About Field Modifications in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks opened a sandbox server to experiment with Field Modifications which allow you to customise your favourite tanks! Here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. They should finally remove the option for a DRAW, and finally balance the matchmaking. Oh wait.

  2. I don’t see this improving the game. I like the equipment pre-sets. But we don’t need to minmax our vehicles even further, setups are already getting stupid with equipment 2.0. My ELC AMX is basically a t6 tank at t5 with equipment. And we DO NOT need more of a grind..

    Take the equipment presets, reduce equipment cost to compensate, apply it universally with no play wall. Then dump everything else.

  3. THE REASON WHY I STOPPED PLAYING cant handle all this weird gameplay difrenses from time to time

  4. All of this would be tolerable with better matchmaking: same tier battle exclusively and teams defined by similar winrate.

  5. imagine tier 8s against e50m

  6. I am scared of a fully pimped out chieftain. This tanks is already strong but with these buffs it might get way to strong

  7. Stare What Stare

    Nice block QB. Put your head so big until we cannot read what is behind.

  8. _Wargaming, also knows as the conosceres of balance_

    _Eloquently spoken in their propaganda and masterminds of the aequilibrium_

    _Absolut chads when it comes down to making their game fair and fun to play_

  9. keep making game “heavier” and “heavier”, more difficult by adding “features” , and for what ?
    Just make a super tank, nothing to do with ww2, and thats it.
    Game suppose to be fun. WoT is not fun anymore.
    New maps needed, not “Field Modifications” .

  10. The grind mecanism is alreadey painful and absurd. When you unlock a tank it MUST BE at 100%. And what WG did : with the plans you can unlock your next tier faster while still suffering with a stock tank. It’s clearly the opposite of what should have been done. You still suffer the same for grinding the modulesand you could have less time to have fun with it while fully upgraded.

    *Just imagine a STOCK TVP VTU in front of a fully tuned E50 M* 😮 No chance and already a terrible experience. Please WG : Just try it yourself !!!

    OMG where are you going WG ? Please play your game with a free to play account.

    Without the additional grind : I think the two setup for consumables and equipments are a good ideas. However, the additional field modification can make the game even more difficult to balance and increase furthermore the gap between hardcore and casual gamers which may decide to go elsewhere and some already did (and you have the numbers)

  11. The flat level bonus should be okay…IF…for instance it would mean giving regular tech tree tanks a: credit & xp bonus modifier. Such a feature has been requested for years, to be able to turn ones favo tech tree tank into sort of a semi(worse) premium.
    Premium tanks should be excluded from receiving such bonus though, as they were give enough payed perks already. No need to creep such content up even further.

    As for WG motivations. Well give players more to do, to retain more players and further monetization/revenue gain.
    All the while introducing new credit sinks to make a premium account a necessity. It is just clear as day why WG are introducing this in this way and it has nothing, to an extent it has, to do with QoL changes. Yet all to do with furthering and adding even more monetization features in the form of time and credits sinks. A bit how like all those cheap MOBA are nowadays.

  12. F this game

  13. what about giving all this ONLY to tech tree tanks? So the p2w misery get decreased??

  14. Alexandru Dumitrache

    “more than 70% of the players told us that these changes are very good and they will be implemented in a future patch!”
    I wonder why do they even bother with all this sandbox testing? They could just go ahead and implement all their crazy money grabbing changes without pretending to care. But wait, that would no longer be typical Russian behaviour, right?

  15. I do not mind the long grind.
    This way its something special for your top 6 favorite tanks.

    And not for all tanks in the game.
    You will play your favorite tank anyway.

  16. Hi Community.. First of all i disagree with quickybaby about changing equipment slot.. OP lights/Good lights (kindly) was balanced with their equipments setting, or should i say they were setting there vehicles for city maps and open field maps.. But now you can set your vehicle unspottable for enemy..Exemple: ELC can get a camo net + binocular and commander vision system (Normally you wont do that because player will be dumb in city maps) and the map is Malinovka.. How the hell enemy “stock” ELC or AMX ect. will dig that enemy light tank.. I can’t see any balance on this perspective..

  17. I don’t see this as a mandatory grind as much
    as giving a ”second life” for my most favorite tanks that I love to play and have been playing so much so I have tens of thousands of free experience allready.. Now I can get some new and novel gameplay for those tanks and get a use for the XP st the same time..

  18. Robert Skoglund II

    E50M Ramlord … now QB might as well go and adjust his KV-5 Ramlord style and see how he can min-max it more.

  19. Woooow i guess they really want to kick the Free to Play people

  20. People can grind the xp during top of the tree. People don’t tend to bother with the top of the tree if they already have the tank

  21. I thought it looked amazing… until I realized I cant pay for 2 sets of equipment and consumables for each tank I love. I cant afford all of the experience. 🙁

  22. Yeah, GG Wargayming. Like playing tier VIIIs in tier X battles wasn’t hard enough… So you wan’t to introduce this bullshit. Thankfully I’m not playing this sorry excuse of a soviet P2W game anymore.

