A Unicums Guide To Mines – South Spawn

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Lemming have you seen the upcoming buffs for the T-34-3? 0.3 aim time buff and improved armour along with an HD model.

  2. GymLeader_Giovanni


  3. I thought rushing the middle to the hill was the only option wth. no wonder you are unicum.

  4. Been needing this, the meta of rush the hill or else is not cutting it

  5. idk if this is intentional or not, but youre playing the south spawn, and the title says north. Maybe you meant against north, in which case my bad.

  6. OMG! I have been sitting at that rock for a long time. Yea me! I did something right.

  7. Think you need to change that title to South

  8. Hernan Dominguez

    Why the hell do you not have FOOD EQUIPPED! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!

  9. how would you play your heavy tanks in this map LR?

  10. what an Abrupt ending ?

  11. play arty

  12. you’re gettin famous bro, nice!

  13. amazing guide!!

  14. A mines guide that doesn’t just say ‘Rush the hill…!’ but actually thinks about where to go and what to do. I have found a couple of these rocks and bushes to help my game a lot on this map but only found them by pure luck. Only problem- Another damn channel to subscribe to and watch!!

  15. I can never get that rock at F4 to work ever 🙁

  16. Henri Liimatainen

    this is 2kwn8 guide, a unicums guide is to climb J9, especially when playing batchat

  17. I like fake tanks though… rly

  18. 9&0 are pretty risky lines to play as medium

  19. Somehow I didn’t know about shooting down the house from c9 so thanks for that tip… and yeah fix the title north/south. Take it from a mountain goat that 0 line climbing is only really useful from the south, where it counters everything east of the 3 line that isn’t blocked by a rock… but j9 climb to get there is also really unreliable for all but the most experienced goats. People try to do it from the north because it’s easier but it’s also only useful at flanking tds who then tend to just preaim you the rest of the game. Your efforts are better spent elsewhere unless you’re digging out a tough camp.

  20. is it true very important in this map? or no what do you think yourself about winning hill and do you think theres anyways to counter people in hill?

  21. More map guides please!

  22. It's not what you think

    How do you win this if you don’t like to play tanks that take skill though? I only play slow heavy tanks that I don’t have to aim in and let me yell at my team when they all die and I’m the only one left.

  23. Great content, LemmingRush. Thanks, I usually use the middle rock instead of rushing but I never knew about line 3-4 push. Thanks

    If you could briefly explain, what is the equivalent strategy for those in north spawn?

  24. Do you think the ‘Foch hole’ is a worthwhile position from the north (Or LR’s south ;)) spawn?

  25. I think I might owe you a beer or something. (how’s that for an attention-getting line).

    (introduction to the topic). After watching your videos, I followed your advice about looking at the enemy tank list to see what tanks can do what to determine where I could put my tank to do the most good. It’s been paying off, but in one game it really paid off (foreshadowing).

    (Exposition). The matchmaker had put my fully-crewed and fully equipped cruiser III on Winter Himmelsdorf as top tier (Vents, rammer, EGLD—the only thing missing was actual radar…) and seeing that the enemy lineup was about half tier 1s, I figured there was a good chance that few or none of the enemy team would go to the hill, or, better still, that all the wrong tanks would go there (turret less TDs stuck in corridors are like strawberry ice cream). The gamble paid off. Only a couple of lightly-armored, hill-bots showed up while I was accompanied by an M2 light who decided to change his name to “Yolo, the barbarian” whose mad rush made the poor bastards he ran past turn their turrets toward him as he ran for his life between reloads. I picked up two kills without losing a hit point to return fire.

    (Further exposition) Meanwhile, Captain Yolo had just run through the enemy cap circle without backup and learned what the armor on an H35 was for before I could get to him; requiescat in pace for him, and I found myself *behind* a bunch of sub-thousand games players who did not know what that weird little brown box in the lower right-corner was for and never knew what hit them. Fortunately for me, I actually ^did* know that the mini-map was more than ornamental and I used it to run to places where the lower guys were busily stalemating one another. I broke the stalemate on one Swedish tank and chased down the talented Tetrarch player and waited for him to fire so I could reap his remaining ten hit points (pride? None whatsoever) before running to the tracks to kill-steal the last tank out from under some poor deserving soul and the game ended.

    (Summary) When all was said and done, I was back in the garage with the end-plates and I realized that I was top on damage and top on kills (another thing that had never happened before I started watching your vids) but more importantly, there was this odd medal that I’d never seen before on my endplates and I suddenly realized that I’d hit and passed the six-kill threshold: I was the proud possessor of my first Top Gun.

    (Conclusion) Sure, it was only a tier-two game with many chiclets on both sides, but to get it, I’d used things that I didn’t know before watching your videos and listening very, very carefully.

    (Loop-closing end line that refers to the opening line) So, yeah, I’m pretty sure of it: I think I do owe you a beer. Let me know where I should mail it.

    PS: Thanks for the current video. I’ve been having trouble with Mines lately after one super-successful run down the nine-line from the south spawn (five kills in an M2 light). I’m going to try it again soon, but I’ll be a lot more vigilant about cover and backup.

    PPS: Keep ’em coming, Lemming. Keep ’em coming…

  26. nice vid Lem 🙂 never knew about those houses.. how’s ur vacation going?

  27. Brilliant! Thanks.

  28. butterflyspinart

    No boosts? Omg I’m at j9 every game farming the middle

  29. This guide feels more planned than before, and I think it’s one of the best you’ve made so far on that merit. Seems like you covered all the angles.

    One question – a lot of players in light tanks will rush the hill in first 30s of the game, and I saw even Zeven yolo like that and die. Is it worth the risk at all in your opinion?

  30. How to win on Mines -> Climb on K0 -> Profit.

  31. Herr Schicklgruber

    When moving up the 4 line there’s that craggy rock dividing E4. It’s taller than any tank, but coming from the south you can drive up the left side for elevation. Spot A3/4 campers by peaking briefly, but drop back down before they fuck you, as you will be counter spotted.

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