About this drama in World of Tanks…

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About this drama that’s been going on in … Here’s my opinion.


  1. dino stanišić

    you are a veary good person and thx for the grate content you put on your chanel

  2. I agree on your list, I really appreciate your content. but for me to enjoy Tanks more I really want to see a change with Gold ammunition. such as high pen but lower dmg like opposite of HE rounds. like the higher pen the lower dmg..

  3. hi QB! i am always surprised that you take time to answer to people who create rumors. these people only do that to have some “fame”. i think that world of tanks would be crazy to pay you to criticize their tanks :P. at least publicly. then to go back to foch! i think he has the right to speak his mind. but i have to say that in some ways he got what he deserves for always insulting. pepple criticize wg way too much in my opinion. criticizing is the easiest thing in life. it seems like wg have been really nice to Foch in the past. all he had to do is tell them privately what he thinks about the tank. but Foch love to insult and he probably think that his fan love that. seriously QB i am surprised this thing became so important. ok Foch you can say whatever you want and wg shouldn’t have threatened you like this if it’s what they did. but how ungrateful are you talk about them like this. and same for all the people who criticize wg all the time.

  4. I have not seen your review yet of the tank and never even had in mind to blindly charge in and shout all kinds of things without knowing the whole story. So I intentionally waited until this response, so thank you for telling your side of the story. Now for your request about good and bad things about the game. And yes, this will show pretty much how much I start to dislike the game thanks to these problems.

    + Game is nice and even after this long pretty decent looking.
    + The tank models seem to be getting nicer with time

    – The gold ammo thing you mentioned is indeed a big problem, not just for gold tanks but also for the normal tanks. This needs to stop right away, it completely ruins the game by taking away the fairness. You can’t really do much vs. a tank that rolls around shooting only gold ammo, you will simply loose the match if you use normal ammo.
    – Artillery is still rather too dangerous, even if you stand behind a damn hill or house they seem to be able to hit you without any problems. Aside from that, their rounds do insanely much damage if not instant kill you. It is over powered and unwanted.
    – Light tanks overall need to be fixed, they are currently rather useless in any match. They lost their view range advantage, they lost their speed advantage and they are not really good for anything at all aside from that. Some light tanks used troll cannons back in the day, bring that back as possible solution if you have to.
    – Premium tanks are indeed more and more getting over powered compared to the normal tanks, unfortunately we see a similar trend in some of the regular tanks.
    – Cheaters/hackers are rarely being banned from the game, instead they just ignore the problem completely.
    – Complete noobs are often in your team so that you won’t get your winrate up and you end up getting stuck around tier 6 because you don’t get enough xp for your next tank or even the gear you need for the tank you are using on that moment. Bad luck by getting these complete idiots in your team all the time makes the game rather impossible to play and rather unfair. If there was a option that you could say that you don’t want to play with people under a specific time they have been playing, then it would make a lot more sense already. You will at least get into teams with people that at minimum know what the general idea is and can try to play in a real team.

  5. Fabian Pröglhöf

    I hate the new Tier X Lights and the missions where you have 3 SLF to kill the shaft you simply no longer since the new update since no more SLF play.

  6. QB (And all) How do you think this fuss will affect the Chrysler’s commercial future or the in-game specs?

  7. You are missing the point. First of all, my english is not so great, so sorry for that. I want to tell you sonething about our current situation here at Turkey. It is hard to find the reporters at here who are talking about our country’s current situation these days. Because slowly but surely, our government slienced lots of the true reporters by using emotions of the people and some misleading events which are realized that they are fake as f..uck now. But that was enough for the government to get what they want. In this time, some brave guys tried to show what actually the government is trying to do. But only few people, for example like me, understand what is going on and reacted to the information that they are trying to show. And nothing changed and now, you have to have the same logic and thinking with the government, otherwise, there is a court waiting for you which is about being a traitor. On the other hand, some people are getting so much credit from government adn they are happy about it, because you know they are getting rich. They have their channels on TV and showing the people what they want to show. We should have never let them to get these kind of power before when we had the people who are saying the exact truth, when we have the chance..

