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  1. 16:09 ” I dont know Who that guy is” Kills him ” oooops” lmao playing the game right 😂

  2. Stonks-Eternal hi

    I don’t play French I like my Germans , Russians and British

  3. Phly”im going to pounce on him” 0:04

  4. Hey phly I don’t have these vehicles

  5. “3 kills not that many”
    Bruh, 3 kills for me is like a achievement.

  6. Hey phlee how do you like the new computer?

  7. Guys I think it is time to show gaijin that it is time to not spend any money for the game until they realize, they do wrong and we are the customers.

  8. maroel pakoeningrat

    Immagine seeing that tank that Phly was using, was running at you, withe the eyes, that is terrifying

  9. joesiah leof cusi

    7:13 Phly are you asian?

  10. Phlee: “It’s actually me, Dio!”

  11. I do not owe anyone anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  12. Hey Phly i was wondering if you could play the ikv 103 yeet and delete gun?

    Atempt #1

  13. i play sim. it’s 21500 sl to repair the god damn thing there

  14. The Chi-Nu has a new gun sound, you should play it sometime

  15. If you run empty on your autoloader (or about anything with ready rack i guess?) and have ally cap point nearby, make sure to use it! Resupplying makes you load shells straight to autoloader at rate about 4.5 times faster than moving shells by the crew itself inside the tank. Also they do both loading things simultaneously, so you load 5.5 shells in time you normally would load only 1!

  16. B-17 please, thanks

  17. Are you sirious phly? You are publishing the loraine 40 video against poor 6.7 germans? Yeah Balance B****h

  18. Oh god that tigor got mega milked on.

  19. Dear Phly. My mother died of cancer. My younger sister died of cancer. I other sister had her breasts and cervix removed for fear of cancer and will never be able to give birth because of that. I come to watch your videos to relax and forget all the troubles in live for a bit. Why do you have to remind me of all that pain, just for the sake of naming your video? I’m sure you can come up with a better word for that.

  20. RamSLade On Blitz

    That eye decal that’s upside down is so legendary

  21. Phly: 3 kills, not that many
    Me, an average RB player: *intense sobbing*

  22. Thank God for the intro music. I honestly was going sick with these trumpets.

  23. You don’t even need that line up to walk over the Germans, War Thunder balance will guarantee it. That line up just turns it into rape.

  24. 15.59 nice game

  25. Whoa I just didn’t watch the last few vids and Phly became the devil himself? Badass Music evil laughing and a true bully.

  26. The lorraine have the “Maus” syndrome, it’s hard to balance: Absolutely kick ass when down tier, but struggle up tier against vehicles with stabilzers, heat detections or russian stalinium armor.

  27. “We all play too much War Thunder” …. ahem, I’ve never played a single second of War Thunder, I just enjoy your content!

  28. WTF a 6.0 Plane with 4 ..20mm with 1000 rounds and 114 rockets ? And still turns better than my Fw 190 without ordnance !!! Nice balance WT ….

  29. Made the mistake of going to his MySpace

  30. AHA! I’m not a loser! Not like I mained French or anything because I hate my own existence. Oh and getting F4U-7 only to be taken by German AA every goddamn game

  31. 16:10 “… on I don’t know who this is.” Wait a minute. Rewind back to the kill message, FF back to the current kill, check the name again. Yep. 😀

  32. War thunder need to take a leaf out of Dices book with BF4 and add “ASSIST, COUNTS AS KILL”

  33. That tank is a good DELIVER OF BAGUETTES

  34. Best ground pound
    me262 with the 4 30’s : “Am I a joke to you?”

  35. How i get your sticker on war thunder

  36. 4:58 perfectly cut XD

  37. Not gonna lie, this video was pretty phunny

  38. Intro: *”Germany suffers”*

  39. Cancer? Non! *FRAN-CER*

  40. Can someone reply to this comment when they add T-90 in the game? Thanks

  41. That is the most beautiful thing in the world that tank

  42. Its not even good, I one shoot it easy

  43. 2:44
    PFHly: Jagdtiger


  44. I just remembered this one up tier I got (6.0 – 7.0) I was trying to get side shots with my tiger E and I saw my teams tiger 2 get flanked by this giggly eyed amx-m24

  45. With your discord how do i like verify stuff and such and be able to see annoucments and stuff?

  46. 120mm centauro plssss

  47. LOL imagen aying and looking at that face coming at you 😂😂😂😂

  48. Heyyy phly why nkt make a custom mode wher you lead a batalion of m22’s atacking a batalion of MAUS tanks 😂😂😂 or a custom battel where you play as MOUS and youre team shkuld protect you lok a 10.0 line up or somthing

  49. Puts cute as hell eyes on a tanks

    Horror increased lvl 100

  50. Historically accurate Gaming

    big brain

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