About Tier 9 Premium Tanks in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of has started releasing Tier 9 Premiums for first time in 10 years. Is this the beginning of the end for the economy?


World of is a 2 Play game published by Wargaming is available as a download.


  1. Can’t wait for another bobject but then at tier 9… looking at you object 252u

  2. At least this thing is not inside a lootbox

  3. Definitely not Emma

    Back when I still played Tier IX was my favorite tier to play, however I’m sure that upcoming Tier IX premium will ruin that tier absolutely

  4. We can clearly wait for tier X premium to get in game in some time, maybe in a few years, and if they are a bit smart for succ the players money they will insert some modern tanks like the XM, Abrams maybe the Centauro.

  5. it gives the players who don’t have all the time in the world to play, to get on a level playing field in T9 because of the reward tanks and what not that are T9.

  6. Welcome to wotblitz 2.0 we have had tier 9 and 10 prems for a long time, however our tier 9 and 10 prems do not earn premium currency

  7. WoWs is going down as the first half of the sinking Titanic. Now, it looks like WoT might be the second half

  8. One thing I noticed: The tank has a 5-man crew. Not compatible with any other Swedish tank of similar or higher level. Ooof.

    Other than that, I dont know. Conflicted a bit. I mean we have a LOAD of tier 8 and below and it was a matter of time before premiums jumped to Tiers 9 and 10. I just dont know what to think of it just yet, even though logic says it was bound to happen eventually.

  9. World of tanks Going like world of warships pay to win nice

  10. A Donut Plays Games

    I am torn. I have a Swedish HT line that I like and I am very good at, so this would be an excellent tier IX crew trainer (I do not have the Emil 1951). That being said, I am concerned about participating in something that could lead to a break down of the match maker in the future.

    So, 🤷‍♂️

    Thanks for the video as always Mr QB.

  11. time to see if same is gonna happen with T9 PREMIUMS as on word of warships. aka credit boost nerf. Missouri in world of tanks GG

  12. Why is Tier IX enjoyable? Because of all the Tier VIII premiums in the queue you have very varied match making. And I fear that Tier IX premium tanks will destroy that part. Maybe it makes Tier X better. but I doubt that too 🙁

  13. It’s just imposibble to keep up with the game as a f2p player. When i feel like i’m close to finish my goals, get the tank i want start to have good crews, they just add some more bs in the game that will ruin everyting. I started playing again last year right when FL was live and i was so mad that i don’t have any good tier 8 s to play the mode. Now i finally have 4 good tier 8 and now they ruining even this.. guess it’s time to switch back to World of Warcraft..

  14. dont worry about tier 9 premium, next premium is tier 10

  15. about time pc gets the STV K console been having it since December. Well good luck with your PC lifes I am going back to console C`YA

  16. you say sell massively but no one wants to buy a crap tank as why would anyone want to play a crap tank and get wrecked. Collectors will buy it but i think it wont sell anywhere near like the defender or other better tanks thats at T8.. if anyone wants to buy it then go ahead your going to have alot of T8’s farm you lol.

  17. Strv K being a conqueror with worse DPM and gun handling seems like an odd move (premiums haven´t been worse then a tech tree tank in all aspects in a while)

  18. Wargaming is destroying the game, more and more pay to win, uut it is also the fault of the people for continuing to buy everything that wargaming releases.

  19. The reason this tank receives bonds, I think, is because one of the outer modules is tier X (the hull). One should now ask if this will set a new precedent where tier 9 premiums are now hybrids with tier 9 and X outer modules

  20. I mean, the USS Missouri was a huge success and made Wargaming a lotta paper. I feel like they’re just implementing it into WoT. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, the bond earning capability however is a huge issue. I believe in the future they will add Tier 10 premiums as well. It’s just a question of time really

  21. How many copie of the same tank now ?

  22. Tired of WG shafting their customers. I’m not buying anything more from them. This thing will be obsolete in 6 months anyway, just like all the tier 8 Prem tanks.

  23. This tanks already on console and it’s actually pretty good

  24. Well i had a tought of this happening. Because good and compatetive t9 reward tanks were everywhere. And they werent like clan wars or ranked, everbody got them for basically free and no effort. “Unskilled”/undeserving players got those tanks. Like char futur and phase 1.And when they get the tanks they destroy tier 9. Char rushes puts 3 rounds in dies. Screws ypur game over. Or an ae phase sits hulldown locks down an entire flank bcz its matched with amx 120.And you are in a t8 or god forbid t7. You can just go and suck a masive D. And t9 premiums that are skorpion and deferder levels will come out. And there goes our last fun tier, tier 9. Probably ppl will stick to t5 or t6 for funsies. Or even pzIII.c fun.

