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Playlist –
War Thunder NEW British Tanks!


  1. first view +PhlyDaily

  2. second view :v

  3. that car does not look fast

  4. guillem grau freixas

    4 lel

  5. +PhlyDaily XD btw can u give me some advice on recording wt

  6. 107 views :D

  7. what do yuo need to play all the tanks

  8. +PhlyDaily im a huge fan! Love from Brunei

  9. +PhlyDaily Opening Song please??? I love it

  10. Jeremiah “Dodger” Hellam

    Early viewer.

  11. the changed it BR to 1.3 already

  12. plz drive the reverse gun TD XD

  13. Is this the dev server or was the update released?

  14. Drive the centurion MK10 pls

  15. Play the new T-44-122, yes a t-44 with a 122mm gun.

  16. Tin's-model workshop

    I’m the 100 view!! I feel special

  17. PotatoMasher Productions

    Too op, plz nerf

  18. uhm, its “absolute” not absoulte :P

  19. The_slayer_player: Thy_slayer

    do A39 vs T95

  20. Napoleon Blownaparte


  21. anyone else feeling a custom battle race on Poland? F1 style? with the
    T17E2? eh? eh? :P

  22. 1.3? You kidding? This thing needs to be 2.0 or higher.

  23. I know no one will give a fucking shit, but, I just have to – 393rd VIEW

  24. F2H-2 = F2HIV, but T17 is love? WUT

  25. Play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  26. Hektonian TheInternetDweller

    Fly the new Ki-44-II with the 20mm for the Honor of the Emperor!

  27. You should do an event with T17E2’s only. Line up on ridges overlooking
    each other and then charge at each other firing away

  28. epic…..

  29. britt bias!

  30. I hate the word eradicate because it reminds me of ratticate!
    I have no life.


  32. You should do a video on the comet

  33. can you fly sim again?

  34. noob

  35. instead of it being op it could just be under tiered lol

    If only the US SPAA quad 50s get this kind of match making.

  36. These tanks are going to need some serious fucking battle rating
    reconsiderations. Playing as british tanks I was one shotting everything I
    saw… absolutely stupid.

  37. Oh! I thought this was war thunder not fucking Call of Duty!!

  38. Jolly good balance, chaps. We can bloody murder everyone and be back in
    time for tea and biscuits.

  39. I felt sorry for you going through spending golden eagles on buying every
    single British tank……then I remembered you have unlimited golden

  40. Yeah I think AA tanks ruin light tanks gameplay, especially the Kugelblitz

  41. phly, play the matilda pls… is it as op as in WOT or not

  42. 50th

  43. 200k congrats!

  44. Not OP at all… -.-

  45. MIG 17!!!!!!

  46. It’s like the Cunningham in WOT they are both so fucking OP, I got 10 kills
    with the Cunningham today right before watching this video. HAHAHAHA :)


  48. British .50cal’s are op

  49. sterling mk 3 and churchill!!!

  50. How do you fail your driving test? Did you hit someone?

  51. Ese t17 me esta dando ya serios dolores de cabeza en las partidas, esta
    demasiado op.

  52. that was awesome!!

  53. thx flx it already got nerfed to 1.3……

  54. Jacob Frazier-Martinez

    I’m getting those Call of Duty 2 feels.

  55. Are we able to research the tanks now or not yet?

  56. Phly, play with the Archer tank it´s an unusual tank and it might be funny

  57. Make a vid were u waterland ur fave planes they dont insta explode now

  58. this updat broke the game balance…. Mig-17 AND this? WHAT?

  59. Today is the official day of this tank ?? XD All the youtuber we uploaded a
    good match playing with this XD We feel like proplayer ( or hardcore
    hackers ) hahahahaha Like from Spain dude ;)

  60. is it a plane a Car a tank a bus an boat wee dont know

  61. David “madindie” Dew

    Bloody hell Phly, the “pocket rocket”. Decimation!

  62. i like how they think raising this things BR by .3 will make any difference

  63. Yet again it seems the don’t even test before release. I am curious if they
    even have a game designer.

  64. Time for War Thunders first “Sea Battle” !
    Pt 76s vs Pt 76s on water !
    Map: Kursk, at the big river near (i/9).
    Rules: Only HE shells

  65. @PhlyDaily, I have a request but not for a vehicle. With the interactive
    terrian I want to see a custom game where you level a map!!!

  66. dafuq so OP lol


  68. “spaa”

  69. I’d love to eradicate cancer.

  70. PHLY, I have a series idea for you! You should have a Saturday Storytime
    series were you tell us various stories from your childhood on Saturday or
    someday during the week. I love hearing your stories like your failed
    driving license and would love to hear more and learn more about you!
    Please help get this comment to Phly. Thx!

