About the Kranvagn Nerf in World of Tanks

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The Kranvagn has been overpowered in of Tanks for years Wargaming addressed that in update in 1.18 and here's what I think!



  1. Alexander van Luijk


  2. Damn, my favourite tank is nerfed

  3. Hi Qbabs
    Do you think raising crappy tanks stats by 2% all around would be beneficial or would break the game?

  4. Thankfully this garbage is finally nerfed

    • Just Dokutah passing bye


    • @HyperGrape tank was even more cancer than any tank in this game, no way to counter it and the tank was dumb easy to play

    • It is pointless to even talk about it being anything good for the game or MM. Since all WG did was nerf the tanks players already have and adds BETTER tanks WAY more OP that also count as TD’s but play just like Kranvagn. Meaning that you get a Kranvagn extra to fight and win HALF THE MAP. From Kranvagn having 300mm of HEAT we now have Italian TD’s that get almost the same pen with AP. And 340mm HEAT = 40mm more HEAT pen then Kranvagn. And less weak spots to boot. And the tier 8 premium get Kranvagn armor AT TIER 8. If anything all WG did was add a tier 8 Kranvagn and also a more cancer Kranvagn to tier 10.

    • @Diner50 you make a solid point

    • @Santenz It’s not easy for me when I’m always first pick for arty every game lol

  5. still needs a turret armor nerf

  6. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Great tank, thanks for sharing this!

  7. The problem isn’t the Kranvagns performance. Well, in the long run it is.

    The problem is that this style of vehicle signifies the current meta. Corridor maps, tank turrets without weakspots and armor models inviting to fire premium ammo. A good Kranvagn nerf is a nerf where they add good weakspots to it, same goes for literally any tier 10 tank at the moment.

    Gameplay is too boring when you know a 15v15 tier X game is gonna end up in some way with sitting in a single location firing at literal pixels on your screen for weakpoints.

  8. “Hey guys we’ve nerfed one of the most heavily armoured tanks in the game…
    And then added an even more heavily armoured tank.”

  9. video answer : 5:48

  10. Bonus Grousers + Bond Turbo = it was going at 66 kmph on medium terrain.

  11. Or they shouldnt listen to the hull down tank playing crybabies so then they wouldnt have to nerf arty so then they wouldnt have to nerf the kranvagn

  12. Heyy QB can you try WOT Blitz for a video please. I will let you borrow my Account if you are willing. Loving the videos

  13. It seems like it’s still nasty, just not quite as user-friendly as it was.

  14. Yay early

  15. Stopped playing when RNG and the hull down meta has as much impact in this game as it does it was time to stop..

  16. It got the nerf it needed. You should have said this the frst time it got buffed. But you didnt, you keep saying positive things about BS. Thats why some people dont take you seriously. Why dont you make rant about minotauro? Are you paid by WG? I hate that you are always with WG, you were + with the buffs, you are + with the nerfs.
    Do you even have any opinion? On your own? Or do they buy you?

    The ground resistance was the only thing keeping this tank from being the best heavy in the game. And you say its a problem?

  17. About the sweatlords and statistics part… Maybe some people just wanted to play it before it was nerfed tremendously because it was the last time they could do it.

  18. They nerfed it because they want people to convert free xp to get the new Kran ITA TD, simple. It’s all about the greed

    • I mean people were gonna spend free xp on the new line weather or not they nerfed the kranvagn lol.

    • @HEBREW HAMMER they wouldn’t have as much if the Kran was still the top, then the other tank would have been less appealing

    • @Adriaan Davel I don’t agree. but it is what it is.

    • @HEBREW HAMMER so you think it is a coincidence that they nerf the current ridgeline god, and release a new ridgeline god at the same time?

    • @Adriaan Davel except the kranvagn is STILL the Ridgeline god, people were gonna free xp for the tank no matter if the kranvagn was nerfed or if it wasn’t, it happens everytime there is a new tech tree line my dude lol.

  19. its finally a good balance by WG make the OP tank good but dont make it bad

  20. Mayby fix the cause not the problem

  21. cheif will never be nerfed as it would piss off all the clan wars players like me. (granted I don’t even play my cheif). 279e isn’t all that strong in all tier 10 MM. tho it is stupid strong against tier 8s. don’t count on either getting nerfed.

  22. I just got it (when it was on ToTT). Haven’t played it yet and now it’s nerfed, so I don’t have to.

  23. Wargaming had said they won’t nerf premium or reward vehicles; and although the katter is earned in ranked, it can only be used in random battles. They’re fine the way they are, the 279e has a crazy questline to get and I respect the players that can get through it, its not all grinding.

