Abusing the NEW META || Big Tungus (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: Slick Plays

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Abusing the NEW META || Big Tungus (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

•Thank you all watching!


  1. Gen. Omar Bradley

    Bug Tungus is the absolute unit

  2. Em i really the only one who would use the Tunguska as an AA and not a TD?

  3. I love the tunguska but despise how everybody calls it “big tungus” ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  4. Ah a fellow War fan

  5. greasy intro

  6. This thing… is NOT OK

  7. Air kill compilation on the Tungulska please 🙂

  8. sliiiiiiiiiiiick sherman lineup pleeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeee love u

  9. how to look like an 80’s porn star by Slickbee.

  10. Yes! SP increase. There is no CAS anymore

    • Good. CAS is 100 times more effective in WT when compared with ‘real life’. And getting revenge killed as your 5 minutes work to sneak up on someone, then they come back and get you? Almost as bad as WoT and gold ammo

    • Christian Blase Adams

      Antony Borlase not at all. Cas is more useful IRL. Gaijin literally negated all aircraft with the Tunguska. Giving shitty Russian players this overpowered BS vehicle.

    • Christian Blase Adams “overpowered” it is very easy to play around. The new radar mechanics mean SPAAGs have to sit in the open to get locks and can’t target anything flying low. Use your brain and you will have zero trouble.

  11. stacey d'agostino

    You look so Italian here

  12. That thing ether need to be removed from the game, fix the missiles how they have to be lock on to air only or to add other spaa similar like this to other countries

  13. Slick I know all the new shiny stuff is cool and all but have you played the leo 1 recently? Idk if it is just my luck recently or what but I have pretty much only been getting uptiers with all the Leo A1A1 L/44 and T-55 AM spam. Give it a shot, all 7.7 and gepard if you feel so inclined.

    • 7.7 is a black hole. Not many people play that br you just get uptiered most of the time. If you’re grinding germany just use the 10.5 tiger it has good br now

  14. 6:32 by the logic that these missiles are operating off of, that shot should have killed slick’s Tunguska instantly.

  15. Someone make a Big chungus user skin for the Tunguska

  16. Of-40 / Centauro Lineup! 🙂

  17. I got my revenge 😛

  18. Man said he lost 20 missles 4:02

  19. top tier zsu 57-2

  20. Y u got a norwegian falg?

  21. You looked like a mexican drug lord in the intro because of your shirt and moustache.

  22. woo I am part of kool kid klub

  23. Stop playing the game

  24. Such broken HE mechanic, a SAM warhead with a completely different style of fragmentation design. Able to 2 shot tanks?? Hmmm bias is showing Gaijin..lol Even the gun ammo is over performing, was able to pen a machine gun port of a T32 at 1350 meters. Yep not broken at all.

  25. dont understand how a fuel tank can explode and kill the crew

  26. yeah I don’t think it should be the same SP as a heli, I’d be ok with it being the same as a medium tank tho

  27. The Slovenly Tactician

    >Germany gets shitty early model sidewinders at 7.7
    >Everyone freaks about balance
    >Russia gets an AA vehicle that can kill a 2A5 and has guided AA missiles
    >lol bro this is so awesome
    Say it with me. Germany. Suffers.

    • The Slovenly Tactician the us also needs the air to air AIR-2 Genie unguided nuclear missile

    • +The Golden Goat 2a5 is second best at most. as far as mbts go t80u is the best. btw the 2a5 has a high winrate because unlike the 2a4 you have to target its weakspots.

    • +The Golden Goat plenty of people take helicopters still. mostly russia, but since the us is paired with russia 90% of the time i see ah-1`s almost every match. also radar kinda sucks. it only works on low flying aircraft within 2km and any sort of maneuver tends to break targeting, at least on the gepard.

    • +The Golden Goat > germany still almost unplayable above 1.7 and below 7.0

    • +Chinba A. no bcs they get to join the russians.

