About This New Event.. And It’s Shenanigans! | World of Tanks Lunar New Year Special

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks Lunar New Year Special 2020, Free Camos, Boosters, Tanks, Time.

I will always be providing free entertainment and content for you, but really helps the channel out!

Today let’s talk about the World of Tanks specila Lunar New Year event – what has to offer, how good or bad the entire is.

Also, let’s talk about some of the hidden features or details missing from the EU and NA server… Did they forget something?

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– No Tanks!


  1. Important notice: you must recruit the new crew members before May 25th !!!

  2. better than nothing WG


  3. Nice video, hope that WG will stop tricking people into buying in-game content. Ps. Hello from your neighbours in Finland 😀

    Name: Scandalxdd
    Server: EU

  4. Name: nimgulServer: EUI like the camos and the possibility to get crew just with playing. What I really dislike (and I mean “dislike” as an euphemism) the gamble part!

  5. i can’t connect to wg server, can’t even open their website. Someone knows what’s going on?

  6. I’m looking forward to getting some camos because I really need them! I’m a new player and my tanks are bare :/ x5 missions are absolutely amazing too! I got 100k XP yesterday from them. But it’s an obvious money grab from WG!
    ThePodkriznik on EU Server

  7. Justas Tamaševičius

    I’ll only do this event for free crew, but dont know on what tank to use it. 🙁
    Name: Weasal (yeah with mistake, was young)
    Server: EU

  8. I could really need the crew, camo and xp tokens, since I am grinding towards the leopard 1, but I dont know if I am going to attempt this event, since I have a lot of exams in the next couple of weeks…
    Anyways thanks for the info video, this would had slipped under my radar.

    Username: Aaronimo
    Server: EU

  9. Hey Dez
    Its always good to view your movies.
    They realy help me out deciding what to do in wot.
    You do the hard work for us we can sit back and relax.
    Thanks again mate

    Name: Qwarkos
    Server: EU

  10. Username: _Auzzee_
    Server: NA

    Thanks for the vid Dez

  11. I was very surprised how easy are those missions, but now is seems logic. Make all missions…no tank 🙂
    Name: x_rael
    Server: EU

  12. This is some sweet pricing once again. Combine that with their lack of willingness to communicate in an open way (drop chances, hidden statistics, etc.) and it is any wonder they are perceived to not care about their customers? That being said. I still like the game… Silly me.

    Canned_Comedy / EU

  13. The camos is cool
    Name: rurouni19
    Server: EU

  14. I really like the missions themselves, and the rewards are pretty fair to be honest. There could’ve been a bigger “grand prize” for completing them all, I think.
    But then again, it’s WG, and WG loves their money.
    – Devilizer / EU –

  15. Nice work Dez, free camo is welcome every time
    EU server

  16. Username: destroier33
    server: EU
    camos look great, still quite some greediness with those packages

  17. “Everything is expensive in this game”
    I mean like honestly, I can buy a whole AAA game for the price of a single premium tank in this game, it’s just bloody outrageous…

    Nickname: Radiatorman
    Server: EU

    • That’s how free-to-play games work. You have the outlandishly expensive content that whales will buy, and those whales make the game profitable even though the majority of players barely if ever spend money.

  18. and this webpage couldn’t be less intuitive. Two buttons for the same “reward”?

  19. Thank you for making these videos so we can see the transparency of WG


  20. The Ad Astra camo looks very promising but since I don’t want any of the other I won’t be spending my coins on that… Crew members with free skills are welcome tho.

    Server: EU
    Nickname: GyunhiGyu

  21. Here on NA, the WZ-120-1G FT is in the premium shop for $45.99. Whereas buying 2500 of the tokens to buy the same tank will cost you $81.45 ($44.99 for the 1500 token bundle, 3x $9.99 for 300 token bundles, and $6.49 for the 100 token bundle). The prices for the bundles and the WZ-120-1G FT are slightly different on EU, but not by much. I mean sure, you’d also get some premium time and personal reserves in those bundles. But still. Even by Wargaming standards this is a huge ripoff. If you want the tank, just buy the tank and ignore the token bundles.

    Username: Lord_Magus
    Server: NA

  22. I personally will only grind for the camos, they look incredible. The Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC: Water would be my choicec if my life was on the line :D.

