A Unicum’s Advice for Dealing with Terrible 3-5-7 Match Making – As a Top Tier Tank

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Source: LemmingRush

3-5-7 sucks for pretty much everyone involved.


  1. I believe that the technical term for that terrain feature would be “dry moat” but “ravine” works for me.

  2. Posted this in my clan’s discord.. That thought process is awesome.. I wanted you to mentor me last year so when ya said ya takin on again I nearly fainted untill ya said ya was jokin… 😉 😛

  3. 3-5-7 was one of 2 reasons I stopped playing. It is SOOOOO boring and sometimes frustrating. Add that to the randomness of teams that you get day to day (one day is fun, the next day you play it is just frustrating). These two things killed the game for me. The team randomness was always there, but MM variety and more top tier matches eased that negative. After 3-5-7 and enough time to pass, WoT has become overly monotonous and, because of the teams, annoying on some nights. They lost me. Further reading:

  4. gianluca comellini

    what about games like that but where your team win or loses in 3 min in a 15×3 battle?

  5. ……He’s a three shot for me, I highroll him the first time, then I higroll him the second time – I have lessons for $30 a hour, if anyone interested…..

    I love your speech & jokes LR.

  6. Recently introduced… Heh.
    Yeah 3-5-7 is either you are top or your life sucks.

  7. I don’t mind 3/5/7 matchmaking. If you’re low tier, you’re almost always forced to be a support tank, even if you’re a “carry tank” when you are top tier, or 1 tier below top tier. If you’re one of the 3 top tier tanks, you have a lot more responsibility to “get it right” than in 5/10 matchamking. If you’re middle tier, there’s a lot of “cannon fodder” to farm if you play smart, and you can still deal damage to the red teams top tier in most cases.

    I like Lemmings video’s, but he sounds like his issue with it is what it does to your stats. And people obsessing over stats is one of the problems with this game (APCR spam, OP Premium tanks, only having 1000 people on the blacklist when there are so many whiners in chat :P, etc.).

    Don’t get me wrong, stats are useful. But we’re all “swimming in the same pond”, so if your stats are being compared to other-people-in-the-same-tank and they see a similar amount of 3/5/7 matchmaking….it’s not really a problem. (especially if you paid attention to this video, and they didn’t! 😛 )

  8. I think, that for one day there was a bug in the matchmaker. The most used pattern was 5-10 (5 Top, 10 Bottom). Everyone was happy, that the matchmaking problem was solved. Then WG apologized for their “mistake” and patched it. The mosed used pattern is 3-5-7. Matchmaker for tier 10 don’t have enough tier 8 to make these 3-5-7 and tier 8 are nonstop bottom tier. So, that’s the minute version of the problem.

  9. So, same thing I guess if your a Tier 9 in the same game? Thanks, flea

  10. Never seen this map played like this, tanks driving to middle were they know the enemies normally take a flank crossfire farm fest. Good play to highlight their errors by you. 3/5/7 isn’t fun when playing bottom tier but your comment on how one sided the games tend to be is very true. It’s very frustrating at times and most pub games just ain’t fun anymore when you can see the lose at the start of the game due to matchmakers. I have taken on board your previous vids etc and tried to be positive and gleen as many damage points as possible when facing unstoppable odds cheers nice vid again?

  11. 3/5/7 is great for t9, only 3 t10 to worry about and tons of t8 to bully

  12. 3-5-7 MM is almost a year old. I think it came in with 9.17

  13. It is a dried moat! 🙂 Great video and helpful, ty LR.

  14. Finally someone that says that mm is bad or worse than the old one

  15. Oh look. Another filthy stet pedder unicum farming damage. Color me surprised.

    Though I do agree with you Lemming, the 3/5/7 MM was great in theory, but in practice? It’s turning out to be a fucking nightmare. Especially for people still grinding lines. Tier 8 is the absolute worst.

    • I guess you missed the meaning of ”another stet pedder unicum farming damage” with ”competent player who has to carry his braindead team”. Maybe not in this situation, but in most situations yes. Because probably bobs like you cant even deal 50% of your own tanks hp

    • R3dEye Gaming I can smell your redness through the screen. You’re probably those brain dead retards who get outplayed so hard and farmed.

    • We have 2 people who didn’t understand irony.

  16. FashionPolice MC

    This was actually a usefull video Lemming, thnx for that. And im trying to 3 mark my T49 And Sheridan. Do you have any tips for me? It would really help out

  17. 3/5/7 template is the worst thing about wot currently.

  18. Please say “1 1 1 1 4” really fast

  19. I hear few players that complain about 5-10 match making – funny how the majority of tanks in that configuration are the lowest tier (as well as only one tier below the highest tier of course). There’s no reason to believe that Wargaming has optimized match making and therefore I’d like them to experiment with more mm configs. Such as, for example, starting with 5-10 for the first 20-30 seconds in the queue, and if that fails followed by 2-3-10 for the next 60 seconds, followed
    by 3-3-9 for the remaining time in the queue. At least these configs are always composed of a majority of tanks from the lowest tier making it a bit easier to contribute to the team and being less of cannon fodder for the higher tiers in matches. Of course queue times could also be different for each server population.

    And as far tier 10 having too many boring tier ten only games because not enough tanks are available from lower tiers, one thing to try is an adjustment to tier 10 only mm. Since tier 10 view range and map size make moving very far difficult without being spotted, fewer tanks per battle such as 10 vs 10 match making could be used to reduce tank density and increase freedom of movement. Aside from lower available damage, I’ve found slightly smaller tank battles more interesting due to the greater amount of influence a single tank has in such match ups.

