bushed at long range. The spotting mechanics are not quite right…

  3. Lemming, those trees at 8:20 are broken. They don’t work. Need to knock them down for them to work. I think they don’t go all the way to the ground, and there’s some gaps between them.

    • Yep, thats true. The lower parts of those trees don’t have leaves so I think it counts like no camo at all. Unless you put the higher parts of the trees between you and the enemy, you will get spotted.

    • I’ve failed so hard on that hill because of those trees before… It’s maddening because I thought the trees were supposed to work as a cone that reaches the ground, regardless of where the foliage appears to be. That said, there are plenty of examples of WG being rubbish in the map construction, with gaps in buildings that you can’t fire through, rocks that are actually bigger than they appear so your shot clips them etc.

    • Its actually the elc even 90 in the bushes on the hill left spotting him before he even goes in the trees.

    • Uncle Bedhead – Ugh, I hate that garbage. I push a tree only to realize it doesn’t go all the way down, so I just gave my position for nothing. Even worse is in Airfield where some of the trees will mostly go _through_ the ground, leaving almost no leaves to work with. Ugh.

  4. The beast, stick it in their face……………… waggle it sorted

  5. So it’s basically a tier 8 su-122-44?

  6. Next vid: A troll bought me every premium tank… So I played it.

  7. dude always honest content, love it

  8. Hey who’s that asshole giving out tanks, I’ll give him my account name see if he dares!

  9. I haven’t played WoT in months but for some reason I still watch ur vids 😉

  10. Cancer premiums like this are ruining the game. Unreal how many shitters arent punished for stupidity when playing this tank.

  11. I got a 10 day rental and hated it so much i played 4 battles and gave up, it’s got a big punch so i thought “hey it must be fun” but NOPE, 240 pen? NOPE bounce the side of light tanks, 120mm angled armor? NOPE, get penned. idk it’s probably a great tank and i’m just bad at TD’s? edit: also since it’s a rental i had no equipment on it and no skills, i think that could make a big difference.

  12. @LemmingRush Been playing M46 with 90mm, so bad, need to get the 105mm ASAP, don’t want to blow my free xp though cause i’m a cheapskate lol

  13. I wish they bought for me too 😛

  14. He finally plays a td

  15. Lol get destroyed lemming
    Keep it up, troll

  16. “Dying is bad” – wise guy lemming

  17. Unlike the CDC, it has 240~ effective frontal armor, better DPM, camo and can bully other mediums without taking damage.

  18. Why some troll dont buy me AMX and WZ-120-1 FT ???????? Please troll meeeeee!!! Please!!!

  19. Someone bought you a $50 dollar premium tank? Wow what a prick indeed

  20. Every Chinese TD is completely fake.

  21. Thanks for showing us that you are human.

  22. Guy buys you tank, and you call him a prick?

  23. Got my most damage game in that tank on that map by rushing city

  24. you can only despise td’s if you’ve never played an e25.  e25 is the meth of wot…

  25. Lemming you rely on mm to put you top tier in +2 mm and then you press W to obliterate anything that stands in your way and you rake in hundreds of thousands of credits. This thing is actually pretty damn OP


  27. mad respect for showing a shit game….  that’s the thing about tds, they can’t push initially (at least not more than a couple shots), so they REALLY rely on how the rest of the team does.  If the team does shit, you’ll do badly, if the team does well, you can do really well…

  28. I appreciate seeing the “bad games” I actually find them more useful because if someone is trying to learn, the likelyhood is they have more bad games than good games and knowing what to do in those situations, knowing how to maximise your chances even if the result is what you’d expect, is more helpful for consistant play than knowing what to do in those rarer games where you can hard carry (though knowing what to do in that situation is also useful especially if the former advice results in more of the latter situations).

  29. why do you play on eu server btw ?

  30. Great to see the ‘bad game’ Lemming…. your analysis of this game was potentially more valuable to me as a sub-50 percent player than the good game.Thank you!

  31. You hate TDs? Lets be friends 😀

  32. “Scouts with my face” good one 🙂

  33. Thanks for the great advice. “Dying is bad” – LemmingRush (2018)

  34. I love this WZ td, its probably my fav. tank

  35. Glad to see someone posting a game they didnt do great in.

  36. I think the theory makes total sense. I mean, why would you camp in a tank that has a bit of frontal armour, a tier X gun, and does 50 km/h? I try to play my FT and my Foches like “turretless Mediums”; and I think if you aren’t using the mobility enough, you will be selling these tanks short.

  37. Hey Lemming!

    Welcome to my world. I specialize in TDs because under most circumstances, they are the tanks which are among the least demanding of a fast computer and reaction times.

    Playing them, learning to play them without loads of advice, leads you to learn to find a position and camp there praying for shots on tanks that blunder into position—exactly the play style that that you talk about hating. There’s an interestingly circumstantial aspect to all this though: if you can go unspotted, for most of the game, your Big-Assed-Gun (BAG) can pick off the weakened tanks at the end without mercy.

