About the FUTURE OF WORLD OF TANKS in 2023!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks just teased us with all the new content in 2023 here's EVERYTHING WE KNOW about the FUTURE OF WORLD OF TANKS!


0:00 The Future of World of Tanks
1:00 Steel Hunter, With Bots and Respawning
2:08 Onslaught with Qualification Battles
3:04 Mirny-13 Returns
3:40 New Map for Frontline
3:59 New Oyster Bay Map
4:14 Map Rebalancing
4:43 Achievement System
5:14 “Crew 2.0”
6:16 100% Crew for
7:00 Soylent Green Your Crew
7:46 New Crew Skills
23:38 Why I'm very worried
26:25 Final Moment Camera
27:33 Vehicle Rebalancing
28:05 Japanese Mediums and Tank Destroyers
28:29 “Flak Cannons”
30:31 Night Maps
31:19 Dynamic Water
32:23 Dynamic Objects
33:49 Possible Assembly Shop Lion?


  1. From what i understand..there are 9 skills for each role..3 group and 6 special. But from the crew detail screen..there are only 6 slots..so you can pick only 6 skills from 9 available..

  2. I agree on every point you’re making except for one thing. You previously did the same thing.
    Some of those arcade modes you’re brushing off can be useful and funny if you at least try.
    Like the current mode where you finally can use some of those top speeds that normally only can be obtained with other vehicles boosting you downhill (I’m looking at you IS-7). It’s hilarious chasing EBR’s in heavies!
    The current snowball trajectory shooting has helped me getting more comfortable with shooting in 3rd eye view – often from the most zoomed out view.
    The previous game modes – like last halloween mode – also brought similar unseen possibilities to the surface – especially for a sweaty nerd like you that knows what implications min-maxing can have for certain vehicle stats.
    It’s not forbidden to goof around, QuickyElder

  3. Same to you Quicky! Thank you fpr all the content and relax you provide to us for free, I really appreciate it! I wish all your dreams come through and please, enjoy this lovely time!

  4. For those Japanese heavy tanks and tank destroyers, here are some data from a blitz player. (If WG didn’t change the stats.)
    Heavy: Start from tier 7, there will be two special equipment, one can increase gun depression(from 6 to 9 in T10) and elevation by 3 degree, another one can make your ground resistance better by 50%. And the armor is very scary(T10 the type71), cheek is 210mm, the rest more then 310mm, hatch is 130mm, upper plate is 310mm, lower plate are still 275mm. Side is 105mm and rear is 100mm.

    TD(T10 the Ho-ri type 3): Good armor at 250mm, very high pen AP (310mm/380mm), and good mobility.

  5. Wonder how low i can get my jagdtiger 8.8 loading time with those crew skills, atm its under 4 seconds.

  6. There are simply better games out there at the moment

  7. Japanese hevies and “Japanese mediums” by the looks of it. Well we know you mean destroyers 🙂

  8. 30:45 this is actually such a good idea

  9. I think QB is think this a little wrong, I took it as the default skill and default group skills new and the rest of the skills were either reworked or new. Causing some crew members to have a reduced number of current skills, now make all crew members having a max of six skills period. But that is at least my take on it.

  10. Merry Christmas QB love your content, and hope you have an enjoyable holiday!

  11. Imo, the only thing that really bugs me is that the new crew skills make the game faster, we already have 4-5min games, they want to make them even faster because some1 in the analytics department figured out that more games = more money for WG. Guess the player base has to decide if they agree with it or not, if they wanna have 2-3mins battles on average.

    We, as players really need to think about it, they sound cool and OP, but ABSOLUTELY everyone will have them.

    If they implement them, i believe that the new meta will turn form classical vents, rammer, optics to something more of survival approach, like exhaust, radio set, hardening/configuration.

    How would i solve this problem, give every tank a 20-30% increase in HP – keeps the dopamine effect for everyone.

    Just my 2cents, peace.

  12. MerryXmas Will and Tanya.

  13. @Quickybaby I think you should try blitz if you want a completely now angle of wot

  14. By dynamic objects I would like to see some randomness of vegetations

  15. @Deiras Jankauskas maybe you are right to keep cool. But I disagree with you. This crew system would increase discrepancies between new and veteran players, and veterans will be way be better than new players just based on how much they grinded, no matter their skills, which happens with many changes, making things worse.
    Sure, some changes over the past 2 years were great. But the more updates like this we get, the more exclusive the game will become.

  16. Doesnt take a lot to get good crew skills and crew members ive got several 6+ skilled crews and am not a whale

  17. I haven’t been playing the game because it is going downhill fast. They need to reset the game back about 6 years or so and they would probably get more new players. I’m getting ready to delete the game permanently if they don’t get rid of the game rigging, cheating and all the other forms of crap some of the clans engage in. The maps suck! Unrealistic, repetitive play one way to attack or defend. Wheeled vehicles are not tanks, period! A tank has tracks, and what’s with the BS about not having to click on the tank you want to shoot? You only have to click close to it and if you do that, tanks should only have to click close to the wheeled vehicle and there should be an auto lead so you don’t miss. The physics in the game are like a bad arcade game, fix it. I could do without all the stupid modes until they fix the game.

