A Unicum’s Guide To Winning On LakeVille.

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Lemming Rush, what do you think of XVM? I use it all the time but I never see you using it. Why not?

  2. Have you gotten he E-50 M yet? Im looking forward to a review/guide

  3. I always feel that the south has the advantage on this map… Direct shots towards the church from G4, tanks heading to city are shielded by 2 small hills, while north doesn’t get much, and must commit further down in the middle to be able to shoot at the church area. Even in valley, not many places for campers 🙂 or is it just me…

  4. I love it when people say, “But there was this one time that the valley push on the game…”  It’s like no one has ever taken a stats class.

  5. Any tips on the T26 E4?

    I’m told its a good tank but I suck ballz with it.

  6. Autism is Uncontrollable

    Valley wins lakeville :^)

  7. So, how do you deal with the need to have SOMEBODY in the valley? I mean, the enemy team will probably send somebody there, so dont you have too send somebody so you dont get flanked?

  8. 7:36 unless your xanaleon from fame who boosts onto the mountain if you’ve seen that video

  9. WRONG! Everybody knows that VALLEY ALWAYS WINS! [[joke]]

  10. Valley = win. Best strat. Watch Anfeels vid in valley, 15-0.

  11. I wouldn’t say it doesn’t work. 2 teams someone will win someone will lose. It seems to be the new meta now and I don’t know where it came from but more often than not I see a lot of 2 line pushes from both teams.

  12. Sometimes when there are top tier slow heavies they push aggressively in the vally and kill the ranks there and the arties and then we have to deal with the enemy pushing from both sides. It actually depends if the vally is important or not.

  13. What happened at 3:16 lol

  14. Isn’t it 10x worse to take the valley on encounter mode compared to a standard battle?

  15. What about tanks like the chieftain? It doesn’t have the armour to tank the town so should I snipe in it?

  16. At least 5 tanks go valley now on Lakeville. I don’t get it at all… so many idiots are playing now. Lemming, if it doesn’t irritate you during replays, can you activate the logs so we can see all the hits you take and shots you fire?

  17. hello, can you make AMX 50 100 review? I like your videos. Thx

  18. Na I see a stick person cut in half 😉 7:20

  19. It infuriates me every time I tell my heavies to go town even with 3 enemy arty they STILL go valley. Going valley with arty is just a retarded and stupid move

  20. Would you recommend playing wot on an IMAC? 5 months ago it froze on the loading screen… it didn’t un freeze until I deleted it 2 weeks later


  22. take a rest leaming a weekor halff

  23. stop increase speed replays, just let normal speed

  24. 2:28 whoa..!! E5 turret traverse speed ninja buff confirmed

  25. lemming can i just say that you’re the best for uploading everyday

  26. 8:14 and of course the city sucks in mediums because of people playing Japanese superheavies and the Maus… Unless you fire a lot of gold… but that’s just my experience 😉

  27. go 1, 2 line of you have like fv4202 or a sloped frontal tank

  28. Any tips for someone trying to become a better player/Unicom??

  29. “I hope what I said made sense, if you know what I mean” – LemmingRush 2017

  30. Lemming needs to do how to use a super heavy

  31. I wish the entire WoT community would watch this so they can hear you say “BAD PLAYERS GO TO THE 1-2 LINE”, maybe then people would start to actually believe it lol. Players who go valley make me throw up in my mouth.

  32. Correct title should be “how to win on Lakeville – IN A HEAVY”.  It’s semantics, but I don’t think you’d play this map the same way if you were in a light tank, etc…

  33. LR, if you had xvm, you would have known what your toonmate skill level was.   xvm is good that way…

  34. Xavier Beauregard


  35. Lemming. I need you to hear this. I really want to translate your videos into my language. I need you to enable this feature. For the sake of holy noobs, hear me out. It will improve your clicks as well. Please man. My clanmates need to learn how this game played.

  36. Vid on t-54? And how to play meds with out dying first 5 mins my problem.. too aggressive?

  37. niceeeeeeeeee

  38. This map for me is great for scouts. I never go mid since its suicide 9 out of 10 times so I like to G7 or C6 and light the mid ridge which ends up about 3k spotting at the start because of their meds/lights and their TD’s

  39. TheCardboardJedi

    Hey LR, I appreciate these how to style videos. I see a lot done on the tanks themselves but you’ve been really informative on where to go and when, WHICH is obviously just as if not more important. Thank you.

  40. You’re definitely the best “how to” WOT commentator. Would like to see you platoon with Dez G, he’s the funniest.

  41. The 1/2 line is extremely good when there’s not more than 1 arty and with tanks that have good gun depression and turret armour. Sitting hull down on that choke point ridge can allow u to farm the campers in their base while they’re having a very hard time dislodging u for your hull down spot

  42. ASTRO BOY william

    thanks for the very useful insights of this map good sir..

  43. >get lakeville
    >Be in amx 50b
    >go valley

  44. I’ve played games on Lakeville when the whole enemy team went valley and won. They overwhelmed the the enemies and then got on cap. The friendly heavies in the town were too slow to come back and reset…

  45. Uh… What’s up with yer turret? xD 2:28

  46. Hey man, can you do more videos on the T-34-3 and your thoughts on the coming changes for it?

  47. When you see you have an arty moving to the 8-0 lines for their initial deployment, do you feel any confidence about your chances at taking the 4 line?

    Also… what do you feel about a top tier KV-4 shoved up the 2 line by a CDC platoon and doesn’t hit the brakes until they’ve ram killed a T28 from full health at the bottom of the other side?

  48. DBBA… less than 1600. Fuck the nerf bat was heavy.

  49. Thank you Lemming. Most better players know that Noob Valley is a waste. An important question is: how does a decent player win when the window lickers on their own team who go down the 1-2 valley? Sometimes more than half of the team waste their HP there and I’m left with a rag-tag crew to try to win the city.

  50. So go Valley? /tomato

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