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  1. wait…if it’s a no phly zone, that means you can’t be there

  2. OddballtheRighteous

    Theres a small cut of Red Army Choir music @ 0:24 seconds, does anyone know the name of that song? Thanks!

  3. My OCD got triggered by the de-synch of the radar dish spinning vs the radar display scanning… Those should be aligned, ain’t it???

  4. You know the game sucks, when a fucking 10mm skinned AA vehicle fits the Meta better then a Challenger MBT

    who wasnts to seee it

  6. Cheeki breeeki i v Tunguske!!!

  7. Alexander McLucas

    Did you know you can turn off the radar and the dish folds down…….but then again you already knew it from the dev server

  8. Game is broken lol

  9. Get the cancer with the cancer

  10. Gaijin hack softver? Communist suka mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 2K22 Tunguska

  12. that intro was fuckin’ blyatiful

  13. humvee avenger

  14. There should be a feature that allows you to low ride

  15. They’re probably going to put SEAD missiles on helicopters, therefore basically invalidating radar based SPAA.

  16. Does it trigger anyone els that the radar faces the opposite direction to the one on the HUD

  17. to get the Adidas upgrade u need to work in potato field for 5 days

  18. No Phly zone? But.. you were there, so… Paradox?

  19. Is Boris blyat xD

  20. I don’t even play the game, Phly’s video editing is simply amazing

  21. how to get PhlyDaily special logo

  22. Wait for it… Wehraboos are coming!!!!

  23. So Can the US get the Stryker IM-SHORAD(Interim Maneuver-Short-Range Air Defense systems) now?

  24. WTF i think the Air Spawn from the Helis are bad now :d over 250m high and you will die instantly

  25. Copper need missile jamming system
    So do tank and aircraft

  26. OMG, i did not play WT for so long. It really suprised me to see that my old clan WEAG is still alive and kicking.

  27. Grab Vodka without Pickles and Brown bread…

    That’s why people aren’t crazy about Tungushka.

  28. 6:34 yaiks

  29. Hello *CHUNGUKSA* that’s a nice radar you’ve got there. It’d be a shame if something were to *_HARM_* it.

  30. 2:22 *no mayonnaize?*

  31. 4ichpich

    Russias best SPG’s are the AA vehicles

  32. Nobody but warthunder knows how to ruin their own endgame with horrible imbalance.

  33. CTTC -ChinToka's Tactical Crap

    Tunguska the new ZSU-57-2 for high tier… good job Gaijin, good job unbalancing the game even more. We all thought that would’nt be possible, but you proved us wrong again!


  35. Does that radar pick up ground vehicles or just air? Also does Chungusta show up on reg radar? Not sure if it jams them or not.. What can I say? Im new at this lol. I dont think I would take that thing to a tank fight

  36. Rip US Air Superiority . a
    and then they at Anti Radiation Missiles, and Pew , Meta shifting again and again .

  37. Stealth Aircraft and Helicopters? Soon? (or stealth mechanics)

  38. Tunguska daily

  39. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville


    When will you play the T-80U tho?

  40. Why even use radar lock when you can use Phly-aim-hacks 😀 God damn I wish I could aim missiles that well.

  41. blatiful

  42. Big Chungus-ka

  43. ariete (p) pls?


  45. Great, now everyone else is going to get dunked on by russian heli’s all while not being able to fly their own.

  46. Imagine getting murked by this thing in the leopard 2 and then getting teabagged

  47. giving atgms to aaa…..

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