ABSOLUTE MADNESS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

It's time for absolute madness in World Tanks!


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  1. Strelock youssef

    Sorry but they re idiots

  2. I hate those ELC even 90s… When I play a light tank they are my worst nightmare… Ebr 75? Just wait 2min and he drives against a wall and dies, LP 432? Outspot and outplay him but an ELC… They are literally invisible and for some bloody reason they always hit me with every single shot from any distance…. Hate them to the guts

  3. i’m still grinding this on free play , .. can only handle so many battles of this thing at a time lol

  4. 6:40 when the arty was the only one to nail the guy on the move I laughed out loud.

  5. looks like a fun 1

  6. td campfest

  7. After today’s stream you might need to make a part 2 haha!

  8. 4 useless idiots in the corner indeed!

  9. Ah yes, my most played and most enjoyed T8 vehicle; i absolutely love this tank to bits given it’s overall size and great turret design despite it’s minor flaws. It’s not an ELC Even 90 but it comes pretty close and that’s what makes it good for me. Also it’s very hard to get a really good game in it but if your even moderately compotent it’s a great pick for it’s small size with just enough benefits to be enjoyable.

  10. Bad TD play yes, double handicap by low skilled crews? Dunno. Try comparing a 0-1 skill crew against 5 skilled crew in my garage… getting a sighting window takes several seconds with a reticule bloom the size of the screen. miss. miss. miss. raged against in chat by others. LOL

  11. HWK – a cardboard box full o eyeballs.

  12. Gandhi has Denounced you

    I’m at the tier 7 German light tank, I want to make my way to the leopard.
    should I go to the light or medium tank for tier 8

  13. Hey QuickyBaby I know you only do WoT videos but I was wondering if you’d be interested in checking out New World? I think it’d be fun to watch you play it idk

  14. I hated that tank so much.

  15. Liêm Thanh Nguyễn

    Am telling u, german LT need buff. Speed or SP armor or view rank for dmg. Plz something!!!

  16. Idk how you stay positive when you got 4 completely useless players in a corner.

  17. My life as a scout, light up the enemy and nobody shoots them.

  18. Those TD’s were absolutely useless. How do you miss so many easy targets with such high pen?! It’s a TD shooting gallery dream scenario lol

  19. Hahaha! This is another day of World of Tank for all of us.

  20. Confused as f”, – with who don’t know what to do, So sorry for all your hard work for Naught – Best wishes “QuickyBaby’ – Peace, Love and Light…

  21. pretty standard approach for WOT’s

  22. Quicky Im not too sure where you play but this is pretty standard when I play

  23. JFC, those TDs couldn’t find their asses with both hands, a map and a flashlight. I think my blood pressure rose a little just watching this.

  24. Just Say NO, to Crew2.0!

  25. Taking down enemies is important, but I think resetting the cap was a bigger priority

    • He had 2 low health tanks in his sights. He had enough time to finish them, keeping the idiots alive, and still reset cap. He is actually starting to move that way when the no skill spots him.

  26. Gunfighter Philippines

    I luv this crazy games.

  27. I would call it the retardroutine.

  28. This replay sums up my issues with TD’s really well. Many players think “I have to find a hiding spot and shoot from there.”, in most cases they forget that this position has to be able to make an impact. They tend to only start being useful when their team has to retreat and already took massive damage.

    This is not an issue from the game however, it is a wrong mindset by players. The TD’s can be highly influential and I think it is one of the best classes to get a constant high win rate when you are engaging the front with them. If you play them aggressively, your matchmaking is likely to give the enemy a TD player that does not participate early in the game, while you do, making your team having one more player effectively.

  29. Every match on xbox plays like this.

  30. That’s not the corner of confusion. That was the corner of stupidity.
    That is what happens when players pay their way forward and end up with tier 8 tanks without any clue about how to use them.
    Most players don’t spend much time at lower tiers where it is easier to learn how to play. When you first reach tier 8, 9 and 10, it is hard to be a benefit for the team of you have never been interested in learning how to play but only to get to a certain tier level in a tank as quickly as possible.

  31. Gaming with Pranzal

    M40/43 was right ig.Hehe really 4 useless idiots

  32. 0:14 Tier eight human light tank?

  33. oooh it’s these games you want every game – all the good shots, the frustations when you miss, the hope of comeback, the big descisions etc – nice replay QB!

  34. Which tank is better? Is-7 or object 277

  35. Average Stegosaurus

    I like the hwk 12, i know theres better light tanks out there but its still great when sitting in bushes. Alpha damage can be great when the enemys are sitting still.
    Im going for ru251, its seems somewhat interesting.

  36. That is now what the normal games of tanks is like now, so many bad players who have no clue what to do.

  37. WG must hate german lights or something

  38. this are the type of players that complying about the game

  39. Stop making excuses for fucking terrible players.

  40. So many WoT players display incomprehensible depths of stupidity and ignorance. Also it helps if you aim completely in this game, RNG is bad enough without making it worse yourself.

  41. Mattias Ronnberg

    Usless 1/3 camping all game. 1 or 2 sure

  42. MTD_ TankingElite

    Saw this live on Twitch…that Arty made my Day xD

  43. Mohammad Forghani

    Sorry QB. If I try to see your content i may again try wot again and because of pay to win thing it is better not to see its content for so

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