A War Thunder Short Story – What Comes Around Goes Around

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A War Thunder Short Story Ó What Comes Around Goes Around

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  1. *I apologize if there are any typos in advance! Hope you guys enjoy this

  2. ground forces physics are so shitty its unplayable unless you enjoy getting
    stuck everywhere

  3. Plz go with the IS-1

  4. we always enjoy your vids phly

  5. I love these vids…..

  6. hi pro bro

  7. First

  8. Mud bricks very stronk versus american tanks ^

  9. funny story with these dialogs

  10. Awesome video Phly!

  11. * that’s what she said *


  13. hey phly i have the kv2 and IS1 do u want to play with me ? but iam on the
    european server

  14. MY BRAND

  15. lmfao, I farted when it said fart lol

  16. That just happened to me too :(

  17. lol

  18. Funny and epic video! Had lots of lol!
    This is why I like Phly!
    Nice edit and awesome play

  19. Jacob Hardy (JacobHardy64)

    Lol if only it was ever in your favor while playing ground forces

  20. Rest in peace green text tank

  21. Aufsmaulwurf Sanitöter

    It was at this moment as Phlydaily knew… HE FUCK DOWN

  22. This short made my day, Tank you…

    *tries too hard to be funny

  23. this just goes to show how fucked the germans are by br. Jagdpanther vs
    cold war tanks. Da iz ballance

  24. That was amazing phly….good work. ;D

  25. Phly this happened to me last night in almost the same spot and got me
    killed….gaijin awesomeness

  26. love it

  27. Only Kv-2 can go over strong mud ! :^)

  28. Wow, and usually when I ammo rack a T10, “fatally” wounding him, he usually
    has just enough life left to turn and one-shot kill me. Of course, at 1400
    lions per shot, there isn’t much incentive to use the GOOD M103 rounds, and
    if you want to fight in an M60, say hello to near 10 minute wait times.

  29. Andrés Martínez (General de sillón)

    And… thats why America screwed up in Afganistan.

  30. What map is this?! I have never played this before!!

  31. Mud walls are OP, Gajin please fix.

  32. Stronk video editing skillz
    Good job Phly, this was awesome

  33. 10/10 would tonk again

  34. Glorious Failjin quantum physics, made by Russian Space Program Computers
    powered by ghosts of Lenin and Stalin. Da Comrade, you drive wrong tonk,
    next time use russian tonk, best tonks in da game comrade !

  35. seems legit

  36. Amazing!

  37. So…..the one’s who helped you all died…The End lol

  38. Better love story than Twilight

  39. This was fuckin awesome!???

  40. Swordsmanof Satsuma

    hey… how do you see the red names above enemies in realistic? I don’t get

  41. Yet.. another good video!!!
    Liked it, loved it….

  42. Jajajajaj epic

  43. Phly m8. This shit was some real fun. Keep up the great content

  44. “I am tonk”-Phlydaily 2016

    you kill me with laughter? This just made my day. Poor stronk soviet tonk.
    Poor stronk pilot. Freedom guided laser shells.

  46. Sad ending :(

  47. Ive gotten stuck on that well at A cap point on this map it sucked .

  48. juan david uran acevedo

    war thunder at it´s best

  49. Dont worry, me tonk

  50. hahaha good job with the dialogues 😛 by the way mud walls are too stronk
    for tonks xD

  51. And then a T51 destroyed him xaxaxaxaxaaxaxaxaxaxaxa

  52. this was fun to watch

  53. An army of m22 locust vs maus!

  54. Press F to mourn the loss of that honorable m60.

  55. That plane shot was crazy.

  56. Who would ever have guesed that. Bad BR compression and bussian rias made
    WW2 nazi tonks and ‘murican postwar tonks friends and united them against
    ze evil threat of soviet stalinium. This fraternity brought tears into my
    eyes ;~;

  57. Hahaha this is awesome! I think you should make it a new show type on your

  58. Lol thanks Phly. What a awesome shot on the plane at just the right moment.

    Too much skillz involved in this video! =)

  59. Croatian Pranksters

    T10M: O shi#$ da da da da da ka da ka da ka and dead…..classic

  60. +PhlyDaily please do more videos like this that was really good

  61. I lost my shit at my brand. Lmao!

  62. Saudades de jogar War Thunder ._.

  63. Funk tyou russians

  64. Hey Phly in your next video take out the F82E twin mustang again don’t get
    mad like last time LOL good luck

  65. Tank you

  66. Omg, first title without full caps.

  67. Haha this vid made my day! 🙂 Thanks!

  68. i liked it a lot, can we have more of these in the near future? please?