  23. Vincent Hildebrand

    Hey, on the other hand, to quote men in black, the best of the best if the best no linger can be sure what the tank in front of them is capable of for sure. This hesitation messes with the head. Positive change in the game from that perspective imo.

  24. it better not be anywhere CLOSE to 28k xp per level
    10k would be bad enough..but i expect it to land somewhere around 15k

  25. Awful change, this might be the last nail in the coffin for me

  26. All this is pointless.. the game is a simulator most days. WG please stop the AI bots.

  27. QB: “do you really want to grind out 250k exp on your E50M?”
    Me(who has already 270k on my E50M waiting to be spent): “hmmm, interesting…”


  29. You said, you have to buy the Euipment multiple times, but thats not fully true. When it’s a equipment you have in the other loadout then you don’t need to rebuy it.

  30. Some of these I actually like… a 2nd assigned spot is pretty cool and the 2nd loadout is great IMO (allowing a ‘city’ vs ‘open’ map set up as an example). But why is the exp needed the same for all levels? Why can’t it just be incrementally more for each subsequent mid level, i.e. 10K for lvl 1, 15k for lvl 2, etc). 28k is a lot, not just for lower tiers but even tier 10.
    As for the tier 8-9-10 disparity yeah it’ll be a bit worse but that’s where the 2nd loadout would come in handy and I know plenty of players who play tier 8 a lot just cause they prefer it so they could be the people who would actually modify a tier 8 tank also.

    IDK.. just like crew 2.0 and a lot that WG has offered lately (except the HE changes) I think there’s some good ideas and thoughts but overall it just seems like a mess.

  31. feels like War Thunder to me 😀

  32. You’re missing another aspect aside what you did mention… What is going to be like to play STOCK vehicles in +2 tier matchups against fully decked tier 10’s, especially with the HE changes that make your HE useless against armor, ESPECIALLY if you’re in tanks with NO armor that’s not even WEAKER against HE and can’t tank with the tracks, spaced armor, turret and mountlet? And what is it going to do to the already abysmal game balance? Well i’ll tell you, instead of 4-7 minute games, you’ll get 3-5 minute games. They keep ignoring what needs fixing and introducing what’d break it all even more.

  33. Wg: hey there free to play players, do you want to invest of the price of a tier x tank to your tier x tank again and also waste days or weeks on it?

  34. Tomislav Valecic

    We will set up some favorite tanks and all others will be striped out

  35. Again more and more pay to win in the game……

  36. WoTs gameplay is gonna get faster and faster at this point

  37. They really need to have a separate mode without all this additional crap, even if it was a pay monthly fee instead or something. It’s fine for pro players playing each other where loadout selection adds an extra dimension great. For everyone else it just makes the game less fun by making new and poor players worse and those that don’t need any help ever better..

  38. 28k exp is. Nothing compared to 63k exp to get better gun on AMX AC 48 or skoda.

  39. This can be a game mode where everyone have access to these modifications and play against other players with all modifications, otherwise this is another pay wall for WoT

  40. Thiha Tun Khaing

    Absolute crap! Keep grinding till you die. Now the game state is , start, within 12 sec spotted and been spam gold! This game is now really p2w now.

  41. Adam Gulczyński

    This just makes stock tanks more stock

  42. More of a gap between the haves and have nots. Those with all kinds of experience saved up will make out like bandits. The rest will be left in the dust again. WG doesn’t believe it but they are cutting their throat with the latest bunch of updates. Crew 2.0, HE nerf, field mods.

  43. every new update they come up with simply makes me play less and less and once my premium account ends in some 15 days, im done. right now I have the motivation to at least use the 5 boosters. right now i still have the nerves to ignore the gold spammers in tier X. if this goes into the game, thats all gone

  44. Why is everybody complaining about “the grind”? That is literally the game. Explore lines to find a couple that you like and play them for a while. “The grind” only exists in you peoples heads. Somehow f2p that put 3 hours a month in the game think, they should have access to absolute endgame content. It was never easier to farm xp in this game with all the events, blueprints and bonuses. You can hammer a line to tier 10 in a week and people still complain, that they HAVE TO play the game too much. It is just laughable.

    As for the modifications: Just make them only accessable for tier 9 and 10 and I will be super happy.

  45. Grind your Tier 10 tank to Tier 11 basically

  46. Tomáš Karafiát

    It turns out that WG guys do not understand their game and slightly but sadly for me surely it becomes a real pay to win shit ;/

  47. Balance wrecking update that makes the game more split between pros and free to play. Good have been great if they had balanced the builds and not made it insane grind for xp and credits needed. Then again wg lost me already as paying player after the ebr premium came out and they kept saying it was balanced

  48. have fun when you have 300+ tanks in the garage 🙂

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