a very spooky video with a fat Swedish discount jagdtiger (War Thunder)

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SPOOKY (00:00)
PHirst (0:35)
PHecond Game (07:57)
PHecond Game (12:57)


  1. *Check out bennys new channel and sub because hes phat*

  2. PHirst Game.
    PHecond Game.
    PHecond Game.

    Wait… shouldn’t that last one be PHird game?

  3. Phyl daily listens to the cranberries zombie song very good song he is cultured

  4. The PHecond game was much better than the PHecond game, IMHO.

  5. Hey phly, Im a new viewer and a new war thunder player so I don’t know if you’ve already done this, but would you ever do a video on types of shells and how you would use them? It’s alphabet soup. I look at the wiki frequently and I can see the numbers, I just have trouble interpreting those numbers.

  6. Exactly Gaijin ‘Why does the 105mm shell with 240mm of HEAT ricochet and fail to penetrate even against flat armor.????!!!!’

  7. T44-122 attempt 59

  8. 15:30 the amount of “yeah yeah yeah” and “no no no” exchanged was ridiculous

  9. Day 3: P-61, no radar, no ai controlled turret, and during the night

  10. Launching swedish meatballs

  11. Benny is a woman

  12. Benny makes war thunder look fun

  13. Benny’s laughing cuz of the good HERBAL substances

  14. Legitimately Thanos

    u should use Mozart’s Lacrimosa in one of ur videos.

  15. morgan adams

  16. h is my favorite letter

    hey phlee why are there two phecond games*,*?*??????

  17. Can I say something but it will be kinda depressing so if you dont want bad vibes then just dont read it. Every time I play war thunder it feels like a tank on my mental health and I cant keep doing this it made me feel like I cant play or do anything right and then when I see you phly it’s like you’re in a fantasy wt and in short really good and I dont get how you do this pretty much every day. I just need help man I honestly Cant be doing this if you can can you just tell me how.

  18. Hehhehe me too

  19. U mispelled fat, its phat

  20. I like it goes SPOOKY, PHIRST, PHECOND (what?), PHECOND (again?)
    am i not confusion…

  21. Every time Benny plays with Phly, I know I’m gonna laugh until it hurts

  22. I shit you not hold on I’ve never heard someone whose not Aussie say that

  23. Who else watched this live from the 1st phlyday stream in forever

  24. Phly what video were you and Benny laughing at around 4:55?

  25. the new war thunder update makes my war thunder not work, nor open.

  26. This thing can go through a tiger 2 front plate. It’s insane

  27. Benny is an awesome dude

  28. Benny laughs because he knows the biggest joke of all is our entire existence.

  29. Phly, I’ve got a new shirt idea/mask idea. Idk how to get a hold of you but I think you might like it.

    Also if you want, look into a game called aces high. I think you could start a new series or something if you find it interesting

  30. Phly, every time you post a video I add an attempt ( # 83 ). We need a type 87 video! I’ve been at this for months… Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.

  31. Odd & Phly are really sweet to watch play together buuuuut…

    I live for the Benny & Phly BRRRRRRRR (insert screaming) combo <3

  32. The shrieks of terror just crack me up , brilliant 😀

  33. Typical, the Germans got destroyed because balance.

  34. Look at this guy in his post war vehicle fighting WOII vehicles. Disgusting!


    Hey Phly,

    Since the last update it’s possible to lock-on to rockets, middle, and bombs with radar.

    It would be cool to play as the m163 and protect your team from enemy ordnance 🙂

    (ps, I will never stop)))))))))

    Attempt #82”

  36. 6:00 it reminds me of that banquet hall scene from 5th element 😀

  37. Just like they both commented, it drives me nuts when everyone starts popping smoke and you can’t see nothing or the enemy and then you get shot.
    Benny and his screaming and laughing is so hilarious to listen to

  38. Benny screams like a chimpanzee. Maybe his neighbors called animal rescue because of the screaming and he just kept it a secret.

  39. 11:08 ayyyy whats up everybody its me your favorite youtuber and today i destroyed a churchchill

  40. i just started playing realistic battle do you have some tips as a BF109E please give some advice

  41. glad to see that our heroes have days like the rest of us! lol
    It’s his bad day and my good one, but just the same!

  42. I’m with fly on this one! This shit can go through Superpershing 😀 this tank is monster

  43. 18:57,Hahahaha , muhahahaha , HAHAHAHAHAHA

  44. Last 5 minutes have too much happiness 🤣 you should play with Benny allot more

  45. 10 k subs away

  46. At 1:05 you can see Phlys music choice.

  47. Димитрије Јовановић

    Benniea scream is the funniest

  48. “We will never surrender 🧐” lmao

  49. Dude make more vids with benny his laugh is great contagious 😂

  50. do the IKV 103 please, 5.3 400 meters of pen.

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