A39 TORTOISE British HEAVY ASSAULT TANK! War Thunder 1.55 Tank Gameplay

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A39 TORTOISE HEAVY ASSAULT ! War Thunder 1.55 Tank Gameplay

War Thunder 1.55 Playlist –
War Thunder NEW British Tanks!


  1. first comentary!

  2. centurian

  3. Oh no oh no oh no …..

  4. Churchill gun carrier thingy !!

  5. First comment

  6. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    5th the dev server ended so fast!

  7. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    a39 tortoise vs t95 custom battle?

  8. 3 Inch Gun Carrier next pls,Sexys tank in Warthunder

  9. Tortoise Tank!!!!!! 😀

    English Giant is present !!!

    Duel!!!!! Tortoise vs T-95

    It is something that has long expected

  10. Love u phly ?

  11. Omg my life is finnished

  12. 32pdr thats 93mm right?

  13. You can only research the first 2 tanks they said that like the American
    tanks that they will release 2-3 tanks per week,but you can get a premium
    tank and research all of them #Moneyrules

  14. The same guy who made the AA mechanics is now doing the BR system.

  15. if this is 6.3 i want the m26, the is2 and the tiger 2 go down to 6.3 too

  16. where have you been living phly? under a rock? xD

  17. Augustas jaruševičius

    the tortoise guarantees you won’t die first…..

  18. This gun sounds like it’s shooting rockets :D

  19. the british tanks sound like they have the same engines as the american

  20. Flyday custombattle Pt76 Floating vs Swordfish w/ Torps? :D


  22. please try the t44 122 i want to see how OP it is!!

  23. Hi from Chile !!!!

  24. Conqueror!

  25. Conqueror next please :)

  26. hey phly, are you aware that you can press a button to x-ray view your tank
    while on battle?

  27. did he just say Chevron?

  28. In Wot its armor is better…

  29. The max BR has been 7.7 for awhile now, Polly Dolly :P

  30. Centurion Mk. 3

  31. Hopefully this thing doesn’t suffer the same fate of facing post-war
    ammunitions like the T95 and the Jagdtiger..

  32. Did Phly really just learn about all the high tier tanks being 7.7?

  33. Let’s tank this dank tank out ?

  34. Try the Archer Phly, It’s pretty awesome.

  35. Centurion mk10!!!!!

  36. please play the archer next

  37. How do you select binos?

  38. What map is he on at 9:25 ?

  39. For the next video. Please do the Matilda Phly! (p.s I think you’ll love
    it) :D

  40. good show old boy

  41. 7 indivijuls in this tortoise situation

  42. When I saw this I assumed it was going to be the equivalent of maus or t95,
    not 6.3 tier 4

  43. Ernando Oliveira Ribeiro


  44. when do the rest of the tanks become available to everyone?

  45. Ernando Oliveira Ribeiro

    Mig 17 already out ? If yes ,fly the mig 17

  46. Play the Conqueror!

  47. The German KV1 please!!

  48. The 7.7 max tank BR has been a thing since just before 1.53 I think.

  49. RIP german tech-three

  50. intro music?

  51. The Mathilda!

  52. Excellent maneuverability!

  53. OMG Phly I was the Tigher H1 you shot in the side torret hahahaha in the
    minute 10:57 hahaha

  54. Please tell me the intro music title, I am dying here

  55. MiG-17

  56. More Tortoise gameplay !

  57. make custom battle
    the fight between doom turtle and legendary tortoise

  58. Hey Phly, do you think we will ever get the Mosquito that used this gun?

  59. PHLY!!! try thr tier 4 brit tank heavy

  60. Caernarvon

  61. Do PT76 First battleship in WT or GULAG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. The AA thingy with the 40mm op af.

  63. it looks lika a mobil buncar really. if u surprize somwan he wel be WTF is
    that gaient monster 🙂 nice vid. sry for my ENG

  64. plzz conqorer

  65. plz play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  66. German Churchill :D

  67. Hey Phly bro, why don’t you fly the A-36? It’s basically a underpowered
    Mustang with easier matchmaking. Fly it as a fighter, it’s amazing.

