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  2. Yo phly did you hear about the destruction of the Antonov 225

  3. slava ukraini, heroyam slava

  4. Thanks for coming back! Was assuming the current context related to the hiatus, but so great to see you back. Love these.

  5. I love the m82 shot, it’s fun XD

  6. Please Phly the I-16 TYPE 10. Been requesting since Sept 2018. Thank you

  7. I uninstalled war thunder in response to Gaijin’s decision to side with Russia on the Russo-Ukraine war. Then again, it’s not like they can’t side with Russia. Considering the state of free speech over there, they’d be run into the ground if they displayed any semblance of a second opinion.

  8. Will Gaijan be banned?

  9. literal bot lobby…?

  10. Phly in comments: “YOOOOOOO!”

    Youtube: “Translate to English”

  11. Niiiiiiiceeeeeeeeee

  12. When it first came out, the ST-A1 had an overly small turret. It’s fixed now though

  13. Hey Phly, can you change your name to “almost Phun” to show the aim of the game

  14. 😭 Phly is back!!!

  15. Just glad to see you back phly my whole morning routine just disappeared after you stopped posting just feels like somethings missing but much love hope everything goes alright.

  16. I look forward to your vids please keep up the good work

  17. Do you know when the update will come out? and btw can we play together a few matches?:)

  18. Hey Phly. Glad your back. I’m sure most of us understand how you feel. You do you and we will be here. Congrats again..lol

  19. Is it me or they finally fixed the engine’s sound volume? Also, welcome back phly! Glad you can take time for yourself if you need it

  20. I saw a story today. Doctors were attempting to save the life of a six year old Ukrainian girl mortally wounded in a Russian rocket attack on a Civilian suburb. If you continue to support Gaijin, or WG , both Russian company’s proven to provide monetary support to the Russian war effort, That murdered baby is on your shoulders as well. SCREW YOU Phly for choosing your wallet over that child’s life. Unsubbed.

  21. yo he kinda sounded like stampycat in the beginning of the intro. (A OG Minecraft yt). 🪦

  22. Hey Phly im new to the channel and ive just recently gotten a warthunder itch that i cant seem to scratch i love watching your videos while i play the game and honestly use theylm to help with my gameplay as the different tanks and planes … keep up the great content and happy gaming

  23. Glad to have you back brother! I Always enjoy your content!

  24. Play puma and me 162 attempt #1

  25. M18 has a much better scope now too.

  26. 400mm heat at 6.3 nice

  27. Day 16)
    Hey Phly, pls play the tiny soviet SU-57B. low silhouette, very good gun and br 2.7 ♥

    PS: good to see you back again

  28. When you are by the Japanese tanks try to play the ST-A3.

  29. Jevgenijs Tretjakovs

    For me, at the moment, it is awkward feeling when playing a Russian tank game.

  30. I
    Playing WarThunder, Tarkov and SnoRunner feels a bit wrong due to the world events. You once said that you miss ww1 flight sims. How about a campaign on Over the Flanders Fields or similar?

  31. Day 1:Hey phly, I don’t care what people think about this, could you gift me like 500 golden eagles I’m not aloud to buy them and I think it would help me alot at the game.
    Love your content! And happy re-marrying Ish

  32. I just can’t bring myself to play War Thunder right now. Still log in for my daily login reward/streak. But I love watching Phly’s video anyway because they see fun regardless.

  33. Надеюсь с украинцами будет всё хорошо!

  34. Welcome back Phly!!! Hope everything is great and I hope your equilibrium stays balanced during these hellish times. Hoping all your irl Ukrainian and/or Russian friends are staying safe and sane with the conflict.

    All that said!! Love the video!! I’ve been prioritizing Japan so this video was perfect timing since I just unlocked both 6.3 ST-A tanks.

    If you don’t mind giving Japan more love and try out the Chi-Nu 2 for a video! 4.3 but has access to the Type 4 Kou (151mm of pen) round that the 4 7 Chi-tos and 5.0 Chi-Ri 2. Devastating round and lots of fun!

    Keep up the awesome work! Much love to you, your beautiful bride and your son!

  35. Russian atack freedom world.Right now Ucraina.

  36. Swatting those big cats like mosquitos, love it

  37. BennyBoy Yonkers

    Happy to have a Phly video. Thank you so much for the upload!

  38. welcome back

  39. Good to see you back again. Wondering how Oddbawz is doing. He hasn’t been posting for a couple weeks. I hope he is doing ok.

  40. Try the Chinese panther

  41. Interesting gun sound. Like something between a champagne cork and a bowling pin being struck.

  42. Love this map

  43. Phlyweekly… bud it’s Ok take your time 👌

  44. Yayyyyyyyyy

  45. I don’t know how are you doing it Phly but every your video is making me happy and I have better day every time. Thanks Phly and hello from 🇨🇿.

    PS: Sorry for my english. I am learning english to get better in it.

  46. So war thunder Is based out of another country to cheap out on taxes and the ads on mayhem channel all proceeds when to humanitarian aid? They also won’t take a stand saying Russia killing Civilians is bad? What a cope out. Bs they aren’t supporting Russia. F’ you if you continue to play it that goes for anyone

  47. War gaming the owners of world of tanks fired a lead because of pro Russian statements he mad. Switching to world of tanks.

  48. glad you’re back Phly

  49. Internal optics. This one looks like it has sniper spec scope. Also, 9 plus ones you already have in the autoloader… you should should know that though, right?

  50. Glad to have you back boss. This is a quality video too 🙂

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