    Interesting to see you play this particular TD. It’s a super-odd vehicle. 

    Basically, when WG put together the wildly fake, Chinese TD line, they cut, pasted, and modified elements of the Russian line to do it and the tank you were driving is essentially, the Soviet SU-122-44 with better frontal armor and a heavier gun that can stand up to tier VIIIs and IXs without crumbling. Also, like it’s progenitor, the designers gave it the gift of insane hull traverse speed so that, unlike nearly all other casemate TDs, it can turn fast enough for it to negate being circled at close range, giving it a super-rare, knife-fighting capability that nearly all other casemate TDs lack; which can pull you out of bad situations where your opponents rush you and that can make you a holy terror against lower-tier tanks whose guns struggle to pen the frontal armor that your agility allows you to keep facing them at an angle between shots. You get to imagine the looks on their faces when the front of your tank stays in front of them and they’re waiting to receive another gift of 440 alpha.

    As a TD-specialist, I’ve always wanted the 1-G-FT because off all the games I spent learning to play the SU-122-44—I envy you the use of what is basically, the tier VIII version of it.

    I know that it’s not your thing, but your take on the WG is interesting because you try to combine your Medium/Light tank approach with the casemate TD’s armor and powerful gun. If you kept on playing it, it would be really valuable to see what you came up with, when, on so many maps like Ensk, many TD-players (myself included) just zip over to the one-line and play ambush predator while the rest of the battle happens somewhere else.

    Good to see your video, as always. I’d love to see more of your take on the kind of tank that I actually play.

    Do keep them coming if you can find the patience, a lot of players like myself would find your insights valuable.

  38. Lemmingrush, a serious question for you that I’m sure thousands of your other viewers are probably wondering too: Quickybaby recently released a video titled “Is World of Tanks Dying?” and it was a very detailed and professional analysis of WarGaming’s poor decisions, bad directions, improper timings, and all kinds of other factors that contributes to the downfall of a once-flourishing game with a strong player base. He outlines the drastic decrease in English speaking players in his video, and well-known WoT players commented in his video expressing agreement and/or stating they aren’t returning. What are your thoughts on this? What is your position on this situation? Do you think WoT is dying? Of course it is, but what will you do now? You’re such a good player, and you must have dedicated hours and significant effort to get to where you are, influential and admired. If this game is in decline, where will you go from there? Will you play another game? Will you be apart of the effort to get WoT back to its former glory? Will you just wait and see what happens? Are you going to play until the last day until the server shuts down? Is your (for a lack of a better word) dedication in WoT fading? I’m asking since I’ve been playing this game for 8 years (one of the first players), and I remember perhaps my most fondest memories in my teenage years were when I used to be clan commander of a now-barren clan, having fun and goofing around with 20+ clan mates in Training Rooms (they’re called Team Training now, isn’t it?). The hours of socializing while aimlessly operating these metal monsters. It was a true part of my teenage years. Since I’m in higher education now, I obviously don’t have the time to play as much as I used to, but for me at least, I will never give it up. Not even if there is just 30 other players in the world. If I were to restart playing the game again, I’m sure I would have 4k WN8 in World of Tanks since that’s where I left off, and you are always someone I look up to, and I was hoping that your answer can also give me direction.

    Sorry for the length. It has been on my mind for awhile. I just had to pour it out on paper.

  39. You play this WAAAAYYYYYY too carefully. Instead of tanking their shots with your front, you move away and expose your back. WRONG. Lose the binocs, train the crew. It’s simply the best premium tank in the game. Reason not many ppl. play this, is because the chinese TD line is shit. It’s best when played agressively (like an object 263 or bobject). The gun will troll you if you want to snipe, at distance, it’s a medium/close distance tank.

  40. Also, great to see some unusual tanks. I mean I love seeing Obj 140 and Light tank gameplay, but I enjoy a bit of fast TD action as well, and even Heavys once in a while. Appreciate the variety! 😀

  41. I respect your opinion but I find the wz to be a excellent tier 8 td

  42. when watching this game, i don´t understand why you don´t like td´s :p

  43. Mwahaha ‘same prick’… Why are kids so rude nowadays?!

  44. Oh hey, Lemming finally discovered how broken the WZ-120 FT is. Yeah that thing is an armored medium tank that just happens to not have a turret. I’m not surprised you like it.

  45. You wanna use the mobility of your td, yet you don’t use gasoline. Fucking noob, apparently you haven’t watched td guides of top players in the world.

  46. Dude….That TD is a medium tank with a cannon strapped to it. LOL. Its broken AF with a good crew. Mines got nearly 440 view range at all time with coated and around 40% camo with no net. If there is ANY unicorn stetped TD that’s it. you can do pants on head aggressive shit in it. its mobile you can passive scout. Bush abuse people with a tier 10 gun basically and reliably frontally pen virtually any tank you face.

  47. This is a great video because it shows great decision making and how things actually are in the game.

  48. I wish people gifted me premiums too.

  49. Use bonds to get 6th sense. P2W afterall

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