A World of Tanks LOVE STORY!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I will meet my one true love in they're called… Karl?




  2. Im a tad early

  3. protein bor

  4. ekerhardt müller

    its very cheesy, BUT I LOVE IT

  5. Just like in real life, I’m still searching for that guy who will love me back….

  6. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    You are amazing:-)

  7. Just like you said Quacky Babes, SPG are important too, just like any other tank. And sometimes they are that difference that you need to win. People will appreciate that extra little firepower in such a close match. There’s a reason why light tanks are bloodthirsty when it comes to rushing in enemy base and killling arty, apart from being greedy for some kills people.

  8. I have carried battles in my arty before never rule out arty to help OR win because they will and can .

  9. i hunger for QB best moments #19 but this will suffice

  10. Guys from the enemy team were training whole life but they dont stand any chance of winning against power of friendship <3

  11. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Quickybaby: Artillery are useful

    Me *looks at low tiers Artillery* (Lefh B2, Bishop, M44, SU-8 and FV304): By useful you mean taking shower from those meteorites ….

    • Oh man, i feel you.. Those are some damn stupid SPGs… Firing like any other medium tank with good alpha damage. Especially the Lefh, I hate that one from my core. And the thing is, all of them also have a really high gun arc. You’re not safe even behind rocks most of the times.

    • I used to like playing arty (even though it was either broken/useless back in the day and it still remains that way, only worse) but the whole class feels completely unnecessary in the game right now. You can’t do sh*t vs any camping tank with armor (especially with low calibers) while slapping the life out of lightly armored vehicles who arty is not supposed to counter. High-tier arty is balanced a bit better because the tradeoffs between alpha/DPM/mobility are more present but the problems remain. As I see it now arty should be reworked and made to support your own team instead of only being a nightmare for enemies. There is so much potential for mechanics that’d make the game more fun strategically without a simple comparison who can hit the biggest claps (like placing smoke cover to protect active scouts or an AoE charge slowing an enemy advance).

      With the HE “rework” (nerf) arty was rightfully butchered but remains in a state that’s neither fun for arty players nor for everyone else. I’d love to see an arty rework where one can have enough impact to feel useful again, without being an imbalanced DPM/alpha machine.

    • @Govind Sharma FV304 is useless against anything with armor nowadays. While you’re able to deal damage more often, that doesn’t matter if you only deal 20-30 dmg per hit. The Lefh performs feels so much worse to play against because its at tier V instead of VI and can deal damage much more consistently as compared to the FV304 it has a similar caliber (105 vs 114), alpha (410 vs 450), more range (988 vs 500) and an even better firing arc.

  12. There are some lovely bird sounds in the game. That too, was an in-game sound. The world of WoT is not fully appreciated as it should be sadly…as I’ve seen…. Some gorgeous sceneries, immersive sounds, good physics etc

  13. Waiting on Carl to find this video and comment his perspective

  14. At least write his name correctly…

  15. Best game and most fun was hooking up with a M4 Ez8 while I was in my M44. We ended up 2 v 7 and worked together to take the win. I love cooperation and perfectly aligned random platoons succeeding

  16. yea, your arty had a great impact on the game, saving it, and the system of WoT accounting for the XP will not recognize it, lol

  17. Moe force field confirmed
    Look at the barrel XD

  18. Lone Wolf Outdoors

    Love your WOT content, will you play Dying light in the near future? Would love to see some other games as well!

  19. QB in Batchat 12t banded together with Tiger to get BIA . This is the word he used to enemy team platoon .( in his t 55 A video) .

  20. i would love to have a option to not only report people for being toxic or bots or afk, but a tool to give a thumbs up to a player. honor system like LoL has it for example. Maybe you get a skin or somth. when you are most honorable in many games. so people have some kind of honor elo. you can gain and loose it if people give you thumbs up or downs. and if you have much honor your upvote counts more and if you a toxic player your up or downvotes count less(as to not beeing able to abuse the system). and just like that you could improve the willingness to communicate and maybe give others who want to communicate a chance to coordinate in game.

  21. Notice how the 2 marks on the gun MOVE independantly of the tank when he drives. Paint does not do that.

  22. This was a great teamwork quackybabs! I hope you upload more like this! 😀

  23. I’ve been stuck on my tier 9 Chinese light tank for centuries. Game doesn’t favour high tier light tanks too much

  24. Stevan Milanovic

    Playing this game for more than 10 years and you still don’t know that anonymised names don’t have clan tags in them.

  25. I never knew that french artilleries were that accurate

  26. Watching the thumbnail I thought QB is featuring an exciting arty gameplay

  27. “youre not 1vs29″… nope, sometimes its a 2vs28 <3

  28. That thumb nail owo

  29. Names that have a clan tag are not anonymized. If you anonymize your name, the clan disappears as well

  30. Meanwhile I got wished to get cancer after battle yesterday by my OWN teammate bc I played arty. Where can I find people like this

  31. And so qb and arty had a baby:

  32. I was playing the duck at tier 4 and there was a platoon of 3 bt-7s and they pushed me so I was going like 60kph in an amx 40 so we did a little bit of ramming, we 1 shot rammed a luchs and almost killed a lago, but it was at the end of the game and we were winning like 13 3 or something so we decided to ram a Matilda and I died but the bt 7s finished him off, it was defidently one of my favorite games of all time

  33. Ik somebody already mentioned this but an honor system in wot would be a cool thing to add

  34. “Your number one job is to scout”. As QB uses a reverse bush tactic to hide and not allow vision and in a scout vehicle without binos… lol

  35. the decals on the back of the bc 12 t turret moving around is very distracting lol

  36. Yep, nothing wrong with the arty. Especially with the hull down bs meta

  37. A masterclass on the 13 90 would be very interesting

  38. Too many campers spoiling the game, not participating in battle until the end.

  39. Jesus Emobaby why don’t you and Karl just get a room already? Xd

  40. @Govind Sharma There was an 8-bit game mode back in the days. But you probably haven’t played back then, so you think it was just a typo…

  41. Born an arty, died a tank o7

  42. Great video qb. thx

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