    Server: EU
    Nickname: XavierXtreme

  23. At least we F2P players get some sick camos 😀

    Name: andreww989
    Server: EU

  24. I like how you making this kind of videos.
    This prices are better than nothing.
    GL Dez 😉
    Username: Master1590
    Server: EU

  25. i don’t think its that bad, rewards are nice, but you can’t expect in reality to get t8 prem tank with those simple missions.But another crew with bia, anyone asks, me, bring it on, i got more rooms in barracks.
    TheDisturber EU

  26. I guess it’s better than nothing, more crew members that I’ll forget to recruit
    Server: EU
    Name: noobkiller3759

  27. Crew bonuses and members will be nice but why they create events which are so difficult to figure out is beyond me.  Kasper_Swe  EU server

  28. Great video as always ly dez
    Wg classic scam

  29. Why there is no option to earn 2500 Golden coins? WG this is not fair.
    Server: EU
    Nickname: PixelDotOriginal

  30. New event is a bit of a scamaz tbh. Crew members are good tho.
    Username: Roro72
    Server: Asia

  31. All these smaller purchases do add up after some time 🙁 but this time the free stuff you can get for 1800 coins look pretty good.

    Name: ___butros___
    Server: EU

  32. I personnaly would go for the 5 elements pack and spend the 300 extra in the boosters package. I think this Is the most profitable “free” way.

    Username : Sir_Frostwings
    Server : EU

  33. The camos and 0-perl crew is pretty nice. And of course they want to make money after all so why should the gift tier 8 premium tanks.

    Name: Glanyr
    Server: EU

  34. So confusing 🙂 just get free stuff, foget the tank.
    nick: ianstone

  35. love your videos dez <3
    IGN: beastzach152

  36. Name: pingpongpro1
    Server: EU

    Finally a chance to get the ad Astra skin, but what shady tactics by wg for you to get the tanks.

  37. DEZ plz make a double barrel only HE and only allowed double shot episode 😛

    EU server
    Centurion 5/1 Bundle <3

  38. Thank you for those percentages, i was thinking 900 for random premium is a bad offer but after seeing the drop percentage im sure its a scam.


  39. Camo and crew for free is good. The rest is just money grabbing sadly.Username: ManFromOzServer: SEA

  40. In my opinion, they should give the options of: 1) Complete the 5 elements with 300 coins each, or 2) Get a premium tank with those tokens. If they want to make some make the vehicles 2100 so you have to buy the 9 euros bundle. This monetization tactics from WG is what made me be a free to play player for more than 3 years now, and i don’t plan on spending any money on their games in the future. The element bundles seem pretty worth it, though!

    Server: EU
    IGN: Kyrkis

  41. Lol I went for a random 2D style. Now I guess I’ll save the rest of the coins for each element and then be 300 short to unlock the metal one. Unless mr Dez buys a bundle 😉
    Great video thanks for showing the percentages on the prem acc.

    IGN: silent_death_steel
    NA server

  42. Sinterklaas En Zwarte Piet

    5 camos is really nice tho.

    name: DeTankKiller33
    Server: EU

  43. Go for crew members and cammo do not get any bandies not worth it
    In game Name: nkhopper
    Server: EU

  44. the war gaming money making team have been working over time on this. deanwooddeano eu

  45. Nobody:
    WG: I like ho EA is working, lets copy

    Username: Monkeysniper12
    Server: EU

  46. Theguyfromthatothervideo Idkfam

    Classic wg, you collect those points and you get so close to getting tier 8 for free but no, you gotta pay again, didn’t expect anything less…
    Ingame name: djolet343
    Server: EU

  47. Name: Aramisi
    Server: EU

    I think i’ll just go for those camos,because i like those moon and space camos. And plus this event is not a player-friend event. Just buying this chinese td from store would be more logical (imho)

  48. I get why wg didn’t give the option to somehow get these premium tanks for free, but it’s still bs for me that you have to pay over half of the price of these tanks to get them and not be able to get anything else from this event

    Nick: Matix__1337
    Server: EU

  49. Username: Puternicu333
    Server: EU

    Is it me or Wargaming are moving their marketing in the Slots machine area?

  50. At least we can get easy free stuff and the camo looks nice


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