    And now, about this situation. You are earning money from youtube ads and twitch, it is right. However you are getting it via wargaming. Just like the others, jingles, foch, circon etc. So, you have to use wargamings products, such as wot or wows, in order to earn your money from ads or the other stuff. Be honest about it, the attention or the reputation that you or all the other guys are getting from playing games which are different than wot is relatively low, very low. Some streamers now trying to get the attention from “players unknown’s battle grounds”, but I do not think that it is going to work like wot. Jingles is in another position about this, because he is good about entertainment, it is just his style which is unique for me. But like I said, you and the others, have play wargaming’s game for getting that ad or twitch income. And in the end, you are human being. You have your own logic, you have your own ideas. This, you guys are doing here is not reporting the news. You do not have to be that much professional about it, like you Quickfingers, like the times when you first started your streams. But now, you changed your own ideas, your own logic. And I want to ask you this: why is that? I remember your rage video about T95, because it is bull-shit. And you were right about it, now they buffed it. After 3 or 4 years from your rage video. Some others show their true idea about T95 back in time and they finally they buffed it and clear their mistake. But now, they are creating simply overpowered, not exactly same as regular tanks in the game but overpowered premium tanks. I can see where this is going. And right now, Foch is doing the right thing, at least for me. Because it is not just about the Chrysler, they already crossed the line with Patriot, Amx m4 49 , Defender, buff to the Löwe. Why would you want to play with IS-3 or T32 or Tiger 2 or Amx 50 100 now? Premium tanks suppose to be just a little bit worser than their regular counters, right? So what happened to the this logic? Why they needed a reason to change this rule? What caused them to make change about it?

    And for me, you are being a robot, with this review video about Chrysler tank? On paper like you said, you are getting money from ads and twitch. Well Okay but in the end, you are using wargaming’s access to earn it. They are allowing you to create review videos about their product. So on paper, just like Foch, at one little point, where you cross the line for them, even when you are obviously right about it, it will not protect you. You have to tell the people the true mistakes or wrong things about the new premium tanks at now, other than praising it. Everyone can fire so called gold rounds with these tanks and you can even gain credits with it.

    Have a nice day,
    From an old fan but old

  8. SirFoch is my hero!

  9. And of course, if WG doesn’t returns the two-way chat any time soon, Im closing my 5 yrs account for sure.

  10. hello, quickybaby i totaly agry with your list, and i must say im an fan of yours, and i watched maby all of yours videos on yt u put on… talking about me, i am an average player wot and i am strugling to earn some credits so i can play the game, i dont have any tier 10 tanks so far, and all because i cant buy it, it is really expensive, and im thinking i have to buy some premium vehicle to earn more credits, but when i think, i dont have so much money to buy some of them, cuz my salary is small, im living in poor country, and i have to live and buy my family what ever they need…what im saying is that the wg need to take care of that people who cant buy premium vehicles and ammo, and they need to stop killing this game by creating something what you must buy to be in the game, otherwise you will not survive in game, cuz u dont have credits to play…i am playing wot more than 4 years

  11. QB you are loosing subs this should not happen you are awsome

  12. f*** shit foch

  13. motorised adventurer

    Look up jingles video for a continued explanation.

  14. Quickybaby is the only person who didn’t turn this into themselves… Nothing against the other WoT youtubers but most of them are all about the copyright strikes. I’m not saying they are wrong, they most certainly are right to care about their existance but the point I wanna make is that this all stemmed from WarGaming’s changes to the game such as QB mentioned in the video. It seems like the copyright scare has blinded many people so they do not see the underlining issue. Hopefully WG listens to the community and it’s content creators so that we can have the game we know and love. Oh and to bring Jingles back! 😀 Great job QB!

  15. hey stop pawing my E-25, it’s a completely fair and balanced tank #Kappa

  16. Brandon Johnson

    luckily we console peasants don’t have to worry about this

  17. @QB well fochs oppinion ist that the Chrysler is completely OP, he is actually ranting obout armor that forces you load gold, while the Guy driving the Chrysler is forced to shoot gold Back at you because the pen is shit … and if you shoot gold then yeah it is quite the potent gun all of a sudden

  18. good video!