  68. Churchill wouldve been proud if any were made.

  69. Firefly Scorpion

  70. Christopher Hurford

    Take out the best British tank of the war phly: the comet

  71. Plz Matilda!

  72. Archer the Ass propelled gun

  73. Drive the Comet tan! pls

  74. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    Mighty Conqueror!

  75. valinetine marders brittish cousin.
    also the way the made the way for people who hasent bought one of the
    bundle packs currently you can only unlock the first line in t1 and then it
    was something that will next line untill febuary

  76. One shot on a stronk Russian tonk from the front?!?!? BRITISH BIAS
    CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zozozozoz

  77. Centurion mk10

  78. Line up a bunch of Tortoises and then try and have an M22 or a really fast
    tank drive through all of them and not get hit

  79. I like turtles

  80. Mr. Daily take out the churchill GC for the queen!!!!!

  81. Dank LegoBrick (DankLegoBrick)

    Hawkerhunter Sim battles plz :D

  82. seriously, dont know why…… but anytime i dont zoom in using the sights
    and i just use the aiming circle……. one shot…… just like that
    su-152 at the end.

  83. what with the centurion mk 3 ?:D

  84. Phly how do I get binoculairs?

  85. cool tank:)dont know if its right br or it should be 6,7 but ye we will
    se:)havent meet 1 of these yet so:)

  86. Name of the intro song anyone? Phly? Anyone? Please?

  87. Casper Bolding Kampp

    pt76 now with amphibies capabilety or the matilda

  88. PHLY use the Archer!!!

  89. So,is it easier to shoot this thing in the back?

  90. 16:50 NOW YOU FUCKED UP

  91. The scariest thing in realistic is gonna be the camping white camo
    Tortoise.(on winter maps ofc)

  92. Loved how he shot off your track. You turned and said F U back with the
    shot to his face

  93. ZSU-57-2

  94. Conqueror

  95. So taking fire from half the enemy team and your team is sitting there
    sucking their dicks? The usual retarded moron players you get in YOUR team
    in Retard Thunder.

  96. I like you, Steve

  97. Guys maybe a dumb question but why can’t i unlock more british tanks than
    the upper row?

  98. Take Out the 3 Inch Gun Carrier Churchill

    is the most beautiful


  100. Conqueror PLEASE

  101. Now, what if, just for fun, they made a underclass under tier 1, wiith ww1

  102. Make Archer plz ;-; ?

  103. Conqueror and Camberra!

  104. phly the pt-76 now FLOATS !!!!!!! u need to check it out

  105. Conquerer and Hawker hunter!

  106. Looks like Maus vs Shermans gameplay lol!!

  107. “We will go through the towns, over the woods, acwoss the river, we must
    protect our homeland” – Winston Daily, 1940(ish)

    Actually, after giving that that speech in real life, Churchill is said to
    have muttered, “And we’ll fight them with the butt-ends of broken beer
    bottles because that’s bloody well all we’ve got!”

    (Matilda with a single Vickers .303 ain’t got nothin’ on broken beer

  108. How these dev servers work? DO u get plenty of exp and cash to spend on
    tanks or u got to research every?

  109. The_slayer_player: Thy_slayer

    phlydaily u should do doom turtle t95 vs the tortoise

  110. when does the royal armour closed beta end


  112. I saw an f2f bullying barrel oh joyous day oh happy days

  113. MADAZZY The Wild Scottish Mapper

    Comet with sabot

  114. it’s a plane but the f2f flying barrel

  115. The British tanks are out of the Dev server and now we can research them?

  116. Hurricane with 40mm and Valetine 60mm heavy tank

  117. That gun is SCREAMIN!!!

  118. evan hunterlinville

    m47 and f84

  119. Phly, play the Archer SPG. It wasn’t until the patch was actually released
    that I realized that the bloody thing is built BACKWARDS. It has the QF
    17-pounder, and I think we would all like to see the play-style, and
    handling of this tank destroyer

  120. how does this have 6.3 BR and the jagdpanther is 6.7??
    this thing is better in almost every way

  121. Your impression of Churchill sound more like Sylvester from Looney Toons

  122. ilmari metsävainio

    has anyone noticed that this tank can turn on spot by spinning its both
    tracks. why cant germans americans and russiand do that?

