A46 – First Look in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is testing A46 a T6 British tank! Here’s everything know so far!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. At first glance I thought it was a wheeled vehicle, too bad it’s not. Missed Opportunity WG.

  2. So QB wants a t6 light tank to be able to pen a t8 heavy from the front with gold? THIS IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS GAME. If QB who knows how bad balance is wishing for a scout with peashooter to negate the whole point of heavy tank, that is 2 tier higher…..

  3. another vehicle whose stats would fit wheeled tanks better

  4. It really looks meh. 😀

  5. Tetrarch like chassis? What a surprise it is rubbish. So everything is worse that the type 64…

  6. After i got a mastery in the covenanter i kinda like it

  7. It’s not French wheelies. So, it is GARBAGE.

  8. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Expected from a british light tank: pure trash.

  9. T-50-2 is a tier 6 premium light tank

  10. What appalling gun stats 🙁 what are Wargaming smoking?

  11. I think wg likes seeing qb cry. Wg developers must be snickering watching this review.

  12. looks cool but they need to buf the pen to 125 at least and the gold to 170 to 180 and give it back his original depression of 12 degree

  13. Szymon Nowakowski

    In My mind:T A N K R E W A R D S
    What will happend:A46-70.99€

  14. It seems that it is right up the British light alley.

  15. Twisted Plot Twist

    with stats like that, i’m guessing this will be a reward tank

    edit: they should give it the cromwell or the firefly’s gun

  16. Tea+pt76 turret+chesse+little boi

  17. Look like a bigger Tetrach really, without the good pen though

  18. Nahh… WG is gonna let British Light tanks have high winrate by making their characteristic looks like shiet

  19. It looks like the tier 3 American light tank. The locust

  20. Junk.

  21. Looks like a big tetrarch

  22. I think it’s a really cute tank.

  23. They should give the PC version the Snakebite, it’s actually fun and superior in every way to this

  24. Christoph Zielinski

    Hello Quickybaby, thank you for the Video.
    Does the real A46/Blueprint has/was planned with 12 degrees of gun depression?
    Keep on the good work! 😀👍👻

  25. It is not russian … so …

  26. Looks like an Alecto with a turret.

  27. I think wargaming needs to go shove it up there arse. Its retarded how they even think this would be a good idea… 77 mm with worse pen and dmg then lower caliber guns? Fuck off

  28. Did they have in mind a British ELC?

  29. Looks like a T71

  30. Is 1,000 battles in the Covenanter Healthy?

  31. QB it is shaped similar to a shortened Greyhound armored car only with tracks.

  32. It looks like a bigger, less useful tetrarch. This is only good as a gift tank

  33. Baba Jaga Ба́ба-Яга́

    Just like the guy flinches with the video at the beginning, does he have mad cow disease?

  34. Might as well be at tier 5

  35. Jessie that gaymer

    How I would “fix” the stats to make it a better tiet 6 light.
    Rate of Fire: 20.5
    Gun Accuracy: 0.42 or 0.41
    Aimtime: 2.0
    Top Speed: 65
    Horsepower: 370 or 380
    Rename it to the Fat Lotus…

  36. Well, the covenanter IS my #1 favorite vehicle in WOT, sorry not sorry. Can’t wait to train up my covey crew!

  37. Gaahhhhhbage

  38. @quickfingers dont know what else to do exept that i ask you. I want to do a rerol and guys from suport all the time tell me that rerol on my acc was already done and i know that is not because i am first owner and i make acc with mail and all stuff all the way in 2014. please help

  39. AlfaTau World of Warships

    Does it make sense to play something which is not russian and expect to be good??

  40. well i dont need this tank

  41. QB: “I’ve got a treat for you!”
    ME: “Woohooo!!!”
    QB: “It’s a new BRITISH Light Tank!!!!!”
    ME: “………..”


    I love the covenanter! 🙃🙃🙃

  43. It looks like a low tier british light/medium with a BMP turret.

  44. On top of this, once the tech tree revisions go through, the Covenanter and the Crusader will both be moved up a tier while keeping the same armaments (assuming things are the way they were on the sandbox server). WG really hate British lights I guess.

  45. You are ENGLISH

  46. A treat – new premium tank
    thats a pass

  47. chassis from Alecto

  48. QB please stay healthy and be careful under the coronavirus crisis. Hope UK can handle it well.

  49. This thing looks more like a Tetrarch on steroids …. well, a little more bouncy in the hull.

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