A Unicum Guide to Steppes

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Sup lemming!

  2. i’ve missed your videos haha

  3. Whole right flank is completely changed in HD.

    • Tonixxy for the better or worse? Like is the map even more made for TDs and heavies?

    • Alex Strömberg you can easily find a video of it here. Just search Wot HD maps.
      Some maps are totally different, this one has questionable right flank. More for TDs who would know.

  4. Soo are you going to do this video again when the redesigned version of this map gets released in March?

  5. Lemming. I’ve been considering suicide recently but thanks to your videos I decided to kill myself. May I rest in peace in my grave next to Noobwargamer’s account.

  6. Very nice dissection of gameplay for Steppes 🙂

  7. is it cool to be 171th?

  8. good video lemming, would you mind doing redshire next?

  9. Lemming where is the unicum sketch

  10. Thanks for the guide Lemming, I think you are the only one who actually explains anything about map control and why to play certain areas.

  11. awesome info.. thank you. Would love to see you do some “live” game replays… explaining why you move when ect… Anywho. Thanks.

  12. Does playing the 9 line as you prefer require someone to play the 1/2 line to hold it? Or, since they are usually heavies on that side, do you usually have time to win 8/9 and flex back before they flank around behind you?

  13. too many steppes for an average tomato to understand .-.

  14. With the upcoming changes this might outlive it’s usefulness soon. Great vid though as always.

  15. Am I losing it or is the audio quality fucked up?

  16. Sasmitha Rathnaweera

    We need more guides like this .lov ur vids lemming ????????

  17. Do you have suggestions for TDs?

  18. Great info. It may change with update, but the general strategy is what I like anyways. What type of hill to use and when to push and such

  19. Shammalammadingdong

    Great video and commentary

  20. “I don’t like playing the lower ground”, well great, but your whole strategy depends on ‘someone’ playing the lower ground…..  Kinda seams like you should ‘guide’ us how to play lower ground as well, otherwise you won’t be able to press forward like you did.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      bikebudha01 there will be somebody pushing the low ground. Even if there is nobody from your team there, there will be enemies and you just shit on them when they try to push.

    • First, if no one from your team is pushing low ground, you are NOT going to hold them off on the high ground by yourself.  The will push past you and swarm you.  Second, my point is, if you are going to give a tutorial on how to play a map – you can’t say “idiots’ push low ground” so I push high ground.  That’s only ‘half’ the solution.  If your strategy requires someone pushing low ground, you should include ‘how to’ push low ground.  That way the player going high ground has someone to support.

  21. How was Belarus?

  22. pushing low works very well imo

    i dont know what you are talking about tbh

  23. great video, i’ve always shied away from taking that top shelf approach because of arty, but I guess there’s very little arty cover on this map anyway

  24. What happened to your mic ?

  25. Is it just my device or the audio is a little strange?

  26. Tank you so much for your videos lemming. Im a pleb with 1300~ most recent wn8 and one of the biggest problems i have is understanding where to retreat when i lose the side i decided to play on and your videos are helping me su much at understanding which spots are the best in different kind of situations. Keep up the good work my man.

  27. actual battle at the end would’ve nicer

  28. Lemming has so many credits he shoots APCR in custom games :p

  29. oh yeah. followed your advice and got killed before I could fire a shot. Then I realized it would have been easier if there was only one opponent and he held his fire while conveniently staying in one place.

  30. Is the guide even needed? Who has most competent top tiers wins

  31. More map guides pls lemming. They are very useful for someone like me who does not get the time to analyse the maps.

  32. Lemming Rush keep making these types of videos please… Thanx for making cool videos

  33. Actually, when I am on the green team and need to defend 9-0, I tend to go up on the steep hill and shoot down on people from a safe distance (350-450m). It usually works pretty well. Yes, you may get shot a few times, but the angle is much better than the ‘defend base’ situation you showed.

  34. I like the part where your like, you got team mates here taking hits for you lol.

  35. Nice explanation!

  36. ? Wtf they will change this map on 1.0 whats the point of this video then ?

  37. thanks for the strategy guide lemmingrush , really enjoy your vids and ive learned some new things 🙂 . mirrored / symetrical .all the best o7

  38. Lemmingrush, Can you tell me (or show me) what reticle settings you use? I can’t find it :/ Thanks

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