  123. That_Guy_42 o (Noah H)

    Could it be? Something slower than the T-95?

  124. next the 3 inch gun carrier you can do it

  125. A 34 comet

  126. Has opened all Soviet tree. Then i was thinking , whats next – Murica or
    Germans ? Ok , next will be British .

  127. Armour isn’t impressive, not at that BR. They just pen with ease.

  128. I know how to fix the tortoise, add some rubber ducks as the ammo, that way
    the ammo wont explode AND when you fire the gun at an enemy they will think
    your friendly once they know its just rubber duckies, then they will get
    out of their tank to great you and then that’s when you open fire with you
    turret….BOOM THE WAR IS OVER!

  129. CENTURION please.

  130. Could you do the comet?

  131. Good Human Are Dead Human

    t95 are better

  132. ARCHER NEXT!!!

  133. PhlyDaily: *Loves Tortoise but gets penned through sides and lower glasies
    and killed with out much kills* ….*Hates T-95 and gets 2-3 kills bounces
    a bunch of rounds but rages and says T-95 is terrible cause he face hugs an
    enemy tank and gets killed through the hatch* Sigh I swear Phly confuses
    the fuck out of me

  134. Please take out T25 AT

  135. The velocity of this gun is amazing.

  136. take out the Archer SP!

  137. Cacahuète Pistache

    Centurion 10 with hawker hunter!

  138. Can I just purchase 1 British premium tank to continue researching the tech

  139. Centurion mk.3 using APDS exclusively. Do it.

  140. Do the best crusader

  141. Or the centurion

  142. The archet

  143. mk103 duo. Kugelblitz with HVAP and Duck with 30mm HVAP

  144. If you go back to World of Warships, notice the new Arpeggio skins and
    harbor. If you could do a video on them, that would be awesome!

  145. wow, that churchill impression needs some work, as a Brit, i found that
    mildy amusing and insulting at the same time, awesome vid too :)

  146. :O! Redownloading War Thunder now! My favorite tank! :O!

  147. 3 inch gun carrier. British Box, Baby Tortoise, British Derp.

  148. Charioteer next please, that tank’s gun has more pen than the tortoises.
    It’s pretty much a Cromwell on steroids.

  149. Lol not alot of 6.3s have sabot. Centurion Mk 3, Charioteer, Caernarvon,
    Challenger. hell even the Comet I at 5.3 has sabot. British love their
    sabot at the mid to high tiers <_< >_>

  150. Your Churchill imitation was really good lol, I laughed hard 🙂 You should
    do some voice acting or something.

  151. If this is the live server how is Phly playing the Tortoise ?
    Everything but T1 Brits are only in the CBT according to the patch notes
    and that hasn’t even started yet.

  152. Wait how do you have the jp 4,5 but not the tanks before it?

  153. Please do the m26 Pershing not the premium

  154. Pt76 amphib tank

  155. The Russian player who got blown up in the intro is off on a forum
    somewhere right now asking to nerf the Tortoise

  156. Soviet T-44

  157. Phly angle the tortoise, it has an amazing gun arc

  158. 0/10, no TOG II

  159. the way the exhaust comes out is cool, wonder how much water it can ford

  160. The British tanks have the coolest sounding guns in the game

  161. brits were damn good at naming tanks

  162. We must protect Grandma’s house!

  163. I’m not sure why, but I kinda like the Tortoise more than the T95 in WT.
    Maybe it’s because it’s comparatively more mobile with a faster firing gun.

  164. caernarvon next please :)

  165. M3 Lee version SPG :P

  166. Quick Question in the updates ahead can u use ships

  167. Do the 3 inch gun carrier! Its edges cannot be denied!

  168. 0:58 i died of lolz

  169. Alex Ward (DWSolaris)

    How the hell did you get so high tiered in such a short time?!

  170. the retards in the chat ffs

  171. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    T95 v tortoise

  172. That gun sounds like my post taco-bell farts. When did gaijin put
    microphones in my toilet?

  173. Legendary Centurion Mk.3 or Mk.10 .

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