ABSOLUTE MASSACRE Part 2 ft.Panther A (War Thunder Ground Forces)

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  2. Gijian hates America when they move up the jumbo 76 that’s bullshit that’s all America has to defend its self from fing panthers bulllssshhhhiiiiit jumbo 76 down to 5.7

  3. when a german tank can feel like a german tank in warthunder

  4. i play warthunder for the german tanks, wait, just killing m18s with the wirblewind

  5. My reason? I love flying for 5 minutes only to die instantly by someone I can’t even see.

  6. Cock and ball torture daily

  7. You see Phly, I already _had_ a VPN at school, especially so I could watch you unblocked! Then the school, (who monitors my computer) found I had one, and put me on probationary enrollment. Sad times.

  8. Can you kill abrams with T-34 ?

  9. “We’re just gonna defend the rear”
    What is this? prison?

  10. Soviet T60 for a real challenge

  11. Waffenträger E-100

    Jumbo op

  12. Panther cant do much in 6.7 especially when enemies are T29 T30 T34 and each of them x2

  13. Don’t sleep on the Panther G & F man, they have some perks. Also, more Panther spawns.

  14. German best armor is Allied/Soviet bad aim…

  15. Play the PZ IV H with the me109 messerschmitt. Pretty please phly.

  16. Attempt#52, play the endangered species of the Churchill black prince.

  17. Watches this at work with out vpn

  18. Luck: over one million

  19. @PhlyDaily most vpn’s don’t support proxies. The connection needs to be direct. I may be wrong about Nord, but I tested vpn through proxy using ExpressVPN, IPVanish, PrivateInternet Access, none worked. OpenVPN and Tor does support connections through proxies though. But then again, TOR is not VPN. YourFreedom or other tunneling services can be used to browse through proxies. But your-freedom’s freedom depends on OpenVPN settings & the speed of ones’ Internet connection.

  20. Freaking 11 kills?!?!? I dont get that many kills even in arcade!!!

  21. Haydn Shepherd-Oates

    I hate the panther and this is why

  22. Sweet game, welcome to my current br, playing without using premium since last 2 years maybe. Can you try the Panther F?

  23. I wish I faced players as stupid as this…

  24. Good tank but very bouncy turret. It’s almost as bad as the Italian tankettes…

  25. 1:30 finally i can get unbanned from the 30 discords i trolled

    power falls into the wrong hands

  26. >playing 4.7-5.7 br
    Aha. Sure. But you need to try this panther vs 6.3-6.7 tanks. That’s where the pain starts. Try to play vs T-44, T29/30/34, Centurion, FV4202, Kaernarvon, etc. On 6.3-6.7 panther just can’t penetrate nobody. But your enemy shoot just in a front plate and kill panther with one shot.
    This tank can be good only playing on lower br. Until it meets enemies with more IQ that potato has. Panther can be easily killed in a sides, there is only 40mm armor. But enemies just rushing head on and doesn’t give a fuck.

  27. you should revisit the Ho 229

  28. Play the M1A1 next phly. Pls.

  29. Lol imagine the kids class reaction when his head phones come out by mistake and all they here is phly say let them know your a phloppy whoppy fan.

  30. Play the Sherman variants.

  31. No Gramercy, no regerts!

  32. Can you sell plans and tanks in the game

  33. Intrstellar soundtrack??????


    Strong kitty tough kitty reliable kitty deadly kitty WELCOME TO GERMANY

  35. I’m a floppy woppy fan!!!!!

  36. What happened to old intro song?

  37. Tiger E/H next for the old feels

  38. Lemmesee Yourwarface

    I honestly love the vietnam map. One of my favs in the whole game.

  39. I am currently grinding out the first panther and I nearly have it, im hyped

  40. Panther F Plx try no. 8


  42. Ethan ThePotatoGod

    I just started playing war thunder

  43. Max Súarez Müller

    Driving through the Vietnam map is worse then climbing in air RB.

  44. I’m currently playing the comet with sabot and I was rooting for hom

  45. “4 Minutes of driving” – complaining about “big maps”. Meanwhile at Rank VI // VII –> extreme small maps because “everyone” wants small maps.

    No we dont want small maps – we want Maps for high distance fighting @ Rank V and higher -> at least in Realistic + Simulator Mode.

  46. *phly please play tank sim mode now ur always playing realistic mode*

  47. That was really good.

  48. New Naval forces, where is FloatDaily?

  49. Hans Zimmer?

  50. Reasin to play wt is that one match where i get hella kills and other 10 where i dont do shit

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