  24. Spend countless hours grinding to get a good tank, then WOT nerfs the F**K out of it. Fk Wg!

  25. Still say they NEVER should have Buffed it to Begin with… And if nothing Else, Should have put it Back where it Started.,…

    Maybe you need to Look Back over the Time Period of Intro to Buff and see how it Compared back then…. Because I personally think it was a Fine Tank back at Intro, 4th Shell, Longer Reload and All…. What do you think, especially after having Played all 3 versions now…???

  26. Imagine loading HE and not one-shotting artillery.

  27. If you’re as rich and advantaged as you are it’s not an art to put bond turbos or field mods etc., regular players can’t all do that, the expencive Kranvagn has now just become a mediocre stripped-down 3rd rank tank.

    • Field mods are not something only available for super spenders. If you’ve got a Kranvagn, you’ve somehow had to get over the ~200k xp grind it took to get there from the Emil 2. For f2p players, that somehow means grinding. Kranvagn gets it’s only significant mobility increase from the very first field mod which takes 56k xp to get to.

      If it’s about the price of the field mod I’d argue that if your credits are tight to not be able to afford a single field mod (150k creds) for the Kranvagn, you probably don’t have enough to play T10 anyway.

      As for premium equipment, bounty equipment is only slightly worse than bond equipment. You get bounty equipment for free for playing during battle pass events. Those are the ticket for a f2p player to make their favorite tank that little bit more special.

  28. @ZodiacA17 agreed

  29. What’s the point of nerfing it if they’re gonna introduce something more heavier and op than it

  30. Thanks for this!
    Remember the shitton of subs and views your map guides got you years ago? There are 2 new maps… just saying.

  31. Is it just me or are all balance changes now just DPM and gun handling?

  32. yeah like how it was before its buff. Remember when it had the same turret but with a 4 shot autoloader with 400 alpha like t57 and amx 50b? yeah it was considered pretty weak then, even with the turret. After the buff, it shot up to one of the most powerful. No in between

  33. I agree, didnt feel nerf that much, I think I felt the dpm nerf the most, speed and gun handling feels kind same, and I dont think they are going anywhere from ranked battles, we still will see Krans every game…


  35. Watching this replay makes me think that QB realy gets matched against bots.

  36. Alexander kjellberg

    i have a feeling my VZ is next :S

  37. 3 years later WG will nerf minotauro and introduce brand new hull down tank with no cupola…

  38. Enjoy your shows.

  39. This tank is still good. With good crew, equipment etc. I have still 21 sec. reload. On the other hand the mobility is still very good for a heavy. What they should have done is to nerf the armor. This is what makes this tank so strong.

  40. Do you still consider the Kranvagn to be Godlike?

  41. They’re not going to nerf them. So I think the good way to “nerf” them would be introducing a rule like wheeled vehicles. Only 1 chief/279e in a game and has to be matched in both teams.

  42. I feel like the Kranvagn nerf doesn’t really address why the tank is a problem, that being the ridiculous turret. It’s still going to get to its hull down position, it’s still going to be hard to dig it out of the hull down position. Something tells me that while the crane wagon isn’t going to be pulling the monster numbers, it’s still going to be a popular pick on the battlefield, at least until something more stupidly hull-down appears.

  43. Make a video about wot blitz

  44. Think we ALL agree that strategically placed weakpoints make for better gameplay. It shouldn’t always just be lower plate or commander cupola as your only options to pen. Knowledge of a tanks distinct weakpoints should be a big part of gameplay

    Super heavies should have a weak point on the rear too – so that even stock tier 8s can pen if they flank correctly

    • Most T10 superheavies have fairly weak rear. The only tanks that really have a decently armored hull rear plate are Maus, Type 5 and E100 which range from 150-190 effective. IS-7, AMX M4 54, 279, Chieftain, 60TP, 705A and 277 range from 100 to 40mm effective on the hull rear plate. If the flanking maneuver really manages to catch the ass of the T10 heavies, even most stock guns penetrate the weak areas easily. T10 tanks can utilize this knowledge by doing straight up revolting things to their behinds with HE, especially if they have HESH.

  45. Yayyy my fav tenk.
    Question my Crane has Bond vents on it’s Structure slot, with Coated Optics and Vert-Stabs. I kibda want to replace Vert-Stabs for a Spall Liner since i got focused by every arty everytime i try to play the game

  46. Thanks for the info QB

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