  71. This tank doesn’t fit the British way of accuracy does it?
    Although, it’s an American vehicle, with American guns, so…
    British accuracy in War Thunder < 'Merican accuracy! More lead!

  72. You don’t need to be more accurate, you just need to send more lead down
    range. Because who needs accuracy, when a tsunami of lead enters your
    target’s body. God bless ‘Merica!

  73. Phly do the pure beauty – churchill gun carrier!
    God shave the queen!

  74. Too-Knee-shuh

  75. if 2 MG’s are good then 4 on the M16 is god mode.

  76. How do you swap your crew around? Haven’t played in quite awhile, but Brits
    on the ground may get me back

  77. Croatian Pranksters

    why cant we reserch the tier 2….now thats just wrong….they give us fu*
    *** up matchmaker and then we cant reserch other tanks …..

  78. The Tunisia map remind me on a mission in CoD 2

  79. Lol!!! look at his preset! EMMAHGASH!!!

  80. play the A34 Comet next

  81. Yeah best tier I vehicle xD short burst and kill

  82. Play British Archer (butt bait 2.0) ;)

  83. maybe some epick game with T17E2 vs first vrersions of He111?

  84. The OPness is real
    Well, the T17 also was equipped with a 37 mm gun + a .30 cal, and with a 75
    howitzer gun, that could be more balanced, you know xD

  85. I just got 9 kills with this beast

  86. What the hell is this?!

  87. fail driving test but get a pilots licence.

  88. This and the Tetrarch are my new favourite tanks :3

  89. I got 7 Kills in 5 minutes in this vehicle, I’m a below average tank RB

  90. PT-76 is now working in water !!!!!!!!!!

  91. I’m still waiting for the day they release the sdkfz 234 Puma with the
    choices of 20mm autocannon, the long 50mm cannon, the short 75mm cannon, or
    the 88mm cannon with thin halfturret and limited ammo capacity.

  92. +PhlyDaily plz play the spg that has the gun mounted backwards on the

  93. I’m in your mums car :)

  94. “I’m in my mums car, broom broom” haha!!

  95. Good play

  96. “….That was f*cking rapage…” Lull

  97. phlydaily turkey shoot

  98. My second favourite ww2 machine 3 T17E23

  99. Death by Poly… I was your first kill… just my luck…

  100. They increased its BR to 1.3

  101. un mec qui a du gout rouge ou vert?

    this thing id so op

  102. PLAY AS MOMA MATILDA “desert queen”british tank” PLS

  103. Im not playing war thunder tanks until they nerf this cuz im still T1/2 in
    german tanks :/

  104. Its better than saying “I’m going to penetrate everyone”

  105. take out the 3inch gun carrier you can do it

  106. lol at the beginning so many kills xD

  107. NASCAR!

  108. pownedge

  109. Since the PT-76 floats now do a custom battle ON THE WATER! PT-76s vs
    PT-76s! Would be absolutely hilarious! (Although I’m not sure what map
    would work best) You decide that part.

  110. T17e2 op


  112. Do the conqueror next pls

  113. I’m from Tunisia u pronounced it right

  114. this remembers me of that mission in cod2, where you have to escape a
    village in tunisia using a 222 armored car

  115. not OP at all ;)

  116. How 2 grind 101

  117. jajajaajaja love to hear phlyDaily speaking spanish
    saludos desde españa

  118. Take out the Archer backwards derp tank

  119. Eradicate illiteracy, me fail english? That’s unpossible!

  120. Does anyone know how to get to maps like Berlin on arcade because I only
    ever get Poland

  121. holy shit ha

  122. Phly the bad thing is that it has low armor its weak

  123. So much better at killing tanks than planes lel

  124. Well I found out what I’m going to spam now

  125. What’s kind of funny is that the Browning M2 HB was originally designed as
    an anti-tank rifle (back in 1918) although it never really served in this
    role as it wasn’t adopted until well after WWI had ended. That thing is
    still a monster even to this day, though.

  126. OP MUCH =/………..

  127. Inb4 BR raised


  128. Tier I derp-a-thon.

  129. Tiger please

  130. It’s pronounced TOO-NEE-JUH

  131. Outdoors Victoria (Ben)

    do a top speed run on the test drive map with the T17

  132. Can you do the Churchill 3-in gun carrier? Please

  133. Play the PT-76 on a water map. It floats now

  134. how did you switch out the gunner at 4:32?

