About Preferential Premiums in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m talking about my opinion why preferential matchmaking were actually great for the game.


is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. the su100y shows what the majority of the wot community is like

  2. i stopped playing world of tanks when the game started to have premium tanks like the defender that is completely idiot proof, the old days of world of tanks i miss so much, before all of the BS power creep.

  3. Ardjan van Binsbergen

    I think you are absolutely right

  4. Kvetching about Wargaming’s greed and the implied moral wreckage of Premium Tankers labors under the pretense that revenue generated from them exists in some kind of parallel universe that fails benefiting *all* WOT players.

    Premiums (and other in-game purchases) make F2P itself possible.

    With few exceptions–amongst the *thousands* of non-Premium vehicles–only a relative handful of Premiums are equal to (or possess a slight edge) over their kitted-out F2P counterparts. Meanwhile, the mocking, patronizing and weirdly hostile PMs (or open-mic snark) routinely heaped upon Premium Tankers is ridiculous. Beyond the Defender and Patriot noted in the vid, a Tier-by-Tier breakout by QB of this presumed Premium horde threatening the Game’s very existence would be greatly welcomed.

    Meanwhile, why doesn’t WG create a separate mode for just Premium Tanks … ? (That way, the F2P zealots can feed off of one another when even *that* fails to compensate for sorry skills and snobbery. Just be sure and also ask how they’ll pay for the upkeep of their sanctimonious sandbox.)

  5. I really don’t know what the major point about preferential premium matchmaking tanks was. All I could make out from this video, is that you think that Premium tanks have become overpowered money machines that make you feel dirty when you play them, but nothing really about PPM tanks. I won’t deny that certain tanks are really strong, like the Defender or the Patriot, but they are, like most premiums, one trick ponies. I have both of those tanks, and I don’t think that I ever did fantastic in them, because I can’t really get them in their element. Besides, I almost always run into tier 10s and 9s with those vehicles and in that case, they are just cannonfodder, because you’re otherwise awesome armour, suddenly means shit.

    I put up a video on my own channel a couple of days go, where I play the T26E4, the Defender and the Jagdtiger 8.8 and you tell me which match was the best.

  6. As an WoT since 2011 I agree totally with you @quickybaby

  7. i only play low level premiums like the valentine 2 tier 4, does seem to have an edge with the preferential matchmaking vs tier 3 s do struggle against same tier vehicles though premium ammo does help then

  8. I miss the days of 5/5/5 where at least most games were not 15-0 5-15 15-6 fast wins and fast defeats.

  9. I think WoT made alot of bad decissions since it came out…
    And I don’t think that much will change in the future. But maybe if enough of the bigger personalities speak out about it… there is at least a chance of change in the right direction.

    Well, the “funny” thing about this whole deal is:
    Back in the day, premium (or gold) ammo was called that way, because you needed to pay for it. Real money. WG changed it so that they could say WoT isn’t pay to win. In reality, you still can’t afford premium without premium account or premium vehicles (or both), or by exchanging gold to silver, so it is still the same. But it pretty much broke the game. Since then you have more tanks that “need” to fire premium, you have tanks against which you “need” to fire premium (not really, but it is strongly suggested by the game in some cases, right?).

    If premium tanks are stronger than the standard counterpart, the game is again (or to say: even more) pay to win. Thats the wrong direction. Basically, premium tanks should be at best at the same strengh than a regular tank. Maybe a bit worse, just because you don’t have to put in effort to get it (for most of them anyway), a tank you have to grind, you have to spend effort to do it. That would change the game again to a point where premiums are played less (because they are not OP), and you don’t mind to meet them during your grind for a T9 or T10 vehicle.

    Also, in my opinion, the whole game needs to be balanced in regards of armor, and premium ammo at the same time.

  10. Its highly likely that WoT is dying, therefor wargaming tries everything to milk every last penny out of the playerbase. They dont care! With every so called ‘improvement’ they find a way to make it pay to win or pay to play comfortable. We see it in the polish line, we see it in the preferential premiums, the matchmaker, the powercreeps at tier X (type 5 & Obj. 468 V4) even the RNG in accurarcy and pennetration.
    Its hopeless, a losing battle. The only question to ask is when they are pulling the plug out of this game.