  19. Amen Brother well said

  20. The Problems (as I foresee them) with WoT

    -The most ridiculous and unbalanced thing about this game. Okay, whilst there are situations where it is needed, you DO NOT need to “roll your face over the 2 key” (Luv you Dez <3) to do damage. I have been playing for coming up to two years; I have only the S1 and AC1 Sentinel (bundle included 1800 gold), and have purchased 30 days of premium account. That isn't even including for the fact that in over 7000 battles, I have fired a total of 37 premium rounds. 37. Yet, I am still able to consistently do damage, enough so that I am in the top 40% of WN8 scores on the SEA server.
    Whilst premium rounds are not needed for damage, what they do is ruin the game in general. Dab the 2 key and there is no stopping you. Armour that is otherwise untouchable becomes paper, and the expense? 4x the cost of credits, or gold. Okay, so if it was gold limited, I would be exceptionally fine with that. That immediately limits the amount of premium ammo seen on the battlefield by a substantial amount, enough so to cause very few issues. Of course, looking at this from a business perspective, where by purchasing premium ammo with credits leads to substantial loss, and thereby premium tanks and account become necessary, limiting this to gold isn't going to work so well. What will however, for the balance of the game and income on Wargaming's behalf, is;
    -A limit to the amount of premium rounds held. 1/5th of the ammo capacity AT MOST should be premium. This forces them to be a situational thing and not a constant.
    -Increase the costs. Whilst x4 the cost is ridiculous as is, a x6 or x8 cost will again mean they are situational. Anyone who refuses to follow by this will be severely punished, as a result losing extensive amounts of credits, again insuring the need to have premium account or premium tanks. A win-win situation for Wargaming and the community.
    -Suffer a drawback. Likewise to the SU-100Y, where the premium ammo does more damage but has less penetration, all premium shells should do a similar thing. The drawback of course is minor, and the increase should be roughly the same. 5% extra damage for 5% less penetration. Seems fair to me, and much better than a 30% increase to penetration without a drawback.

    -You'd think that after 5 years, the basis of the game is fairly well balanced. Wrong. Matchmaker is still beyond broken. Even with the latest update to Matchmaking, which has although helped, it still isn't enough. 15-0 victories and defeats STILL occur. While limiting this is a combination of Vehicles and Skill Based, there should be at least a skill system.
    -Set a game WGR range with a +/- 1000 set (500-1500 or 3000-4000). The majority of these players (with a minimum of 10 on both sides) must be within that range.
    -Even stricter conditions for Arty, LT and TD. Combine all 3 categories, and there should not be anymore than a 2 vehicle difference (2 LT, TD, Arty VS 2 LT, Arty, 1 TD) as an acceptable condition.
    -Hitpoints; there should be a limit of up to 750 hitpoints difference from the start of the battle. This will balance out the approximate number of heavies and medium tanks.

    -Quite seriously now, Paris is a bad map. Not the worst, but really bad. Before that I don't even remember the last map we got. Again, whilst the last update was a nice refresher for the map selection, WE NEED MORE MAPS! More variety=More people=More money. Yes, we get it, maps take a long, long time to make, but is the result worth it? Yes. Yes it is. Players are happy, which means they spend more, which makes the company happy. This isn't something you need a Bachelors in Psychology to know. Make the community happy, and we make your bank account happy.

    -It could be worse, but still. Lag spikes still happen too often for a game of this expectation. Whilst this is something that is often not managed by the server hosts, increasing the bandwidth would be really, really helpful. Also, for someone living in Australia, I find it stupidly difficult to test the game on the CT server. I mean, 400 ping as an average?! How many computers do you expect my packets to run through?

    5:LISTEN TO US!!!
    Wargaming, I cannot explain it anymore simple than this. We (the community) made you. Without us, you would be nothing more than a scrapped idea, so why do you not listen to us. The community knows best what it wants, and I am not talking about listening to all the whiners who complain about everything being so overpowered despite the fact that they not only (probably) spend NO MONEY whatsoever, but they do not participate in the common test. These tomatoes are not to be listened to. You see, they are on the general basis, school kids. Now, school kids do not have a lot of money, but you know who does? THE WORKING FORCE! So why is it that you are trying to impress the people with less money and forgetting about those where your income is coming from? Is that at all a healthy business model or targeting? No, it isn't. Listen to the people who contribute to you, not those who want the world to revolve around them.