  135. Imma eradicate deez nutz!!!!!

  136. Churchill Gun carrier (3inch plz)

  137. TOO OP

  138. This car just destroys everything its so dumb

  139. I would say “I would eradicate poverty.”

  140. +PhlyDaily Try out the new english Doom Turtle! greetings from chile m8

  141. First games of British tanks for me today and that thing is too O.P

  142. Merica???????

  143. XD, past tense of an adjective…thx phly, you are awesome


  145. Pure fun! i remember my old days on M13

  146. I feel dirty just watching this. Poor kids just getting into warthunder are
    like “Yaay Im playing tanks Im… dead” T_T

  147. jeremy van der mast

    take out the bum-gun a.k.a the British archer

  148. dislike for you sir.such blaze use of the word rape is pretty ignorant. it
    is nothing to be scoffed at or used jokingly

  149. Play the conqueror next please

  150. 3inch Gun Carrier

  151. The comet or challenger!!!! Please

  152. intro music

  153. This gameplay can be summed up in two words: Fuckin Savage.

  154. gota do the tiller!

  155. when i watch a tank video i say do u even fly bro then i question why im
    watching the video

  156. Phly do a custom battle in which you have a high tier American AAA with 50
    cals vs tier one tanks.

  157. phly is hungry for kills at the first battle

  158. Lol I herd that phily, scanning for Mexicans?

  159. I love this car, there are many like it, but this one is mine!

  160. nerf INCOMING

  161. Phly, it seems really slow. Is your upgraded? All the prerelease info
    seemed to say it would be a lot faster than this. Nice vid by the way 🙂
    Its like a lawnmower!!

  162. That_Guy_42 o (Noah H)

    Isnt this essentially a more armored M13?

  163. phly is at home playing war thunder and I’m at school taking fucking mid

  164. Eradicate in a nice sentence?

    I will eradicate all the degenerate plebs in my nation 🙂 -Adolf Hitler 2k44


  165. It’s pronounced arado-cate

  166. Those little things are a bit OP I hope they make more armor cars in the
    future though. xD
    I’ve found the soviet machine gun truck / 4M GAZ-AAA to be fund for cutting
    through all the new paper armor low tier brit tanks running around too.
    Normally it cant get through stuff.

  167. I wanna get the German Churchill, i just started playing tanks again.

  168. 20 T17E2 VS MAUS

  169. you should so Video series called (From rags to riches) were you start from
    Tier 1 and Start Climbing the tec tree

  170. You actually can defeat a Pz.II with a .50 cal. It’s his big brothers the
    Pz.III & IV that need cannon fire to kill.

  171. tunisia its pronunced like “tsundere” but with the “nisia”

  172. do a video on a 3 of these vs the maus

  173. you have “horrible” and “horrendo”

  174. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    op af

  175. this is not op, the british armor is too pathetic

  176. you should do another play with some tanks including the tiger II 10.5 lot
    of tanks have been nerfed including this one. kinda sucks. would be
    interesting to see you try again with the new stats and against all the new
    tier 5 tanks

  177. Do the Churchill Gun Carrier! You can kill everyone with your shear beauty!

  178. 19:07 “i can breathe a little bit” says the guy who used op tank and
    murdered enemy tanks…

  179. T17E2 stronk

  180. petion to officially rename the T17E2 to the TrollCar sign here:

  181. play t-44-122

  182. how do you swap crewman around in the tank like that?

  183. Can we see some Archer TD please?

  184. Phly getting personal as fuck about his relationship with his father


  186. Matilda

  187. muchas gracias esta muy chetado

  188. The funny thing is that the T17 has more armour than Both the A13 and
    Tetrarch XD

  189. better than skoda ?

  190. Phly was like Another one,another one,another one,another one,……. is
    that one alive “Dead”.

  191. Alex Ward (DWSolaris)

    I have to say, holy shit this car is AMAZING

  192. phly and his phlymobile are away!!!

  193. you simply can’t reload that fast 2 0.50cal machine guns ;p
    am in the air force btw and i have worked with 0.50cal AA guns and with an
    oerlikon 35 mm AA gun
    love your vids btw <3

  194. I don’t think it’s that OP, if the flakpanzer had the same speed it be just
    as powerful.

  195. as in “eradicate hatred and violence from this world”

  196. Juega el AAA de40mm

  197. Phly on your next combo you should do the conqueror and attacker fb1

  198. Play churchill or face Churchill

  199. Noooooooo!!!!! This thing is going to get nerfed when I get back from
    vacations!!!!! CRAP

  200. every freakin game is under 10 minutes i wonder why noone complains??

  201. For those who say British op
    1. Low armor
    2. Slow speed
    3. Tight crews
    4. Low accuracy

  202. Plz teh Cromwell plz

  203. What’s the past tense of “Horrible” really phly? It is exactly the same
    word as it is in english come on! LMAAO

  204. This turned into a point and click adventure game

  205. Needs to be nerfed

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