A Unicum’s Guide To Playing on Serene Coast – Path To Purple #1

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Source: LemmingRush

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I’m currently offering training sessions for those you who are looking to get better at WoT.
Please include:
-Your WoTLabs link (or just your ingame username)
-What you hope to improve on (Positioning early game, reading lineups, when you should be rotating, deciding whether or not to push or go back to base, how to carries) are all types things I can help you with, and of course, much more)


  1. Path to Purple Reboot 😮

  2. Sri Lanka Viral Videos

    Why are you always playing LT and HT

  3. Sri Lanka Viral Videos

    Can you play once vk 100.p or maus?

  4. Can you do videos like this one for all the maps please this is helpful for a new player thanks

  5. TROPIC Agario and more

    Early af fam gimme some love

  6. Says it’ll be cut out of the video yet still in the video 10/10 IGN (sky cancer is still cancer)

  7. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    please have some gameplay with it!

  8. do more and stream more

  9. Push your maximum social exposure on YouTube – u2bzone(dot)C O M

  10. I wouldn’t mind if the next few videos were map guides

  11. Great vid Lemming. Useful about the difference in retreat points for both sides though.

    Would you play a slow heavy the same way?

  12. Stream like 1pm at the latest ur time man. That would be perfect for NA and EU viewers
    edit: “Arty players aren’t very bright imo, i’ll cut that out in the video” and lmao its in, that made me smile 😛

  13. “Generally you’ll have TDs in this area, and they are gonna die” This made me chuckle 🙂

  14. Hey James, nice video! Really informative and very pleasent that you’ve covered both spawns with both attack and defense strats. It would be a really good help if you would do this on more maps since you elaborate so well 🙂

  15. I wanted to join your training room to help but I was strimming ((

  16. This game is all rofl stomps now. No point in guides or playing pubs. The MM has changed, and the game is pointless because of it.

  17. I’m way too happy that I have the same name as Lemming?

  18. This is the best one you’ve done… <3
    I'll try to translate it to spanish and share it.
    Or just share it if the translation gets too dense.

  19. Gréât vidéo very useful thx

  20. “aggressive players get camping teammates” why does this sounds familiar? XD

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