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Hey guys! Welcome back to the Thunder with Muffin channel. Stay tuned!


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  1. I have no creativity

    The iraqis soon ate dinner that night with a noticeable lack of onions

  2. I prefer videos without the chaos voice chat, but these are all wonderfully done!

  3. The thing you left out was the Abram’s having heavy battle DU armor plates but that’s not in game and you fail to let the m1a1’s able to shoot them at 2 miles away because in the battle that’s what the Abram’s did and you should of made it so the T-72 were not able to use laser range finders since they didn’t have them back then heard stories about how the Abrams were so far away that T-72 just started exploding because the t72 were not in range to fire at them

    • Don’t forget that the iraq army didn’t have access to the best ammo for their tanks

    • @Pointless less I know this some t72 were found to be firing training rounds at Abrams I know the entire story of the wars with the Abrams but a recent accident at a training firing ground a Abrams hit another Abrams in the side with the crew still in it somehow a Abrams hit another Abrams in the side with a training round and it didn’t get into the side of the Abrams but it did dent the side of the Abrams because the Abrams had only steel for armor during the training drill but the round never got in with it being just steel armor the loader was the only one hurt but not badly hurt hurt because the paint on the wall hit him at a high speed making the paint basically razor blades he got cut up but was very good in the situation that happen make note the training round Hit the tank in steel armor only and didnt get in and it got hit in the weakest side part of the Abrams and only dented the hull that should tell you how well the Abrams is and the side of the Abrams is what like 130mm thick on the side behind the skirts

    • The Iraq T-72 are something completley different than what for example Russia got.

      The Iraq ones got an effective firing range of below 2km.

      Russian ones got 5-8km (depending on ammunition used).

      Range is KING since ages and even more today.

  4. Lucius Domitius Aurelianus

    Iraqis not Iranians

    • he was saying ‘iraqians’. his grammar is fucked up during this whole video, it feels like hes text to speech.

  5. Croswell Roberson

    It should be noted the iraqis were using export models of the t72s. They had no IR, hand cranked turrets, no advanced fire systems, and worse armor.

  6. I believe that it was a tactical mistake for the Abrams to get much closer. With their optics advantages, tough frontal armor against the older Soviet tanks, and ability to kill them from nearly any angle, they would’ve been better off keeping the range advantage and whittling down the Iraqi numbers until they were low enough to close in on.
    Really, their biggest threat in that first round were the BMPs firing ATGMs.

  7. Is particle density on for everyone? It would make it much more realistic with sand dusts limiting visibility for everone, well for the Iraqis without thermals, too bad.

  8. Why don’t add M60 tank

  9. ok give one side cover to retreat & reload and give the other none i wonder who’ll win…

  10. Patrick O'Kelley

    The desert was flat… like a solid white pool table. You could see, using just night vision goggles, about 20 KM at night during a decent moon. Also, no grass growing. You didn’t have any type of grass until the “green desert” months of March, and even then, it never got more than about an inch or so high after the rains in March.

  11. Not surprising that the iraqis did better here, since war thunder overinflates the performance of russian vehicles in game and nerfs nato ones

  12. I played desert storm 1 and 2 on ps2 the best games

  13. Why is he calling them Iranian? Did i miss something? They were iraqis.

  14. Gaijin really needs to fix those shaky ass replays

  15. WT are always inaccurate… Wish DCS has tank battle.

  16. 2:46 Iranian forces that’s about it and how far i woul’d go in to your video

  17. this is what happens when the severaley lower iq third world lower forms of life try to fight the much smarter and better west, we are the real humans not them

  18. “Iranian forces”

  19. Warthunder isn’t a good reenactment because of the balancing they do. In war, nothing is balanced. The highly trained and well equipped Americans absolutely decimated the Iraqi brigades, with only one Bradley lost to friendly fire.

  20. Maybe make more cinematic shots like from above diffrient perspectiv

  21. The Lord of Cringe

    There’s a weather mod floating around, maybe you tried and it wasn’t on the latest version of the game, but if not, you totally should have used it, you could have gotten a sandstorm, much worse visibility, much more advantage to the US vehicles with thermals.

  22. Interesting that in Warthunder the Bradleys are a hinderance while in real life they killed more tanks than Abrams did.

  23. The one thing missing is the fact that there was a huge dust storm which gave the Americans a huge tactical advantage with inferred sights

  24. Problem is that warthunder in the code puts a bias on Russian based tanks armor.

  25. of course the man in the A-10 is a fellow scots man

  26. The problem with this is that the Iraqi tanks didn’t come with built in Russian Bias

  27. 2:26 Bro Iran was not in the war at that time I think you miss spelled the Iraqi as Iranian, Oh sorry it was my mistake, you are dumb American, you are not supposed to know geography and the names of countries

  28. Abrams need to travel as a wolfpack and shoot and move. Thats why we have those engines. Use them.


  30. 2:27

    iranian targets?? thought they was iraqi? hmm

  31. When he says Iranian he means Iraqi

  32. Why do you have an arma 3 thumbnail

  33. War thunders Abrams had to be nerfed because it was overpowered putting the Abrams with its actual capabilities in the game.

  34. You can’t remake a historical battle using warthunder, since the Abrams tanks in this game are gaijin fantasy tanks with little to no real armor.

  35. The thing about tank battles… You just don’t reverse your tank after a round has been fired.

  36. Did you simulate Iraqi tankers shitting themselves, putting on trainers, and running away?

  37. it was way more one sided in the actual battle because the iraqi vehicles didnt have powered traverse and had to hand crank everything, on top of being export models with less than adequate armor they were also not using modern ammunition. the battle was over before it began

  38. SpoopyPooperDooter

    *Iraqi not Iranian

  39. All this shows once again is Gaijins pathetic Russian bias coping.

  40. There’s a few distinct differences that War Thunder could not portray. For instance, the tank guard regiments were a lot of old Soviet hold-overs for training regiments, and were loaded with a substantial amount of training ammo. There were indications that some rounds simply pancaked against Abrams armor.

    Another note is that 73 Easting was so hectic that the only lossage was friendly fire due to the inclement settings. Courage Under Fire (1996) is a good movie that depicts some of the struggles tankers had to deal with.

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