  11. Prem tanks need be same or litlle worst/better in some aspects that normal tanks best example IS3 and Defender.

  12. QB please talk with Wg about Mm more. These was golden words. You might be the one from all planet who would really love and understand WoT requirements for community.

  13. Bright Waves of Darkness

    I loved this video. Please give us more of your insights QB!

  14. Agree totally becoming pay to win

  15. and then there is the E25

  16. Lasse Emil Lind Andersen

    I have the patriot and to be honest, i would have loved it if it was an “normal” tank. I don’t play world of tanks anymore, I really feel like it becoming more and more pay to win.

  17. They haven’t buffed the LL matilda.

  18. Tell this to your overlord. Redo exp gain for crews and tank, it’s still the same since beta when it was only two main tech tree. Why can’t they do it like WoWS, much more streamlined and beginner friendly.

    Also, make campaign 1.0 easier. Better yet, make campaign like WoWS.

    As for premium tanks, I get it they want to make money. Just fix the damn grind already.

  19. Just an average potato and I stopped playing or spending anything on this companie”s products. It isn’t fun anymore…. it feels like I get home from work to take on another job to try and grind out an existence against tanks two tiers above me. That is not how it should feel but it does as I am potato. I played since open beta and as much as I enjoyed the concept I now hate the business model that the game is forcing on the player base.

  20. And why can I not sell the piece of shit power creeped T-34… it used to be good for min 1.5K dmg a game even if I was in muppet mode….now the sorry reload, slow turret abd dismal mobility just make me inclinded to put a pink hit point pinada camo schem on it so that I can just drive it into the open and get it over with quickly.

  21. ive got a 12 skill crew in my tier 8 Russian premiums as well as my German premiums but then if its a good hull down tank i get shat on by Arty and if its a mediocre armored tank… i get shat on by Arty… there’s no point in balancing a tank if the matchmaking puts 3 Arty in one game depending on who has the biggest gun and a lot of TD’s will see premium tanks that’re tier 9 or same tier and go ”Ohh free damage” some premiums have a couple good things about them if they have a normal variant and some worse aspects as well. i remember when the KV-5 was first introduced on console, it was O.P since no one could figure out where to pen it now i feel confident going 1v1 against a KV-5 in a Tiger I if im hull down. they should really just make the premiums at the same tier as their normal variants have the same stats. i feel sorry bouncing IS-6 rounds off of an IS-3. but in all honesty how would you manage to make a game balanced when the players in normal matches cant use their tanks effectively even in same tier match up. you cant call a tank O.P even if it is. you just need to learn when to Dip into your pocket and fire off some premium rounds and take note on what Premium rounds are good for like APCR can pen spaced armor and HEAT can pen flat armor. AP can pen either if you have enough pen. but hey im just a Console noob that watches waaay too much WoT stuff on youtube and takes in Tips and Weak points to be effective in battle.

  22. Sebastian Florentin Dudău

    Where is new update of the modpack ?

  23. Guys give me your opinion about lorraine 40t…

  24. I don’t get it, wasn’t you the one that stood for the idea of having all possible that will give you some advantage and keep you competitive against your opponents as you said before, and now you say you like the challenge??? Just play T43 instead… and you do have more than 1K battles in some of your prems, so shush! WTF… and why did you call this video: About Pref. Prems??? when you talk about Defender, Scorp. G or Patriot???

  25. Its all linked sadly.
    Poor match making at tier 8 means premiums are really the only logical tanks to play there because they minimise the credit loss. Throw in the necessity for premium ammo (which I’m not wholly against, its poorly implemented) and power creep, you have a game that simply breeds massive levels of frustration.
    If the product i.e. the idea of the game itself wasn’t such a good idea / concept then it would have simply died a long long time ago. WG are surviving purely on the success of the initial idea, not on how they’ve developed the game.

