ABRAMS WORST NIGHTMARE (in video game) | T-72B (War Thunder)

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ABRAMS WORST NIGHTMARE (in video game) | T-72B (War Thunder)

In a more sensual way 🙂

Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/88885/en/

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  1. I like the subtle joke at the end 19:30 clicking on help when the plane was about to crash lmao. Intentional or not I found it quite witty.

  2. (Iin video game) more like no matter what APSFDS irl will fuck an abrams up XD

  3. Abrams: “That T-72B is a nightmare!”
    T-72B: “You fool! This isn’t even my final form!” *evolves into T-90A*

  4. I kill T-72B’s all the time man.

  5. Italian shells: Hi… Bye

  6. Gaijin needs to add the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger into game for some ridiculous anti air capability.

  7. That Soviet-era doctrine of slow reverse speed is hair-brained. I’m glad Putin got rid of that crap

  8. Hey phly how to active sonic speed aircraft?

  9. The day they add the t72bu/t90 will be the day

  10. When is Phly finaly gonna hit 1 million?

  11. Josepi The miner

    T 72 just vibin in the ritz Carlton

  12. Challenge suggestion: Use the Tiny Tim/Uncle Tom/Red Angel and the P.108A 102mm in the original intended anti-ship/boat role. Attempt #33

  13. RIP :type 93

  14. Пламен Георгиев

    No intro again

  15. tfw Phly finally realizes that Russia is the best tank nation KKomrade (for real tho, it is, try change my mind, you ain’t.)

  16. Phly I’m gonna need some convincing to why I grinded all the M1s

  17. TheInsaneMustang

    Please play the p108a series 2 tank hunting in tank rb try #189 or the pbj with the 75mm gun try #62

  18. 1:35 Phly, come on. You got the designation wrong. It’s not the T72 Bravo, it’s the T72 BLYAT

  19. I don’t know if you will find it wired.
    But I am learning how to pronunce English sentences so good from you .

  20. Minnseythebossman 765

    i want to grind for this tank, one of my favourites

  21. Don’t worry, Phly. Us Italians feel the same way about your shell. About any shell, really.


  22. Could you make about this Japanese type 90 , the better One of those

  23. – SmOrGiSh BoRg – haha <3 you Phly

  24. Loopatang's Garage

    in the intro where is everybody

    if you didnt know it was a joke i was talking about his intro song

  25. M1 Abrams eats t 72 for breakfast in reality.
    I would never sit in a t 72 and go against M1 abrams.

  26. Phly, I… I just don’t understand with the new update, Chi-He premium? Why the heck did they add that thing?

  27. PGM-84 phly?

  28. I do love everytime he swears theres a BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT

  29. Another great video. Thanks!

  30. Mikey Kornhauser

    Hey fly can u play as the first tank u got when u started the channel spread the love

  31. IPM1 needs M833

  32. “I’m gonna risk it for a little biscuit” this is so cool man use it mor😂👍🏻

  33. When you were on a palne was that rocket aiming circle some kinda mod or something or do i get when i get big planes?

  34. Sherman Firefly

  35. Hey man. Can you please do a fighter video? Hmm try the seafire mkxvii you never did a video about this plane. PLSSS

  36. Micah van Everdingen

    Can we all have a moment in silence for Type 93 users, they are the real heroes

  37. i got italy, sorry i mean carpathians 4 times in a row once

  38. Phly it would be phunny to see a crocodile hunter type video and you search for a type93 in a mbt and try to get close to it

  39. Jagdpanther-interceptor combo?

  40. Mateusz Gajewski

    Hi phly. Im having a problem in war thunder, i dont know whether its a glitch or a bug but when i apply power/thrust my throttle percentage goes wild, instead of getting 100/wep i get 86% thrust. Do u know anything about this? Btw i’m using a thrustmaaster T-flight hotas 1 for Xbox one. Either way this bug or glitch Has been going on for a month now and i still cant figure out what the cause of this is. In tanks there is no problems, same with ships, but its only helicopters and planes that i have the issue with the thrust and the percentage.

  41. Dayz community be like: Unsubscribe 😛

  42. Eh, It can be the Abrams’s nightmare irl if the crew skilled.

  43. War Thunder WorldWide

    The BackGround music is Neat

  44. Phlip Phlops when?

  45. so many abrams salty fanbois in commets

  46. Thats alot of ERA bricks

  47. You know phlopum whopum is serious about a fight when the serious combat music kicks off.

  48. i like that you added that epic music into the gameplay it makes it even more epc nice one phly

  49. Why is your ping that shitty for about 3 years of your films i’ve seen?

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