    -Okay, we get it, you love money, but there is a point where this gets stupid. We don't want overpowered tanks. We don't want game breaking mechanisms. No, what we want is value for money. You would sell a premium tank better if you told us the profitability of it, surprise us with big numbers, make us think what we are getting IS worthwhile. That is where your money is going to come from. Better yet, add tanks that are unique; not overpowered, but just have something special about the tank. The T26E4 is a brilliant example. Gets spaced armour that can completely negate incoming damage, which is absolutely wonderful, but it occurs to little for it to be game breaking. That is going to sell you premium tanks, not making them stupidly overpowered. That is only going to put off your player base, not bring them with you.

    As for everything else QB suggested, I am in complete agreement with it. We need more community ideas in the game, not just internal. Listen to the community and you will be rewarded.

  21. qb, you’re the first i started following on youtube. try to use your content in my gameplay. have been doing so for 4 years now.
    let the haters be haters. you do it your way, they do it theirs. game wise i am very frustrated. and thinking of finding a new game.
    wot has been the only game i spend money on. but after 4 years playing, 240 tanks in the garage. almost all of them with all the toys and multiple skills. every new update, the tanks seem to get worse and worse. why would i keep paying for a game where i can not improve? or even keep having fun in platoons? if you have bad stats in wot, you will keep those bad stats. or with the latest updates, get worse.


  23. Thank you QB . for your honesty . I would love to see more Team work lol may be some missions to promote team work .. and more time between patches so we as players ( some only play weekends ) have time to get to grips with the new content . in the mean time Keep Calm and Game On .

  24. ok lets go.. QB you really helped me in my early days in wot, like the first 10k battles, you helped me getting much better. I kind of stopped watching your content now because I don’t feel like I could still learn much of you and I found other streamers/youtubers that I just think are more entertaining, which is what I am looking for in my current state of life. However I decided to watch this video of yours since I kind of care about the whole current matter of WoT, foch etc. and I really liked it. I think its important to clarify your opinion as you did. Maybe you didn’t quite get all important things in the foch matter (did you watch his explanation-video (apparently its gone now)) but whatever.
    Whats broken in WoT is the overbuffing of tanks like the Maus and of course the stupidly strong premiums that break tier 8 matchmaking and team-battles (like the defender, i recommend the latest defender-video of shishx_the_animal ^^).
    Keep on going QB, keep helping people getting better at this game because I feel like thats what you are perfectly good in doing 🙂
    greetings from germany

  25. Looks like this hasn’t blown over. Any thoughts as to the NA team’s announcement and Jingles resigning, QB?

  26. The massive overuse of the 2 key is why i have all but stopped playing. After 12k games i realized that more and more people are just opting to fire premium rounds instead of learning to aim, and its demoralizing when i had spent so long learning and committing to memory where i can hit a tank to be successful.
    I’d also like to see a matchmaker based on something like a players personal rating, +/-250. It feels like half the time we play we’re either up against teams playing at a massively higher skill level, or a team of complete potato. Sure its an easy win playing against a team of people who accidently blundered their way to tier 10, but its not fulfilling for either team and i’d like to think its not what we play for.

  27. Honestly, i totally agree with you QB. There’s only a knife tip to add from me. I in my opinion think that WG should make the older Tanks more competetive. It might be BIAs for most, but ‘ll take my beloved T-54 as example. Why? Because, argumented with all the issues which lead to the Foch chaos, is a pure pay2play tank in most eyes. Even it’s 219mill Pen gun is not compareable to the 230, sometimes even 246 or higher standard pen guns and so it cries to shoot golden ammo. The T-54 is called “HEAT-54” for a reason. And i think it’s good armor and mobility, in context to this development, doesn’t weight up it’s low pen any more. Some other of the older Standard tanks have the same issue, and i personally think that WG should lay their eyes more on that issue than bringing weakspotless tanks that aquire gold to adequatly beat if no other option than hitting right in your face is the only option you’ll have. Also, the Mappool should get more open maps. I often say “Moah, don’t cry about corridor maps! Even a stupid potato like me finds shitloads of gaps to slip through and *beep* the enemie’s *beeeeep*ed ass!” But let’s be honest: I’m a pure rarity. Me as Medium driver developed an eye extra for this slipping through. The whole rest of the WoT-comm won’t see and use this gaps because you need to learn seeing them. And WoT itself doesn’t offer enough maps for learning so. So we need more open maps where you can explore gaps maybe you, and maybe are haveing a small city area where you’re learning where you can slip in if placed in citys, independent of what tank you’re ridin’.