  26. I say that it’s both. The mm and also that old tanks like the is6 need a little bit of a buff.

  27. Saying it again: I love your honest opinion! These are the best videos when QB makes a statement that is clear 🙂

  28. I partly agree. As you said – there are now OP tanks like Defender or Patriot, and good Skorpion G. And now there are new tier 8 & 9 tanks which have superior armour, so old preferential MM tanks like KV5, Type59 or JgTiger8.8 are useless even with premium ammo. So what I think is that many tanks need some rebalance – both preferential premium and the ordinary from tech-trees to match these OP tanks. As you said – Defenders, Patriots and Skorpions are too good compared to old tech-trees tanks, so make them slightly better – just like these buffs for KV5 or JgTiger8.8. But then lower tier tanks will need buffs, and so on. 🙁

  29. why not make a new MM so premium tanks only play against other premium tanksthen players can be free from overpowered premium tanks

  30. Buff the T-34-3 It gotten buff 4 times and it still bad!!!!!

  31. Nu-clear, not nu-ci-lar.

  32. Preferential MM, 3-5-7 MM, RNG, 50-70% pay to win tanks, gold spamming, buffing crew skills for gold…
    This game has become freak show and its worst patch for patch.
    Enough is enough, people should ban it by uninstalling it. I did it.

  33. Ok my 2 cents. As I understand it, preferential MM was created to assist certain premium tanks to be able to not face much higher tiered tanks. The reason is that in real life certain tanks are simply not that good vs other tanks. As I have the FCM 50t it is a “weak” tank in several areas, with preferential MM it will never face a tier 10. If WoT wants to eliminate preferential MM, then it should refund money paid. Buffing the tank is not the answer or soon all tanks will be homogeneous (pretty well all the same) and the fun of all the different and real (or blueprinted) strengths and weaknesses will make for a boring game.
    Face it, in real battles of WWII they fought battles with what they had, there was NO MM, premium, etc!
    I got into this game to play what I thought were replicas of the real tanks (or based on drawings etc), and if I didn’t want to grind my way up the food chain I could spend real money and buy a premium tank to save time, etc.
    So get rid of preferential MM but refund money paid for those tanks. Don’t buff them to become a Frankenstein fake tank that never existed or blend them so that all tanks in a tier are all the same. Where’s the skill in that?

  34. The problem is that many players like me gave a lot of money for prem vehicle the last years, but with the current MM players play just the skorpion and defender vehicles, I love this tanks but I really desire to play again my jagdtiger8.8 or my is6, or fcm50t…the problem is lot of new tech tree cames out and new vehicles with crazy stats and the old premm MM vehicle looks really sad in near of them…
    I m completely ok witg WG to buff some premm mm vehicle is a possibilty to bring down the play stats of skorpion and so

  35. Thank god I left this game a long time ago since WG just cucks F2P players with OP prem tanks and other power creep BS. Now, I only watch QB for the entertainment in general.

  36. This happen to all online games. They will push us up to our limits in their quest for money and some day it will be enough. A LOT of players will quit and like many other companies they will come back a little back to the original game. Old players will start again and they will make money again. I saw this to all MMORPG games out there. I currently play Aion because this month it was a BIG update that make the game a little less pay to win and reminds me of the original game that was awesome. So … they will do what the heck they will want to make money and after players will quit they will come back to the original game, like the circle of life , nature is the best teacher.

  37. It’s nice to see you speaking out on a topic like this QB, seeing as you’re a pretty prominent voice in this community. I watch your channel because I like you and your style – it helps me keep in touch with a game I used to absolutely love but have no desire to play. I personally quit the game back in 0.9.18… I knew the state of the game was in trouble when the Skorpion launched and as soon as Patriot and Defender hit the table, I was gone – and things have only gotten worse since then.
    It’s sad to say but this game is now nothing but a pay-to-win nightmare. It’s very easy to overlook as a long-time player who has already put many hours and/or dollars in to it, but frankly there is no way to deny or argue this point – it is what it is. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a free-to-play newcomer who spent all the time grinding up to tier 8 just to take his Borsig against a Skorpion or his IS-3 against a 252-U. That feeling of “really, this vehicle is better than mine in nearly every way despite being the same tier just because they stumped up 40 to 60 dollars?”
    And thanks to WG’s spectacularily short-sighted “never nerf premiums” policy, the problems are here to stay.