  69. Man this short was awesome. Do more when you got a chance!

  70. REVENGE! haha that was epic

  71. wow

  72. Sorry for saying doom army doom is a jerk

  73. For a better B.R. system!

  74. fwends

  75. Dat shot tho……. I need a change of underwear

  76. Geez Phly what did i just witness?

  77. Drake Tamer (EnderDragon24)

    Great job Phly^^ Pls make more short videos. This would a great mini

  78. How do I watch replays

  79. Alexander Hoyt (HellHawX Omega)

    In all this silliness, that was a good shot.

  80. I hope they add the nashorn to the game

  81. Phly, will you play Heliborne with Baron? For $10, it’s a fun game to play.
    Not super realistic, but good combat, and no aiming cursor like in WT

  82. [SFE]Jasonhalo002~NL

    Still a better love story then twilight

  83. Alright phly attempt 10! phly out the swordfish and become a ww1 ace by
    getting at least 5 kills in realistic battle!

  84. 0:56 that same thing happened to me recently. i had to kill myself as
    no-one helped

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  86. I experienced that too, multiple time. The same map. xD

  87. Couldn’t you have killed the plane/tank like a boss before your team mates
    died :p

  88. This is to funny, and it happens to me sometimes. I got hung up on a piece
    of invisible junk hidden under the snow on the Stalingrad map once. Keep
    doing these videos!

  89. Dat mlg shot dou

  90. phly try the smk premium Russian tank I just saw it and it looks awesome
    with two turrets

  91. +PhlyDaily This is my print ohh yeah <3

  92. Dr Pancake Face Gaming

    lol, nice

  93. This was awesome haha

  94. Don’t fuck with America my comrade!

  95. This was so cool

  96. Great story Phly!Im sad about M60 but still you avenged him good :D

  97. this music was too peaceful for a non-russian tank

  98. PO 2 strong

  99. For a better BR system, I love it

  100. Upvote if you thought a PE-8 was going to atomize them as soon as they got
    free from the brick walls of doom.

  101. my pz ll passed the wall no problem lmao

  102. my pz ll passed the wall no problem lmao

  103. I think all that attempting to shoot down a plane with a KV-2 has made you
    a master of being a SPAA while driving heavy tanks =p

  104. MommiesLittleMonster

    Did you seriously hit a plane with a tank round?!?

  105. War thunder in a nutshell ??

  106. heh nice shot. Phly tell me please, how much Hz does your monitor has?

  107. Phly you need to make more of these videos man theyre comedy gold

  108. Was I the only one expecting him to get one-shotted after he was free?

  109. MLG Colonel Sanders


  110. David “madindie” Dew

    Lol cool little short mate!!

  111. Phly is waging an all out war on Russian bias right now

  112. i cried and died laughing hahaha XD

  113. Most big guns were… Adaptations of anti aircraft guns. So……

  114. lol “my brand”

  115. New short story series maybe? 10/10

  116. a non clickbaity funny phly video? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS

  117. OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!! fuck yeah!!!!!!

  118. Ok have to say this. KARMA BITCH. Ok now that that’s said cool vid
    different from the normal and personaly I enjoy the m103 with its large
    turret. Still I preferr the hellcat but it’s close 3rd after tiger. Yes
    hellcat tiger m103. My end goal in life is to purchase a real ww2 tank. But
    Phly good vid very funny

  119. Thanks for Making my Day 😀 xD

  120. need more of these

  121. That kill on the Tu2 was hilarious. Nice shot.

  122. The Raging Stallion

    Found this to be super funny

  123. ahahah

  124. 10/10 Phly should become a movie director

  125. holy shit

  126. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    Stronk anti tank bricks

  127. Haha, nice vid phly

  128. That was a fu*kin sick ass shot dude GG

  129. LordScrubMaker TheSecond

    Sad story… I cri evritaime ??

