A Truck With a Gun Welded to it Engages in Tank Warfare (War Thunder)

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A Truck With a Gun Welded to it Engages in Tank Warfare (War Thunder)

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  1. Phly: this is what I made for
    Plane: I see u didnt have anything blocking your top

  2. I got 19 kills with an M4A1 Sherman on Sinai once. It remains the highlight of my War Thunder career. I just sat on B and they kept coming, like sheep to the slaughter. It was glorious.

  3. You got it all wrong on the congestion Phly, the best, and quickest way to get rid of it is to fire a full caliber round or twelve (the more the better) of 84mm ammo with a Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle. It works *every* time*.

    *(some minor capillary bleeding in nose, sinuses and/or eye whites may occur if firing more than 6 rounds in quick succession, eg. faster than 10rnds/min, also, keep mouth open to guarantee prevention of cracked teeth or ruptured ear drums, and don’t have any food or gum in your mouth when firing either.)

  4. Take out the maus Attempt:2

  5. I lnow it doesnt really apply to this tank/truck but when your in an actual tank do you turn normally? Or do you lock one side of the tracks to turn?

  6. It sounds like a truck because it is a truck.

  7. Phly is the most congested human being on Earth. Got the AIDS of allergies.

  8. Phly, please more Uboat 😀

  9. Im still waiting for the PS4 being able to edit the graphics and sounds

  10. The meem Channel ft. Phloppy Whoppy & Gaijoobles

  11. The Vespa 150 TAP would be fun to play.

  12. You gotta Love how chill the guy on the back seat

  13. Your thing about helping clear your nose by running around is revolutionary. Spread it around to all of the world.

  14. Eggy Von Eagerston

    Oi the Sturmpanzer II 15 cm SiG 33’s cannon reloads about a tons of seconds

  15. Nice! Gl whit the new home!

  16. Open up all the ports

  17. The Dinosaur Guys

    ” I love you 3000″ – Morgan, ENDGAME, ?

  18. An American tank? I was expecting a Russian tank but ok


  20. #1 Play the ZIS-30

  21. Half tacks rule!!!

  22. I challenge you to kill 3 targets with a German 15cm Pz.W.42 auf Sf(BR.4.0) it’s tricky but I think u haven’t done a video on that ( attempt#1)

  23. #2 Play the ZIS-30 pleaseeee

  24. #3 Play the ZIS-30 ,140mm + of Penetration 10m 0 degrees

  25. #4 Play the ZIS-30 Russian 2.7 plssss

  26. Phly allergic to Poland.

  27. 10:31 o7 Crunchy_Meat_Pie 18 Kills!

  28. Having actually fired big guns i’d say irl that one part ammo gun should be reloaded in less than 2 seconds.

  29. Slick, do you know why baronvongamez doesnt play war thunder anymore ?

  30. Phly can you take out the BT7 its extremly fun in low Tier

  31. glad to hear the house selling is going well. Goodluck.
    Maybe the reload time would be a bit longer if one of the crew wasn’t lazing about in the back though?
    OH! and a good local pasteurised honey works great too because it will still have the tiny bits of pollen in it if you can get it. Works wonders. Hope you feel better soon.

  32. Still waiting for War Thunder Battleships

  33. PLEASE read the comments and ur suggestions some of them are really good and would make for good content

  34. I once had more than those 18 kills, 24 is my all time record in RB, but the closest I’ve gotten was 16. No idea how I did it…

  35. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    I may actually start playing on my PC as opposed to my PS4 just got this sound mod… Wish I could link a PlayStation controller to it though

  36. Can we just appreciate the golden insults Phly uses?
    8:10 “Don’t be a fckin *umbrella*”

  37. I hope they fix the slow reload. It should have it really.

  38. Drive a bob simple

  39. Dániel Komlóssy

    One time ive got 19k 2a 0d , yeah it was luck but awesome…
    M5a1 is a beast, and at that round every reload was a kill almost, with that reload, god i love the stuart

  40. I had an allergy too like against the seeds in the air I spend 4 weeks on a farm work experience 2 weeks of torture and then it was completely gone.

  41. I enjoy hearing about a house purchase/moving that doesn’t turn one into a stressed out wreck. You seem excited. I admire that. Best of luck! 🙂

  42. Attempt#1 play the Achilles with 189mm of pen at 4.0

  43. Nie drzyj tej pizdy

  44. Nice sounds.

  45. A big reason the reload takes as long as it does the m3 was mounted with a different variant of the 75mm cannon that had a screw breach that you had to undo and do multiple threads on and it was a hassle 13seconds long eh stretching it but it was longer than a normal 75

  46. I feel you Phly, my hay fever is killing me right now

  47. Best wishes, and enjoy your new house…


  49. What is the sound mod for aircraft?

  50. I really hope you have the playback of that valentine1 with 18 kills.. sounds fishy for lvl22

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