  28. I love you holy rat boy!

  29. MasterChieff_________

    SlickPedro :v

  30. Just wait till the bmpt terminator is added. Chills

  31. Your moustache…. feels so italian

  32. Looks like you’ve got a slug on your top lip 😮

  33. So the best SPAAGs and helicopters are on the same team. Being the USA and USSR, the Germans, (not talking about tanks) do not have the best helis, along with France. While the USSR and US have the best, to top this, they have the best SPAAG. IDK why they started to team US and USSR together in top tier. They weren’t even on the same side…

  34. So broken, AA missles don’t kill tanks

    • The Dutchinator inr you don’t have to kill every crew member to destroy a tank, you just need to incapacitate it. So if the HE of war thunder is realistic (and I’m quite sure it isn’t), you don’t need to aim at a precision point, you just shoot and the HE will do the rest, blowing the fuel tank up or killing crew with fragments. Slick wasn’t aiming at any particular point, just right at a tank, and i’m quite sure that a modern mbt that can track a tank at 3km and hit it with immense precision, doesn’t have any problem hitting a target with HE instead of apfsds

    • MrMatthias945 you are right, war thunder gameplay is way off the reality of tank combat. Still I think that right now HE is over preforming. I think that this sort of damage are more similar to what an hesh should do. Anyway I only found articles of turkish leo2a, if you can link the article that you read I would really appreciate it

    • +Lurric 24 https://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/germanys-leopard-2-tank-was-considered-one-the-best-until-it-24234
      They basicly let go leos alone on a hill and The get flanked by isis and they get destroyed

    • +The Dutchinator Pretty sure an 155 artillery shell IED has MORE explosives than a aa missiles. Secondly, they already test stuff like that. I’m trying to find the video where they detonate a missile, on top of the abrams, and it does jack shit to it. So no. Your cancer OP tunguska will not kill and Abrams.


    • +The Dutchinator Here is the video of the Missile hitting the top. All it did was lift the skirts a and hatches. That’s it


  35. Matheus Guerra Scheffer

    gaijin have to do some serious improvements in the armour of those vehicles, HE should kill a fucking MBT so easily, if they could also buff every MBT gun mantlet, we could see a change in the actual boring as hell meta…

  36. Holy shit Freddie Mercury plays War Thunder??

    Jk ily

  37. I have been saying this for awhile now, spaa is too powerful specially at top tiers. You literally cant spawn a plane unless you sacrefice an arm and a leg and if you do, you mostly get rapped by spaa. Atgm helos are only op bc you couldnt afford to hop in a biplane to even shoot them down and now gaijin introduces an op aa to shoot down helos. Just a complete shithole of balance issues. Atleast allow planes to have counters like electronic warfare planes to jam radar, it happened irl to counter these aa, no reason to exclude them.

  38. Cristian Gallardo Gebhard

    Please shave xd

  39. Not abusing is the Real bias

  40. Mikolaj Grotowski

    News give gimnazjum properly guided misle, radar automatic. Then he cannot use rocket for ground targets and all be ok

  41. fuck this russian cancer vehicle

  42. Taylor MacEachern

    It’s the new zsu 57……,yall remember those days? When 2 automatic 57mms were more effective than the 20 pdr or the long 88

  43. What I would give to have the angle markers on my screen even in third person at all times like this. Would make my life so much better.

  44. I swear your hairstyle make you look like a mafia

  45. Get a 3 striped Adidas skin for it, or I am disliking.

  46. He penned the leopard like it was nothing.

  47. The tunguska with its radar down looks like a puppy thats in trouble

  48. Instead of people learning to play against the new mechanics everyone likes to whine and complain lmao.

    P.S. in all these tank v tank situation he would have been better off in a real vehicle. People just like to hype it up because it’s a new vehicle.

    Extra super duper P.S.

    My OTO eats these things for breakfast 😉

  49. LoL yesterday, I killed Slickbee few times while he is recording for Tunguska fun times enjoyed it a lot. At 8:44 I appear as brown Leo2A4 I died at 10:42 but killed him after his first death with my Leo2K which doesn’t show up in the video sadly but I’m in the video anyways 😀

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