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Source: QuickyBaby

There's something fishy going on in World of Tanks with the Grand Extravaganza competition…


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% , a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. the idea behinde the trophy is good, but they should say next time, you need 10-15% of the team dmg – so nobody would just sucide… you just must shot on the first tank you see and ramm in to him… i tryed it also like that, but i dont want to fuck up my stats with a event like that 😀

  2. April Fools?

  3. PickelJars ForHillary

    Only WG can reward players for YOLOing.

  4. THX quickybaby for raising your opionion in this matter To be ohnest in many guilds that i know people habe been playing 24/7 To try and reach the top and i count myself AS one oft Athen and wie range Form 190 Tod 400 stamps and Art this point habe lost hope in winning so cheers To you and your voice maybe WG will Wake up Tod this missuse. THX for reading Killerbee Form DDBER

  5. so far all competitions were kind of unbelievable in WoT

  6. Haha……your the fool today.

  7. Ah yea hes cheating his ass off, you got to remember and that was if he didn’t need any sleep at all if he did sleep that would be probably closer to one min per battle

  8. crybaby? 😀

  9. i have 80 stamp only.. but i really dont care..have so many days more to get 20 stamp 🙂
    also i’ve seen alot of ppl using light tank, just dash to enemy team and get kill.. then move on to another game.. wargaming, for once in your entire existent, can you ever make a event that is far for eveyone?

  10. why would new players know they are facing ‘experienced’ players?

  11. wow you have to be no lifer to get to the top

  12. Not really surprising coming from WG.

  13. WG should just ban the top 100 players in this list. 100% bot confirmed.

  14. I think that this type of competition deserves parameters set up. Should be more stamps given to games at tier 5 and above. That would guarantee needing a certain skill level to gain more stamps .

  15. To me, these kinds of competitions don’t even exist. They’re so rigged, you can’t possibly win them anyway, so I don’t participate in them and treat them as if they don’t exist at all. I treat lotteries and such the same way. It does wonders for my blood pressure.

  16. how ??
    again some mod?

  17. This seems more than fishy imo.
    You are being generous in your calculations QB. You are assuming for example that driving like a lunatic into a battle will ALWAYS get you in the top 10.

    Playing a new game every 2.5 min seems ridicolous to me. I assume they quit out as soon as they die. Perhaps they even suicide right away in order to quit. Otherwise just w. the slight wait time before each match, the numbers just go crazy. Maybe somebody can try to test this by simply trying to do 10 games in 25 min.

    In any case you are right about that part of the comp being crazy 🙂

  18. during which you spend to win alien or i7
    if you work you can buy it yoursel

  19. It will probably cost that guy more in electricity than what those prizes are worth xD

  20. what can you say, corruption breeds corruption, by the way what nationality is this top player?

  21. Top 3 have more than 1.5k stamps have definitely cheated somehow. Theres no way they could play that much

  22. David Alnemark Niang


  23. theoneandonlygothmor

    but is that not better than sealclubber tryharding in lowtier with goldammo so at least they rush in and try to do some dmg and die to play another tank

  24. Voinescu Ionut Adrian

    I was under the impretion that sharing an account is against the rules…

  25. Wow i guess some people at wargaming are hellbent on ruining the game.

  26. terrible cheats … console most of time you have to be at least top 5 … console noob 🙂

  27. Never agreed more to QB.

  28. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou


  29. José F. Martín

    Hardly surprising. I mean, WOT hardly cares about rules lately. While money keeps flooding their pockets, cheaters are going to be unpusnished but for a few poor sods that would be used from time to time as a scapegoats.

  30. this couldve bene easely fixed beforehand: normal stamps liek it is right now, and ”elite” stamps for the intel rewards, which you get being 1st to 3rd on the winning team, and 1st on the losing team.

  31. Yes I just play the game love it yes true.

  32. You are so right about tier 2 unicoms.. I took a tier 2 td and the enemy team just went straight for our base and wasted our team in a bit over 1 minute. This is why I am now playing WoWS and occasionally WoT. I am sorry I invested so much time and money in WoT. Unless you are good at playing video games there is no use playing WoT. Still support you as PeppyPepper is great and you need to support her. Well. your mediocre videos and twitch is mildly entertaining as well. Thanks. Rolling_behemoth.

  33. I really like the 10000 credits we get. It makes the game less punishing when playing tier 9 and 10 vehicles. And you don’t have to fear bankruptcy when using 1 or 2 premium rounds. The alternative was not using premium ammo against 268 4s and type 5s and loosing, thereby not making credits, or using premium ammo and not making credits. Of course you can pen them frontally without premium ammo, but it’s not reliable at all and the extra non-premium ammo you waste will likely cause you to not make credits… 10000 credits extra suddenly make the game so much more rewarding and fun.

  34. The first guy has a T57 Heave so he has tier 10 tanks

  35. Cheaters in wot infestation

  36. Wot devs are idiots

  37. see wich country they are from

  38. i call Bot running while your sleeping 8 days 2 mins per game!!!! even some of the best drugs in the world will not keep you alive with sleep depredation!!!!!! even account sharing that is a no no should not be allowed to win the prize either …. COMMONSENSE

  39. So… These are the most evident bots I have seen in a while. Especially when you also factor a load time and pre-battle countdown – it narrows down the time of a battle to less than a minute actually.

  40. I agree with this in general, but there is a mistake in the calculation. If the player has 577 stamps per day, and there are 40 unique maps for which they get 2 stamps each, then we are down to 497, not 537. This reduces the argument a bit, but it still stands.

  41. Nice, more and more reasons for me to never touch that bullshit game called WoT.
    Playerbase is toxic af, like off the charts, mechanics are rigged to milk that toxic playerbase.
    Now that War Thunder started to do the same shit with Loot Boxes, I will find my peace in Armored Warfare.
    PS. AW bots are much much better than irl players ( even sometimes better than my team lol )

  42. The current winner (ironic really) is clearly cheating, as have probably most of the top 10. Nothing new there then……..

  43. You did not take into account that he most likely didn’t/doesn’t even get a stamp every game, because he surely doesn’t score in the top ten every game. Which means that he probably plays a game every minute or so.

  44. IMO I think that there are a few bot programs running to get those number of stamps for the top spot

  45. Whole reason I’ve stopped playing tanks

  46. Wargaming Asia did it right
    They made it so that you have to win and be top 10
    gg wp and good luck to all you peeps

  47. I agree.

  48. Alexander Yordanov

    Shintel strikes again 😀

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