  18. Did they not promise distructable environment? years ago. ?

  19. Ok, there is a lot to say to this, but above all else: Can we please NOT buff the BC25t? That disgusting piece of utter trash deserves to be forgotten and should never be seen in a battle ever again…

  20. Shame that the state of the game made me quit WoT, but night maps and dynamic elements on the map seem cool.

  21. Been waiting to log in as a noob. Not so much now. Will probably uninstall.

  22. Hey QB thx for yet another nice video.

    In regards to the counter saying 2023 in the end of the video i think i have a guess.
    I cant remember where i believe i’ve heard it, but i think it a total killcounter in the vehicle.
    Like stat-track on guns in CS:GO.
    Defintly not sure and im excited to see what febuary brings.

    Merry christmas.

  23. 4:15 Oyster Bay was NOT on the Recon mode, stop talking crap QB

  24. Crew 2.0: new pay to win road map.

  25. happy holidays and merry christmas to all

  26. I think to balance this crew system they could add a max number of skills you can choose, so that say you can only pick 4 or 5 per crew member. and then everyone has some individuality with how they play and build their crews.

  27. Maps and gamemodes is good. But they keep adding bullshit that wont make me come back. Op tanks. Gold spam. Inbalance.
    They have several gold tanks now that are ment to be played with gold. So they don’t make credits. But they destroy the gameplay. Cobra for example.

  28. That Annyoing Guy on the Internet

    When everything is mandatory, nothing is mandatory.

  29. My take they will have group that cover all 3 tanks in type and the rest are for each individual tank so say SS is free BIA and conceal for that group and then the rest follow from the choices.

  30. Sooooo WG now just throwing sh*t to the wall…. FFS….

  31. Deadeye from 3% (Everything except HE(SH)) to 10% (all shells).
    Gonna be fun to fix your crew and modules after every hit.

    When ever WG say +/- % we don’t know is it additive or multiplicative.

  32. after 10 y of playing wot I see new many sh…it incoming in 2023.

  33. 28:04 the heavy Type71 is the most overpowered tier 10 in blitz at the moment.. the tank destroyers are okay

  34. Quickybaby,

    Could you please do a settings and mods guides for WOT, I used to play on console before it turned into a mobile game and want to play on my computer, but Original WOT looks awful and hard to understand, please could you guide us new PC players in how to make our WOT look like yours, its just perfect UI.

    Merry Christmas

  35. Thanks for giving me a headache and sea sick while standing still from all that spastic moving of the screen. Merry Christmas!

  36. all thats really cool. to bad the Australian server is dead and the asia severs ping is far to high to play on. wish they could implement a fix for this

  37. they need to make option to disable all f**ing dynamic objects (or at last mute them / make them in the background becouse rn its stupid loud and annoying)… its annoying already and they are making more of it. ffs
    also to disable/mute all the new “rockets” tanks. annoying stuff.

  38. night map cant work, they try it in battlefield 10-15 years ago and people cheat it by augmenting their gamma/light on there graphic, monitor option and it was light again. Was unfair for people that dont do that.

  39. In Wargaming’s video of “improved” Crew 2.0, I mentioned in Quickybaby’s comment reply section that they should group the crew skills where all crew members of a tank needs to train to be effective like Brothers in arms into a section where if you train it, it will work for the whole crew and WG can add more crew skills, looks like they took that suggestion

  40. Actually the Sheridan *is* supposed to get really high view range, it has nothing else.

  41. There will be assembly shop for sure before they add new tank line to force players into exping them rather then rushing to X by blueprints and other things.

  42. @worldoftanks I used my master card for purchasing only WOT EU products and yesterday my card info has been hacked some how and lost $ 150 from my account through online purchases. Thanks to the bank who immediately blocked my card other wise I would have lost $ 2000. @QuickyBaby @DezGamez @Dakillzor @5kill4ltu
    Happy Christmas guys the mentioned content creator are the ones that I admire and most popular so I want this scam to be noticed for raising voice against security of WOT payments system. Thanks

  43. A finaly something new and fresh, it will be a good update…. No more 400 crews for 400 tanks, only 66 crews for 200 tanks and for more 200 premium tanks. Its looks like a bright future. Lover numbers of crews meant more exp for them and then rapidly progres to learn perks… Every tank will haven only one crew member from each category so exp perks will be more better then today. It ist finaly good update, and maybe better then crew 2.0 from last years…

  44. Have a great Christmas everyone. Liked the review QB . I am very worried as a very average player about the new crew skills. Looks like it might be the start of the game being very arcade like. Pretty much everything else looks very good.

  45. It’s so cool to see how qb has grown since seeing him at tank fest in 2017 or 2018 I forget. Best of luck for the future qb I’ll always watch your videos

  46. If every skill is mandatory, then no one skill is mandatory. Guess that’s a plus

  47. Their Video just Shows that they are Taking WoT Console and WoT blitz and putting it in WoT PC

  48. 𝕾𝖆𝖑𝖆𝖟𝖆𝖗

    You’re getting Japanese Type 71 (Heavy) and Ho Ri (TD) in game.

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