ABSOLUTE MASSACRE | The Deadliest SHERMAN (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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ABSOLUTE MASSACRE | The Deadliest SHERMAN (War Tanks Gameplay)


  1. OTOMATIC !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. (8 year old me inside) AMMO AND GUN LOOKS LIKE A (DICK ffs I had to edit this three times)

  3. Can I get my fucking money back I hate this fucking game now i know the truth! your promoting, making money off it, it and I balm and hold you just as much as accountable as that lying, dishonest, cheating money-hunger piece of shit company you love so much!!!

  4. I don’t know what the name of your dog’s was but your dogs in a B17/Pe8 catch by a cat in a Fw 190 A 8

  5. “Russian Bias blyat” with a T-26 taking down a tiger in the background

    I will actually buy the merch if you do?

  6. BC refrence…

  7. Just a Sherman jumbo and Will Smith saying “ahhahh thats hot, that is hot”

  8. Damnit, almost got a vid on my birthday, just a day later and boom

  9. A Russian bias shirt

  10. Try out the M36B1

  11. Pe 8 with tactical nuke incoming as writtings

  12. How tfk is that thing lower than the tiger

  13. Can or how can you cancel repairing?

  14. You could do a shirt with “Rip’n Repperonis”, a picture of the “Bagel Panzer” with a bagel for a turret, or one of those Italian “Pizza delivery tanks” with one of those roof mounted pizza delivery cones delivery cars normally have.

  15. War Thunder is a rip off give me your money!!! And I really care about you loser just as long as you give me your money!! that what I want on your next shirt!!

  16. Play AC.IV and Boomerang for the Aussies
    Attempt 2
    T-shirt suggestion
    IS-7 with text above saying
    Ultimate Russian bias

  17. I love this game hay war thunder is up-tried me like 9 out of 10 times could you ask them to just go ahead and tell them to up-tried me all the fucking time that is just sooo fucking fun!!! I want to help them make as much money as posable!!! I would love to find one of the makers of this game and just beat the living shit out of him until I felt I got my money worth back!!! Lying cheating crooked motherfuckers!!

  18. Alex loves Physics

    Make a shirt with pictures of sprockets and then at the bottom it says: Tank Sprockets, World’s Most Bullet Proof Armor. or something like that.

  19. that soo great I just shot a Russian t-34 10 7 times with an Italian heat shell that does 100mm of pen and he still killed me love this fucking game with the overpowered Russian tanks!!! why have the inductor int the fucking game if it don’t work??? why??? let add these shitty Italian tanks and give the low lvl tanks the worst fucking shell in the game sooo it take people 10 times longer to unlock the top of the tree so we make more money!!! I wish i never ever heard of war thunder!!!

  20. M10 with “No Armor best Armor”

  21. That turret looks so janky with the hull broadside

  22. Request: do a Diccer Maxx video and rebalance the jumbo cancer.

  23. Why upsetti get the spaghetti?

  24. If i had a dollar for every time i bounce a tigers 88 with a Sherman I would be rich

  25. Smallest tank being dropped like a bomb by a B-29

  26. The guy that came first didnt kill a single tank hahahaha

  27. Make a shirt mark 2: soooo honorabaale

  28. Shirt would be plane (you) crashing into another with title: “So honorableeee!!”

  29. Sillious Slicous Chico Sluttious

    At 3:55 *Hachiman* plays War Thunder with *Totsuka* ? ? ?

  30. When are you gonna release the next ACE 7 videos ?

  31. a italian command and conqueror 20mm car with the the guy being on top of it and saying when your upsetti get some spagetti

  32. Free abrams shirt!

  33. OMG… an effective French thing!
    Where is my anti effective French thing surrendering jokes booklet ?!

  34. Some clean kills how many one shots was it ?

  35. >kills the Churchill with engine-fire trap
    What a villain

  36. Phly: I love this thing

  37. i dont understand why this tank turret can bounce apcbc with 217mm pen


  39. Larry Kelbaugh Jr.

    You know, I’d like to see the modified Sherman from the movie ‘Kelly’s Heros’ with the longer barrel! LOL! Maybe slightly increased accuracy & range!? LOL! I just think it would be cool to see that in the game! Or, at least the slight modification available!

  40. Get 13 Kills and no deaths in a match and still come in at 2nd place cause of reasons?


    Ey Komrade Phly the shirt design should be “(Countrys name) Bias” that should be fun

  42. IT’S ALL LIES!
    The VC Firefly is 110% the absolute *BEST* Sherman ever made.
    It will shoot through 5 FL10 with one round and kill a few IS-6’s just before tea time!

  43. 13:59 i didnt know you watched Trailer Park Boys

  44. Italian meatball launcher or an m22 lol charging at top tier

  45. free abrams, free FPE and parts on the shirt

  46. How about a shirt with 1 bomber or fighter down low and 10 enemy fighters above diving down with the caption “mine!” Coming from each cockpit. War thunder in a nutshell!

  47. Phly:No problem
    W T : *I Agree* hahahahahahaha

  48. Repubilek der Verenigde Nederlanden

    Muhh Abrams T-Shirt, make it happen.

  49. Hey Phly, how about a Huey episode with full ‘Murica loadout? I mean with UH-1B (or C) with 40 mm turret and full rocket pods or rocket pods+gunpods.

    Edit: it would be a nice T-shirt idea, a picture with this chopper, guns blazing and a text bellow with ‘MURICA!!!! ^_^

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