AC-130 FLAKSHIP – New Cancer Of The SKY (War Thunder User Made Mission)

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AC-130 FLAKSHIP – New Cancer The SKY (War Thunder User Made Mission)


  1. monkey nippels

  2. Your 40mm sounds like a 105mm :p

  3. I dont want modern vehicles in war thunder i like the fact that you have some old jets mostly WWII planes but i dont want any new state of the art fighters or tanks.

  4. F!an is boom boom aa

  5. COULD U FLY THE mig 9 since u had it at menu?

  6. Actually if you want to get technical, FLAK is actually an abbreviation of Flugzeug Abwehr Kanone. So yes it actually does mean something.

  7. jackson schumacher

    youtube give’s me a 2 min add with no skip
    well fuck you to google

  8. thank phly for this video it legit made my day due to me being in hospital and then seeing this made me laugh keep it going bro

  9. jackson schumacher

    uhh uhh uhh phly I mean there is only one true flak, falk are not equal #88flaklivesmatter

  10. I think that war thunder should make a modern version so you could have things like f 14 tomcats fighting ac 130

  11. Phly. You mentioned setting fuse altitude on AA shells in game. The US had a Variable Timed (VT) proximity fuse that was used in AAA shells. It was a miniature doppler radar in the fuse that would go off when near an object. It’d be great to have in the 40mm shells from the M19 and M42. Probably get wailing about OP and American bias though.

  12. Who all here agree that the KV-2 should be a antiaircraft tank?

  13. dowload in steam?

  14. The americans think they can copy the legendary TUPOLEV TU4 …….bastards !

  15. Challenge time! Take the M4A3 with the 105 cannon into top tier, and try to get an ace! attempt #6

  16. SlaphappyMongoose

    Puff the magic motherfucking dragon

  17. well the 88 was only effective within 10m of the target and hell there are pictures of P47’s that took direct hits and made it home

  18. Bring back top 5 kills

  19. cant wait gajin to add this thing and get shot down by a jet

  20. That accent sound a old horny chap

  21. Battle… ground…..

  22. I saw an ac-130 flying 400ft high from Eglin afb yesterday.

  23. “and fuck off!” Hell yeah! =D
    “We all know what flak means!… it explodes…”
    Fo focks sakes man! Everytheng explouds!

  24. I can’t wait for the modern war thunder

  25. is this a mod? i skipped through some of the video

  26. Worst combo:Ka-mi and the ki 10

  27. Challenge: get 2 ground kills with the meteor mk 3 with the a13
    Show them what hisparkos and solid shot can do

  28. Flak rounds or else

  29. Earth Federation Space Force

    phly we already heff flak round, on SPAA, those HE rounds on nazi SPAA, like default chain on 4*20mm

  30. which graphics do you use?

  31. “…and fuck off” love it

  32. It would help with the current cas problem not to mention make the duster not completely useless

  33. AC-130 model from GTAV anyone?

  34. thats war thunder ???

  35. Ya a flak round would be amazing for the Russian anti air, so you know the milk truck of doom would actually be useful

  36. the 40mm sea hurricane I’m pretty sure has a flak cannon like round.

  37. lol, 0:25 daily phly

  38. hmmm..
    flak round would be nice

  39. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    Flak is anti aircraft gun, and some of them can be used ant tanks

  40. Christopher Solis

    + doesnt arcade already give you the range

  41. Hey phly that out the japs Go-ko and the Ki200

  42. American bias

  43. I wish I had a gaming PC just so I could play this at more than 10 FPS

  44. Phly take out the cheeki breki combo the smk and the il-2 1942 with 8 rbs132s and 4 8ab100s #attempt5

  45. um.. um.. pwz u ned to du 8 8 mill miter boom boom gon. u no uze fwlak canon

  46. Yeah and next thay will place this next shit against tanks… 🙂

    All game balance is totaly f..ed due to planes vs tanks same and permanent massacre one side effect.

    Tiime to erase this game from HD is close. 🙂

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