    In any case, I have a hard time believing previous or current match making solutions are the best solutions that could possibly exist and other things should be tried. Neither Wargaming or anyone else I’m aware of has demonstrated they know with absolute certainty how well or poorly some game mechanic will work in this game until it’s tried.

    • or 5-10 to start and same tier as second choice.

    • That’s fine. As I understand it, current mm has been arranged to put you in a certain number of same tier matches, a certain number of +/-1 matches, and a certain number of +/-2 matches. If for queue time reasons it’s still desirable to include +/-2 matches, I would like to see 3-5-7 to be replaced with something like 2-3-10 and 3-3-9 to allow the lowest tier to be more than half of the total team composition.

  20. FUCK WORT Lemm


  22. I played on aussie server last night in my tier 8 prem tank bottom tier nonstop I am a poor player I just play for fun but no fun last night so I went to asia server 5 games all tier 8 now that was good fun

    • I find it the same on the Aussie server so hold my tier 8 back as much as I can and spot for the higher tiers, attacking only when I think I won’t be killed…

  23. now make a guide on how to deal with it when bottom tier XD

  24. I know you describe it, but I’d like to see this played out in a losing game just to see the contrast in decision making.

  25. This works great for 3-5-7 MM but what happens when you’re bottom tier at tier 8 with 3-5-7??

  26. Clandestine Reactionary

    Whatever you do, don’t platoon, unless you’re tier 10. Literally like 5% of the time you’ll be top tier, if you plat. Such a good idea to punish platooning in a MMO, WG.

  27. It's not what you think

    So if you’re in a slow heavy, get fucked.

  28. Lemming, that new play by the castle will be called a moat. Normally wet, but it’s old so long dried out.

  29. Two issues: 1) This isn’t ‘the problem’ most people are having with 3/5/7 – not being able to farm enough damage is not what they are complaining about.  It’s being bottom tier all the time they don’t like.  2) This is an atypical battle.  Usually both teams heavies go east, some scout mid, some push west.  That the enemy team didn’t send anyone west is abnormal.  That your team didn’t send anyone east is abnormal.  It’ no good to show an abnormal battle and try to sell it as a learning tool…

    • I agree lets take the one of of the best tier 10 mediums in the game and show how to survive as a tier 8.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      bikebudha01 well, here is a way to deal with 3/5/7 mm – play tier 10. LR said this video is more for people who want to improve their stats.

  30. this MM mode is broke, often top 3 all are moron, you waste 10 mins.

  31. Sterenda Baugher

    Hi lemmeingrush i am a fairly new tanks player currentlly im focusing most my time on the swedish td do you know of any youtubers that know about td and present in your format or close to it? I find it way easier to asorb infommation from your videos then quicky or jingles

  32. show us as a tier 8 please

  33. Some of my best games have been when I find another medium tank that wants to be aggressive and we tag team or focus fire on enemies killing the alone tanks and then flanking the heavy tanks later in the game, it’s a rarity to find players that do not chat or talk but understand position and when to move on it. Nice replay and good lesson.

  34. He sounds panicky? He sounds like he is going to lose his mind? What’s up? What is going on here????

  35. Would it be better if they inverted it to make 7 top tier, 5 middle, and three bottom?

    • Lol no imagine the crying of the three bottom tier tanks. In my opinion the current mm is pretty good or atleast better than before the patch

  36. I read your title wrong… I thought it said A terrible Unicums advice….

  37. Top tier ? I don’t understand this phrase.

  38. Lemming, your videos are so helpful. Thanks for sharing. It would be great if you could show us a battle when bottom tier in a tier 8 tank.

  39. Lemming if you recieve an ivition from either FAME or KAZNA will you accept it

  40. You are one of the very few high rated players that I have ever seen be in front.

  41. jozef adam beňo

    how to deal with 3-5-7 MM as bottom tier scout in game where is only one scout on each side, and for some reason enemy team has mid/ top tier scout or even one extra scout traded for medium, lets say on map which name ends with -ovka

  42. i dont know if the fv was a bad player..nununu judjing badly, he had no chance for cover because of the is7 and other tanks beside, this is not a 3-5-7 advice this is a 3 marking advice i would say with op russian tanks 😛

  43. “I was basically able to carry the entire team by pressing [W]”
    Similar to Circon’s has said, along the lines of: He has an advantage to 50% of the player base, because he knows what the “W” key is.

    Nice educational video with an entertainment value.

  44. I would love to be on the frontline in my tortoise(when top tier) but i do not feel safe advancing without some backup because of fast meds/lights which can just get my rear even some heavies can out-turn the tortoise

  45. Hey lemming, could you also make a 3-5-7 video for beeing mid and lowtier? Have some issues with tier 8 tanks in this matchmaking^^
    Thanks in advance!
    Greetings from Austria

  46. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    This is eu, how did you get that camo this quickly?

  47. Алексей Сафронов

    I realized how bad 3-5-7 mm is when I tried to get mark on Shitbarn. You can’t take hits, you don’t have dpm. So wtf am I suppose to do to get more damage? I can only hope to oneshot some silly tier 8s and that’s about it. It’s really grinding my gears riht now.

  48. I just sold all of my prem tanks ( 20 or more including obj252u amx50liberte t26e5 and strvs1 ) and uninstalled wot from my pc.
    I lost all the trust in Wargayming. Now I am better off in the Armored Warfare.

  49. Dealing with 3-5-7 MM… Solution: Play Tier 10 tanks and load 40% GOLD ammo. Farm tier 8 tanks first and farm the higher tiers last. (According to what LR just showed us)

  50. The Problem with 3-5-7 is your low impact as a bottomtier if your top- oder midtier team member fails. If this happens it is very hard to have always a influence to the gameplay. From the opponents side its the same situation. If my team has experient toptiers it happens regularly that the game ends in a roflstomp.

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