ABSOLUTE MONSTER OF A TANK | AMX-50 Foch (War Thunder Tanks)

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  1. oh fork THWOMP

  2. Phly I love the channel I’ve been subscribed you for a little while I have a question why don’t you play crossover just curious keep on rocking brother

  3. “Foe-sh” not Fosh

  4. The Tired Dad Tech

    Guile’s theme goes with EVERYTHING

  5. phly i have a challenge for you, you need to go find some friends with the fotch and play a whole game side by side covering friendlies by effectively making a wall out of your tanks i hope to see this in a video, have a good day phly


  7. Blackwood Security

    should’ve opened with, “Nothing much, hows the foch are you?”

  8. This thing makes me really foching angry ingame and really foching angry even watching it. It’s so broken and undertiered.

  9. Chieftain sabo modified =320 ?

  10. Should be 7.7 but watch me get shunned

  11. The foch is insane in war thunder and wot

  12. Like the plane logo better

  13. > Uses Foch
    > Use Guile theme

    *angery cat face*

  14. The Speed

  15. Fuckin street fighter music.

  16. Secret option D. All of the above.

  17. Wiwela franch

  18. Phly, plz play Italian premium tonks

  19. DictatorMan Jones

    What hardware do you have in your current PC, Phly?

  20. *_Those frenchies know they baggets._*

  21. New gun sounds are depressing

  22. Kiithnaras Ashaa

    Your bushes look like a beret. +1 Baguettes

  23. Inshrektor Gadget

    Was in my Ho-Ri(AB) and encountered a Foch at wicked close range. I had a Leopard nipping at my rear, so I had already given up on living through that. Took the time to explore the front armor of said Foch. I found ONE place. Still could not hit. kurwa.

  24. make it 7.7 id say 8.0 even more balanced))))))))))

  25. FOCH THIS…

  26. ofc it is amazing against the germans! they suck! fight some real enemys next time!

  27. shittaklie mushrooms

    the helldiver is op now plz play it before it gets fixed I got 2 bv in 5 seconds

  28. WTF is all this tank bullshit phly?

  29. In my opinion the armor is more scary :/

  30. Abdullah Al Jhmani

    Hold on, if the FOCH verses the T28 or T95 in a long ally way with no way out… who would win?

  31. I have noticed a lack of German tank love, so I propose that you get yourself a tiger h1 and show those enemies what you can do!

  32. 哈哈哈,最后的二人转

  33. Its FOCHing amazing!!


  35. I guess you could say… they got foch’d by the bush.

  36. Use Hesh on the cupolas and the job is done

  37. general housenka

    Baguette bias

  38. Magoch can penetrate 300mm of armour phly 😉

  39. I’m most scared of the speed…how quickly can this beast of a tank get over the map

  40. Hey Phlydaily, two questions, well one is more of, a warning…

    Anyways, 1. When is the new emblem being released? I used the link and bought a small pack of GE.

    2, You are LUCKY the AVRE didn’t shoot. At 100m it can still pen the weird area of your gun mantlet.

  41. what a dance ?

  42. foch es podegoso!!!

  43. Aaaand this is why I said we need APAT in the vlog video..

  44. When a french goes around saying Foch you??

  45. Лев Жмыхов

    It’s fair and balanced. FAIR AND BALANCED LOL ^^

  46. And here we see phly’s mating dance ritual

  47. ciohodaru daniel

    Foch is garbage

  48. ciohodaru daniel

    One shot straight to the maching gun cupolla and bad armor at laterals T 95 is way better even if is the slowest

  49. 66,666 views.

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