About Ranked Battles in World of Tanks

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I give my opinion of the state of in .

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  1. I don’t know about Ranked Battles. I actually like the idea of playing against players of the same skill level as myself. However: It didn’t really work for me at all. If you loose like 5 games in a row on rank 1 you start wondering: How is that possible? And then you get some ideas:
    1. You don’t drive a T10 which is competitive
    That could be for two reasons: Either you didn’t know it at the time and the first T10 tanks you got where all shit or don’t suit your play style (like with me and the Jagdpanzer E100) or they are simply shit on the map the server put you on.
    This is a big problem for Joe Averages like me who have only a few T10 tanks and have to make due with what they got and who are not skilled enough to compensate.
    2. The matchmaking via chevrons isn’t working – at all.
    I don’t know about you but how often am I screaming at my screen at teammates who obviously disabled their minimap or who stood 50 meters away from me and didn’t help me against two enemies or who didn’t realize I was giving them a window of opportunity by flanking the enemy in front of them and they didn’t nothing. That happens to me A LOT. I had hoped that I would get into battles with people who actually realized what I was doing and who themselves are able to read the map and see what has to be done. Instead things somehow got worse.
    This is somewhat intertwined with the points 1 (and 3): If you have a JgPz E100, you need people to spot for you and protect your flanks. If they are either unwilling or unable to do so, you are screwed…
    3. Camping got even worse because of the chevron system for the losing team.

    Then there is the thing about premium ammunition: Everyone is spamming it like it’s free. Apart from the fact that this is extremely expensive it also changes the way your tank works!
    Take my AX for example: For a medium tank it is reasonably well armoured. You got the 200 mm of nicely sloped turret armor and 10 degrees of gun depression which makes it fantastic on ridge lines. But suddenly everyone is firing prem ammo at you: Not only do they have shit tons of penetration, a lot of it is also HEAT which means you can basically kiss the chances of auto ricochets good-bye.
    The only other T10 med I have is the STB-1 which does have the better camo and a higher DPM but is worse in any other aspect (less armor, worse gun handling, only 13 degrees of gun elevation, slower traverse speeds for both the chassis and the turret etc.). Under normal circumstances I would pick the AX all the time. No question about it. But since this mode seems to be more about camping and less about driving the all around best tank for my play style I saw myself forced to play the (IMO) worse tank.

  2. spamming gold like there is no tommorow. Gj WG , well played.

  3. So to sum up:
    Allow lower tiers in the game mode (perhaps tier 8+);
    Remove improved equipment rewards and relace them with cosmetics, special tanks credits or small amounts of gold;
    Only reward the 15 players on the winning team (not 3 best on the losing)

  4. OMG #WGBaby actually stating the shit truth about shit things that WG did.

    Wow are you sure this is the real QB?

  5. Excuses his use of premium rounds because he ran out of regular rounds. Runs more premium rounds than regular rounds.

    Yup, this is the sellout of QB. Then he only briefly covered enhanced equipment, played it down by completely ignoring directives too. No wonder so many players hate him.

  6. One thing seems to be very OK – matchmaking…

  7. Ranked: clear P2W mode

  8. this game mode is basicly 1vs29

  9. #lolisnowagamewhereyouhavetopayonceanditsnotp2wcuzqbsaidit

  10. Gold ammo is the most retarded game mechanic in this game right now, people used to joke about different game developers putting that in their game and yet we take it as normal here in WoT.
    Its flat-out pay to win, there is no way around it.
    Why have we got used to usual WoT doctrines that we adjust our wishes accordingly instead of rejecting the idea altogether, QB says tier X’s lose too much credits and says he wants tier VIII’s to be able to play this gamemode and that is wrong! Why do we accept this as reality, when its quite obvious that higher tiers are completely broken in that regard, i do over 4k damage in my tier IX M46 Patton and i lose 6k credits without firing a single gold round, thats not how it should be, if just want to play your favorite tier X tank you will get to a point where you literally cant play the game if you dont spend money, and thats broken, its a broken part of the game that should not exist.

  11. I don’t think, QB, that you’d be quite as upset if you tried the ranked battles system we have on console.

  12. omg he’s playing against Schockisch, that’s crazy!

  13. So, people want for a selected few to carry the whole team and everyone goes to the next rank? The amount of bad players and how badly they play on Tier X just shows how bad the average player is… “Push one side and win”… My experience has been: push one side, camp because they don’t know what they are doing and lose…

  14. nice schockisch

  15. WELCOME TO RANK BATTLE HELL. I’ve suffered thought it enough on WoWs.

  16. I refuse to play this and have sold my tier 10. Ranked battles on WOW are great fun.
    WOT should move it to tier 8, so there is more variety and less chance of 3 or 4 tanks dominating.

  17. Ranked battles are great but camping meds, to do as much dmg as possible, screw this up.
    On the losing team players should award points to players that played good FOR the team. Based on number of points system should deal these three shevrons. What you think?

  18. Wotko s Vokurkou

    WoWS ranked mode is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better, WHY WG does not that what works and use it in WoT. Yea i get it, different teams, but do they really not consult each other in cases one game implements what the other already has in place??

    Rewards which have sense (no OP retarded rewards like here), no “gold spam”, different tiers for different season, 25 ranks instead of 4 retarded stages. -> WoWS ranked just seems better

  19. Schokisch [FAME] got featured in a QuickyBaby video.!!!! HAHAHA IN YOUR FACE SHISHX!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I work a night shift.

    I can’t even play the ranked battles. It starts right as I have to leave for work.

  21. yesterday u died in 30seconds with the kran in my match lol

  22. I would love to play ranked…but unfortunately WG decided to only make it available for 3 hours per day and I’m at work during those 3 hours. 🙁

  23. Probably just make rewards as in clan war campaigns – give players gold, camo and maybe some special premium tank (Maybe some special tanks, not the clan wars special tanks)

  24. Schützstaffel Wiking

    which means the campers and the snipers will do the best….