  38. I easily have more games on my SuperPershing than any other tank. It’s not a great tank, but I got it for the crew training and credit boost. I always felt that was its purpose, and I have mostly been ok with it under performing against its piers. Players should always have to EARN the best tanks.

  39. I feel like the template system is way better than what it was before it….. The only change I would make is to modify the 3-5-7 to a 2-5-8. I’ve had couple of games where the MM was exactly that and it worked wonders

  40. Your words are wasted, WG only care about selling the next premium, not the long term stability of the game

  41. I feel kinda sad that Super Pershing will have 202 pen while IS-6 will have 182 pen with that crappy accuracy. Also, 6:10 I have to agree, I checked yesterday, I have over 800 battles in Super Pershing and I often can easly bully stronger tanks with knowledge of my tank and their tank. Even in too weak for that era IS-6 I can still do this because of experienced crews I have. WG should do something about it, they are putting out too many premium tanks instead of fixing present in game

  42. I bought a 112 cuz i didn’t like the Is6 armour model (plus 112 is chinese).
    I bought a Kv5 for russian crew training (cuz it has 6 slots)
    I bought a T34 for USA for…whatever reason.
    I bought a Lowe for Germany for my birthday.

    But every time when I play them, I realised I have to face the cancer tank like the Defender. I get annoyed so I quit. Absolutely cheated as well.

    Premium tanks are supposed to be a special privilege for money earning or crew training, not a means for wargaming’s business to shine while damaging the balance of the game.

  43. You know what will makes me happy, if wargaming is actually removing preferencial mm because they are trying to add the +1/-1 MM.
    I hope that is actually what they are planning.

  44. I played 1K games with my T-29 and I still love it but yes the premium were better when it was slightly worst , now it feel that you are not rewarded from all the time you spend upgrading your tank and your Crew, and that you did all this for nothing….

  45. That SU-100y was a complete fucking retard

  46. power creep is not understandable which is why this debate keeps being raised and i think this subject of power creep, premiums and matchmaking has been done to death.

  47. Pref Premiums were the cheapest only way to grind enough Credits for those who refused to buy a Premium Account and be able to buy the next tier regular tank. They achieved this by using for matrix of only meeting occasionally 1 Tier higher but in the main you were the top tier around 1 in 3. Today’s ‘Credit/Skill/XP Boosters’ provide a similar way to increase Credits – however they also bring too inexperienced players progression too fast along the Tier Line which is causing an in balance to the Higher Tier battles. Seems WG is allowing those who ‘Want It All Now’ to pay them € for the privileged, but at the same time diminishing what made the game Great, ie been able to use experience and skill acquired over many battles. They need to revert or ‘adjust’ the Template for matches to previous.

  48. I just don’t understand the free to play aspect of this game as a free to play player. Like you said, playing my IS-3 against a bunch of Defenders is so frustraiting, I have to use gold ammo most of the time which I can’t afford and he can just spam it because he can make much more credits than me. Also the “you have to buy a premium tank/acc to manage your economy so you can play tier IX+ tanks and not lose credits” is just bad, and makes free to play players quit the game out of the frustration.

  49. Why do you think on Aus/NZ and HK servers the population is no higher than 12k any given night….WG has ruined WOT. All these premium tanks have infected the game. And in most cases…they overpower standard tanks and takeaway the main aspect of WoT…F2P game. Increase the cost of gold ammo…people spam it like normal ammo.

  50. I must say, the game you played in patriot in the video above, was really good BUT, let’s be honest you were top tier, fighting against mostly tier 6 adn 7 tanks that have like crappy pen (which could not pen many tier 8 heavys not just the patriot) In tier 9-10 games especially on city maps with no way of hiding your hull or using your gun depression, every single thing pens it with ease and the 240 alpha in tier 10 games is like shooting potatos, also not everyone is using vents plus food to have that way better dpm. Not saying Patriot is not good it is but many people call it “way to good” which is not, just look at the Caravan better in every way besides the speed and maybe lowerplate.

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