A Winter Sale Steal? | T29 Is SOLID – War Thunder

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Source: Virus

The New Year sale is upon us in War Thunder and that means a lot of the premium vehicles you know and love will be on sale for about a week. Today we’re gonna take a look at a premium I’ve been waiting to my hands on for a while now, that being the T29 American Heavy Tank. A solid 105mm gun with a beast of an APHE shell complimented by decent mobility and armour for the tier. This thing is a lot of fun… but is it worth the money?

00:00 – Intro
04:44 – Game #1
13:05 – Game #2
25:14 – Final Thoughts
26:03 – pepeJAMs 🙂


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Outro Song – Blood Moon by Tim Henson


Like the look of this game? Want to a head start? Use this link and register, it supports me and gives you cool stuff for playing!
Link – http://warthunder.com/en/registration?r=userinvite_28988865


Leave feedback in the comments for any you’d like to see some gameplay on! Peace 🙂


A Winter Sale Steal? | T29 Is SOLID – War Thunder


  1. LIVE ON TWITCH RIGHT NOW: https://twitch.tv/viruslive_

    The word of the day today: Bugger

    Hopefully you guys enjoy this one, I will also be taking a browse at the Tiger II Sla. which is essentially a Tiger II with a diesel engine (I think). It should be out by the end of the week at least so that the sale is still going on for those who want it.

  2. Ha screw us Xbox players right

  3. arandomcatonakeyboard

    your thumbnails give me phlydaily 2016 vibes

  4. Bloodsong_the_Sparky_Eagle

    I havent liked the T-29 since March 9th 2017 at 4:09 pm

  5. Is Virus ok ? He posted in a few weeeks for the whole year

  6. Biko - CEO of Bruh Moments Inc.

    Played 6.7 Germany today. Like half the enemy team were T29’s, we won though! Got my pilot star for the operation that match too.

  7. 🎞 👌🏻 !!!

  8. Tank is good, problem is you will be fighting 7.7s 90% of the time.

  9. Cap rushing a problem for you? Take an R3 T20 FA-HS.

  10. Such a good tank

  11. Could u review the magach 3? It’s on sale as well

    • Unfortunately I won’t be able to review it while the sale is on, but I can certainly request a trial for it and see if I can pump a video out for you

  12. this tank is much, much better than the tiger 2 IMO, i got my friends account for operation winter, and it demolishes so easily with his half bakes lineup

  13. Where you the one who invaded my pc?

  14. Great video, man – and great commentary as well

  15. to be quite honest i mainly use solid shot sometimes just so when i get the t34 i’ll have a little practice since it only has solid shot but the t13 is amazing and with the buff it got back in 2019 it’s even better i use to just carry the solid shot if i ran into thing the t13 just refused to kill now i just do it for fun i haven’t been on since november of 2019 cause internet since i was still in school now thx to covid i’m living out in the country with my parents and internet is not the strongest soooooooo rip to me

  16. too bad it always goes vs 7.7 or 8.0 tanks because germany and russia dont have 7.0 lineup. i had around 20 games today i had 0 downtiers and 1 or 2 7.0 matches

  17. Full BR up tiers are cancer

  18. Hey, he called the AVRE by its correct name! 8:22

    Great vid dude – production quallity is top notch

  19. Im thinking of buying this tank, however I can’t decide between this and the Somua SM. Help is appreciated

  20. great content there, keep it up and your future will be blessed

  21. That AMX-13 40mm AA giving suppressive fire around 6:30 looks so cool on the new engine.

  22. Great video! You’ve earned a sub, my man!

  23. This was my first premium 4 years ago, it’s a very good tank (used to be 6.7 at that time). The armor is very good, it can fight against anything it faces. HEATFS is the problem, but other than that, in a 7.0 match, you will do very good. It’s my favorite tank in the game, I even aced the crew and now it has 12.5 secondsreload.

  24. You can hold alt and click your map to notify your teammates. It isn’t neccesary to open your whole map 🙂


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