  25. i think that wg need put tir 8 in rankmod

  26. I had a unicum (in a T110E5) hide behind me (T57 Heavy) using me as a meat shield. When the enemy tanks advanced he got right behind me and I couldnt move out of the way. A lot of selfish play. I noticed it right away that a lot of people are playing to lose. It should be all or nothing. Win or don’t.

  27. This bond release will only increase the difference between good and experienced players and not that good players. Making the game for most of us quite frustrating and leading to the,m to may be just quit it.

  28. it’s fucking stupid and I refuse to play it and the way I’d change it is ban premium and make the rewards cool skins like the Patton kr and the Patriot

  29. Mustrum Ridcully

    The Chevron setup appears to be a form of matchmaking based on ability – FINALLY. Bonds – crap.

  30. Hello QB. I wouldnt have anything to add except that actually the biggest problem regarding gameplay style in ranked battles is getting two shevs if you are in top 3 in losing team. Its more then you got if you win and finish in top 12. It ridicilously stupid and force people to wait and play super passively. Instead of this mechanic, WG should award exceptional players in winning team giving the top 3 2 shevs and the rest of 9 1 and the last 3 nothing while the whole losing team loses, there shouldnt be privileged players in losing team. That way people will be more cooperative and the more skilled players will try to teach and lead less skilled players in order to play as team and win the battle.

  31. This looks like shit lol

  32. Face it boys and girls, if there was ever any doubt that this game was or is pay to win, those doubts should now be removed from your mind. Wargaming has shown it’s hand to all of us and if ya don’t like it, there are other games out there to play and maybe it’s time for us to start showing those other games some love.

  33. Using bonds to get existing equipment at a discount i can see but adding OP equipment that you can only get with bonds?
    Lol. Glad i play War Thunder more.

  34. 8k dmg with E5 in rank battle

  35. I dont have any tier 10 vehicles because i love to play tier 6….. no extras for me

  36. i think it should not be judt Tier 10, why should lower Tiers be excluded. and it is too expensive to play

  37. It should have never focused on damage only like with the gun marks, winning should also be a factor. It promotes selfish play this way and damage whoring.

  38. TheCardboardJedi

    QB thank you for advocating for those of us unable to play Ranked or that lack sufficient time to make any measurable progress. I got in like three hours? …then decided it wasn’t worth losing sleep over. Awful teamwork, childish at best.

  39. By all rights, I’d like to see WG make it, top 10 on winning team with most assisted dmg receive a chevron, and Top 5 on losing team receive…Want to force a team to work together…simple solution…Chevrons based off of assisted dmg…That way lights then have a real role in ranked…

  40. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    BONDS = SEAL-CLUBBER BONUS… For players that don’t need it.
    Players that need help get CLUBBED out of the game.
    Players that need help will never have access to these.

  41. I dont like that Wargaming has restricted the best player list by a minimum amount of chevrons. There have been about 140,000 players in the list after part one. However to be on the list in part two you need at least 6 chevrons. So right now there are only 15,000 on the list. I guess after part four there will be even less people on the list which makes it more difficult for an average player to be within the best 50%, in particular if you could not play at least one of the four parts. This is critical as you need to be within the best 50% for the bonus bonds. Otherwise you will never be able to get advanced equipment… What also sucks is that players within the 5-star battles are only playing Bat Chats/TVPs, overpowered Russian Mediums or Mouses/TypeIV. There is such think like variety in the five star battles.

    Most important think that is critical is that the step to get the fith star is very hard. You need to get seven chevrons in a row. However, afterwards your rank is fixed and you can get ranks per vehicle with only five chevrons! Before you needed seven and fall back if you lose hard! I dont really get that high class players will receive this additional advantage for farming chevrons….

  42. Sadly but true 🙁 this game mode has not been developed correctly. The lose of shevrons for losing a game and not being one of the top three is a handicap that many players have to deal with every day we try to play the ranked mode. Moreover, there are lots of people with full gold ammunition and, as you said, there are lots of players that can not simply afford that bill :(.

    Nice and honest video, as always 🙂 hope we meet at tankfest in the contributors day 😀

  43. how about a cap of 15 or 20% of prem ammo in total ammo in this “competitive” game mode…idea came to me with QB packing 20 HEAT (so much skill there) and also no chevrons for losing team.
    Premium modules ARE OP get rid of them we want SKINS…even non-permanent if it suits WG better

  44. more reasons to not play together be cunning n selfish not defend the base its still world of tanks but its not the same game

  45. They said rank was gonna be about individual skill and not wins. But in the end if you win you basicaly rank up regardless of how you did, and of you lose good luck…

    They said it was gonna be all about skill. It is all about matchmaking and gold ammo.

    This gamemode is worse than random battles. No balance. No skill. All RNG and MM. And some people are gonna earn insane equipements with it, without always deserving them.

  46. President Camacho

    A high WN8 number doesn’t always mean that player is good. They also are playing the system like the chevron bond economy. I was part of a clan and we were mediocre. We only played the best tank for the current meta and only play in platoons. When you are in a platoon with comms along with toon mates you’re used to your WN8 will go up very fast. My WN8 jumped 1500 points over a few weeks. Sure it didn’t match the overall WN8. How do player’s beat that? Re-roll.

  47. vin chance in game i cant see is there any problem with game r XVM ?

  48. Thumbs up for a great vid or thumbs down for WG decisions?

  49. hey QB, how is it that your XVM works in ranked? I use yours XVM modpack and it is not working for me in ranked – can you please check it (and update in XVM video links) or confirm that it is not supposed to work?

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