    That are the only 2 big Cents i want to add: Rebalance of the older tanks and more open Maps. Overwhise… Yeah. This OP-Prems policy must end, too. But this is called far to often. So i won’t add it to my list ^^

  28. thnx for posting this mate. 🙂

  29. im playing wot since i was 10 years old but now they are destroying game i love and we all love dammit WG.

  30. Hey QB
    I have been playing wot for some years now, though currently having a break from the game due to shortage of free time. I have been watching this whole mess from the sideline and I am happy that you made this video to voice your opinion. I respect your opinion and really like your youtube channel. I have been watching most of your videos for years now. And i am glad to see that you are enjoying making the high quality content you are known for. So keep up the good work. There are a lot of us appreciating it. 🙂
    Kind regards from Denmark

  31. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    No offense qb but if yo usay that chrsler is not op then it’s butterflies as the chrysler has broken armor and superb mobility for a t8, the only problem is that it’s going to need to spam gold, much like an is-6 except this one is miles better.

  32. Lâm Đức Thành Phòng KT-KĐCLGD

    First time hearing Quickybaby saying f**k

  33. really mature opinion, we needed that!
    Thank you QB !

  34. well done qb anyone gives you shit tell them piss off

  35. i agree in everything because u r little bit nerd. just kidding u are the best quickybaby!!

  36. You did a great job there QuickyBaby, you can be proud of yourself !

  37. Cris Racing and Gaming

    headset spawn 😛

  38. Welcome to the internet, don’t feed the trolls!

  39. Ingimar Einarsson

    It´s hard not to like you QB, actually I just like you. Your reviews are quite good and your sobering points and view of the game has helped me a lot in improving my game. I love this game, yes I do. And your voice is quite refreshing in the ocean of negativity that the community is.

  40. WoT got bored for me, grinding is worse now, because everytime i get matches in tier 8 i only see power creeps with my silly tier 6 tank xd

  41. Stephen Merritt

    Well said QB

  42. Respect to you QB for this video

  43. light tanks in general need to be rebalanced. looking at OP t71 and now crippled bulldog there…
    also keep it up QB, i think your fans appreciate how rational and cool headed you are both while playing and dealing with that stuff, so dont worry. there will always be some hate, maybe envy and negativity in general. but surely there is so much more love and appreciation from the community and fans. i have a feeling that wargaming will have to do a lot to please its community in the near future due to that current shitstorm, so i guess now its a good time to ask for changes 😉

  44. No more arties in Squads wtf?
    Releasing new Premiumtanks every week (kinda feels like)
    New changes with upcoming ranked System -> adding new rammers etc make it too much OP for exp. Players against new


  46. You know,your channel needs memes

  47. do we all forget the point that you spent hours over hours to produce your content ? isnt that some kind of actual work ? are we so stuck in the “generation intership” that we really cant credit someone who is hard working? you deserve every penny you make with this. in my opinion you should get payed by WG for making their game more public. but in the end it all comes to down to this. FUCK HATERS just fuck them all. everything they do is trying to make the world into a worse place

  48. Quickybaby although your stance is not incorrect, I do think you could have handled this drama better. Usually, QB avoids talking about other streamers/WoT content producers which I believe is completely fine under normal circumstances. However, this drama has been going on for quite a while, and with the sheer speed information spreads nowadays on the Internet he could have been way more sensitive to the drama and addressed it as soon as possible to clarify his stance. Moreover, he seems very uninformed of the whole situation, for example WG NA having released another statement that pushed Jingles to the point where he left the contributor program. QB should respond to these issues faster, instead of waiting until things start getting out of hand.

  49. About the cosmetic thing, I totaly agree !
    We have this on war thunder, and WG is more than capable of doing the same (take a look at the christmass event with the “snowy” kv-2 in 2016).
    This is what this games need !
    Not additional equipment that’ll make the best players even better !

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