  25. more credits = more gold spam = 6%

  26. A T9 credits bond Premium Machine ..XD this will be funny in future ,
    especially if at some point more T9 premiums come which they sell dearly to get maximum profit from the game … then 60 € only the tank .. and with missions and bonus stuff then 80 € and 100 € for the offers 😂 …🤦‍♂️

  27. One of my best decision in this game is to quit it even though I have been playing since 2012. The wheelies, T95 Chieftain, 279e made the game not fun anymore. Thanks QuickyBaby for the constant coverage of the game so that I can see that my leave is totally justified xD. Keep up the good work!!!!

  28. Can’t wait to see the tier X premium wheeled vehicule going 120 km/h with wheels covering all the side of it…

  29. If playerbase doesnt speak up for this now we will have tier9 defender/bourasque/progetto caliber premium tanks and tears will follow. What happens when we get tier X premium tanks, enjoy your tier X 279e I guess. Have a nice day.

  30. Syahareen Sha Rani

    So they try to make money by making tier 9 prem huh or is it because tier 9 is much more fun than both tier 8 and 10 …

    Sounds like Wargaming is high on crack right now …

  31. 2025: WoT just released T10 prem tank which also generates gold….

  32. this is going to sound crazy, and hopeful. but is this possibly a step to solve the tier 8 pref mm’s. if they buff them all to tier 9 prem stats which could possibly help them work better mm, at least im hoping

  33. Wargaming: “We might have to get out of Dodge real soon so we should milk the players while we can.”

  34. sigh maybe this is the time to stop for me

  35. Just ask wot console what happened, they already have tier 9 and tier 10 premiums.

  36. I mean that strv is kinda smexy, at least it isn’t another Russian medium or heavy

  37. The pandora box is now open

  38. Hey QB, this is the time to slowly think abotu diversifying your income
    This could become the beginning of the end, just like how WoWs is right now. Their greed knows no end. As bad as things are currently, it could easily become much, much worse. Selling T9 premiums, that’s a line they should never have stepped over.
    a few years down the line, you probably will not want to associate with them anymore.
    Look at what has happened with WoWs and the CC exodus there. See it as the future that will probably await WoT as well. It’s the same company after all.

  39. WoT on console has had premium IX and X for a while now. Mainly because console doesn’t have reward vehicles.
    Strv K has been on console for a while now and it really has just been a bad tank. You’d rarely encounter one because how subpar it performs compared to other premium Tier IX’s.
    Probably the reason they announced this one first hoping people will buy it because it gets bonds and then release more Tier IX’s that are just plain better.

  40. I love it how QuickyBaby spreads for free his propaganda. How can you say bonds are behind a tier9 paywall? Helooooo QuickyBaby , tier10 is in the game and those tanks earn bonds.

  41. World of tanks is gonna turn into war thunder. Top tier tanks that you can just pay to get. Which I like for players that have been around for a while

  42. (ex)WoWs Player here… Good Luck.

  43. On the part of the ‘problem’ wg has with new prems:
    The economy should only be about creds or only about gold, and getting them for skins and only skins.
    Spending the result of 20-50 games on three extra modules that MAY be what you want or not at all assasinates the purpose of equipment 2.0: giving people variety to test and have fun. You aren’t ‘testing and having fun’ with the newer equipment because the first thing you’ll do as a regular player is watch unicum’s builds and copy them for a certain ‘enjoyment’.
    This worthless economy also affects prems: you should buy prems because you enjoy playing them, but that’s not the case here. You (a regular player) only get prems for the creds and completing campain missions without becoming unable to repair your tank within 20 matches. The result of this is easy to see: people want OP prems and will buy them in droves to get dmg and spotting dmg and earn more credits, faster.
    As you can see, this economy that should’ve died around 5 years ago and been reborn into the current ‘meta’ of long-lasting f2p economies has only downsides to the players and programmers and PR employees and…
    But as I said before: p2w tanks for a shitty economy make people buy them in droves, and thus bring that sweet sweet cash to the worthless, soulless corp-men.

  44. If they do this, they might have a plan for releasing tier 11. Think about it, t9 premiums will never experience a +2 mm while they are bottom .

  45. They released a T10 ship in WoWS already. Expect that for WoT as well

  46. El Hacedor de Lunas

    WG is trying to take all they can from their playerbase before the game dies

  47. Whatever happened to t8 premiums being weaker than their tech tree counterpart to offset increased credit earnings?

  48. here comes tier 9 defender. YEY

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