Accidentally Three Marking My M48 Patton

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  1. fuck yeah, son!

  2. Recently found your videos man love the way you think about every round helps a lot to make me a better play I’m already not bad myself but I’m always learning more keep it up I’m subbed

  3. YAY Mr. LEM. yeh I accidentally 3marked a gurl fren , in my 16yrold youth, we had Billie Joe ., Bobbie sue, n’ Dailey Mae, yah, triplet, all grown with kids theyre own now, careful makin that 4rd mark to many nitesclose together ; b

  4. hey, i wanna hire you too

  5. All you guys RULZ ; P

  6. That’s impressive, but have you ever accidentally 2 marked a leFH while eating hot pockets?

  7. Hey Lemming, How is it playing with that 53 ping instead of 150-200 ping? GG

  8. Nice shot. 12:41 Thanks for the upload!

  9. April fools was 30 days ago m8. You cant 3 mark a tank just like that.

  10. LemmingRush…


    Love your videos, man.

  11. You know your dealing with a noob when your hear “but we are in mediums”. He played really well with your guidance tho, great vid.

  12. Casually bounces few k in the open field in 430U ebola. Balance ?

  13. Cool game play both, Cheers 🙂 Congrats on the 3rd mark!

  14. Commander_FoxTrot

    Did anyone else not notice the t57 heavy got ammo racked like at the second shot XD

  15. You and anfield still dating on the down low?

  16. Let’s spread happiness. I like this WOT player.

  17. I still think if a player earns <500xp in a Defeat and <1000xp in a Victory, the player could have done much better. By that metric, there are times when an entire team's players earn less than 500xp, which means they all sucked.

  18. 12:38 snap hit on the move….ya not wrong with the 430u?

  19. Nice, I’m about to get a M48 too! I’m trying to 2 mark my m46 first :/

  20. James The Archaic One

    Obj 430U – 4700 dmg, 1k xp . . . 2nd class.

  21. Lemming would accidentally three mark a tank lmao

  22. Yeah I three marked my Comet accidentally weirdly it was on a 1,5K dmg game…
    On the other hand I 3 marked the m4 sherman with the derp gun when all the squishy tanks of the enemy team decided to come in my direction one by one

  23. I pulled my T32 out in a platoon with friends a while ago, hadn’t played in it months, had a somewhat mediocre game, and three marked it…. Go figure.

  24. how did this guy even get a tier10. he says fucksake like lemming now. sounds like a greco loser ;p

  25. we did good on our side. or at least i did ………………..hahahahahha

  26. ZzimonZzL [WANKO]

    How to ”accidentally” 3 mark the m48 patton, dab that 2 key and shoot at type 5

  27. Lemming how much money is it to get lessons?

  28. Finally another Patton video, these are my favorite????

  29. I wish i could get mentored in tanks. I got mentored by this guy for a game called supreme commander, and it helped me so much

    • Pay him and you can.


      Pay to help you play a game better, does that not sound a tad strange?

    • +BUSTER SIXTEENNINETY would you pay for tennis coaching, even though you’re guaranteed to remain an amateur? What’s the difference?


      Nope I wouldn’t pay for tennis/golf lessons nor would I pay to be shown how someone else plays the game, but that is just me.(its not because I’m too miserable to pay him) It has taken me years of experience and lots of experementation to become purple. However I did watch unicorn youtubers players, and probably took tips from those guys, so I suppose that is kind of tutoring only doing it in my own time and learning personally from my screw-ups.

  30. How cool is that. You run a tank school and get paid to play with some one. best i ever get is to get offered payment to drive into the lake. D’oh….

  31. I like your attitude. Very pleasant to watch u playing. Very good thumbs up

  32. 5:18 arty safe on this flank btw

  33. Man how does your reticle move so smoothly onto cupola’s? maybe my pc is just bad lol

  34. “he’s dead….that’s why he is doing nothing” ! Sounds like my WOT career !


    I find it hard to understand why people would pay someone to platoon with them, why don’t they just join a clan? I thought it was mostly common sense and experience of playing the game that helps you become the unicorn of unicorns?

  36. Well played loading and shooting mostly prem ammo in top tier medium tanks. Skill!

    • Noa Niles idk how else your supposed to go through the front of a type 5

    • +Andrew just get gud pleb, noa knows how evidently

    • Hmm, by not fighting a strong tank head on. Attack from the sides, back. Aiming for ammo rack, fuel tanks, these are all knowledge and skill. Pressing 2 key isn’t skill. If pressing the 2 key is skill, why don’t you do the exact play in a top tier light tank?

  37. Juist a bit of heat

  38. “accidentally”

  39. Abolfazl Ashrafizadeh

    Excuses excuses

  40. Please make more video’s like this because it is really usefull for learning.

  41. Love your videos.. one thing that i learned is it is ok to fall back..

  42. I hate this new meta when heavies go hill man. GG lemming

  43. I cant even 1 mark that thing. FU

  44. Hill is better on tundra, ofc you can farm 1 line but hill wins games

  45. Gérard Thévenon


  46. Crazy Russian Bot

    tf when you team mates block you more than help the team.

  47. I got the impression your student rushed you a bit to the next battle and you were not able to enjoy the 3 marks the way you wanted to. Great video!

  48. i wish i was s good i could accidentally play a tank better than 95% of players

  49. I know the felling :(, happened to me once.
    Poor fella is still at 96% moe even after 300 battles.
    Press F for his poor soul

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