  130. i like the community in WT when people will try to help no matter if they
    will even die or not.

  131. mooorree of this kind please

  132. That was the dankest tricks hot ever

  133. I didn’t know Chrysler sold M103’s.

  134. wheres the live face cam??? gota have that!!!

  135. this is great! I hope we can see more of this!

  136. Isn’t it the other way ’round? I.e: “What goes around comes around”

  137. Love it

  138. And then they respawned with back-ups. The End.

  139. I liked the reference to the Chrysler engine. I kinda wish that we
    modernized the M103. It’s a beautiful tank and I personally would love to
    see it within the ranks of the M1A2s that are currently in service.

  140. bruh I was hoping you weren’t gonna hit that tu2, because when you did
    phly, I had to stop playing war thunder.

    all hail king phly. I am not worthy

  141. Hahaha!

  142. ???MlG shot!

  143. Please do more of these… I beg you! 😀 Loved it

  144. Aaron Ferrari-Woodward

    Those are the shots we dream of and long to make??

  145. Lucky Seventh (AceofSpad3s55)

    After watching this video PhlyDaily is officially my spirt animal

  146. Phlydaily, Can I have your opinion on which you like as tank more the T-10m
    or M103?

  147. Phlydaily, Can I have your opinion on which you like as tank more the T-10m
    or M103?

  148. isn’t it “what goes around comes around”?

  149. This was an emotional roller coaster

  150. They have fixed this now, right? The walls I mean.

  151. Hilarious! And I thought it was going to be a T10M (you know, the ammo rack
    on wheels tank) OP Bias video.

  152. hilarious

  153. When the Patton got destroyed I was sort of expecting him to go full on
    Spartan and kill like 7 enemies in 2 minutes, but destroying a plane is
    fine I guess…

  154. LOL Phly you should make Warthunder more Warthunder movies this one was

  155. daka daka daka daka haha

  156. What a fricken shot

  157. *Tear falls watching plane rape

  158. Tank you for the short phly

  159. i can almost there Phly screaming in victory when he shot down that plane

  160. Do-335 GAMEPLAY! – IL-2 1946 – War Thunder HYPE!
    Add to Share More 36,987
    613 35
    Published on Jul 18, 2014
    Do-335 GAMEPLAY! – IL-2 1946 – War Thunder HYPE!

    War Thunder Hype is real with this plane! Two engines counter rotation to
    make this plane extremely fast!

    wait phly, how long have they been talking about the do 335? This video is
    over a year old!

  161. well looks like they needed more R and D if this happened to Phly

  162. R.I.P. comrade *in the arms of an angle song*

  163. Shot on the tu2 was nasty

  164. Phily may you take out the jumbo i think it has been nerfed a lot in the
    frontal Armour and every where

  165. Scratch that just saw your video on it earlier same thing hap end to you
    shooting right through your frontal Armour making no sense

  166. Lazy Squirrel Gaming

    *slow clap* best military in the world they said.

  167. what operation were you playing phly?

  168. Lol this was Awesome Phly!!


  170. Holy shit that’s shot Omfg

  171. This had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! It was a real “will
    they, won’t they?!” kind of story!

  172. awesome. but can you beat my record of 4 downed planes? with a Sherman M4A1
    in one battle? :P

  173. Good Story Phly, Loved it! NS on the Bomber too.

  174. That’s the first thing I’ve learned at B area….the brick wall, and of
    course on C, those trucks don’t ever run over them you’ll get stuck on the

  175. funnyest video i’ve seen from you XDDD

  176. Now if he was in a Soviet tank, hitting the wall would’ve propelled him
    forward into the cap and increase his armor, because……..

  177. I thought this was gonna be super ranty and full of BR
    suggestions/complaints but this seems like more of a “fix environment
    physics” video with some BR debate sprinkled in (in my opinion)

  178. Very funny vid phly i love these type of vids

  179. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    hahahahaha that was awesome

  180. you blew a Russian ammo rack? gee phly stop being a fucking hacker.

  181. That plane kill was epic… :D

  182. but did you win?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  183. amazing

  184. you need to make more like this.

  185. Phly you must make more of these >.>

  186. Naturopplevelser X-factor

    brilliant shot baron :-)

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