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Source: OddBawZ

The T-80BVM the most powerful tank in War Thunder. Whether the is accidentally causing no spall or it’s on purpose, it’s definitely working in the favour.

The T-80 tank already a fantastic platform for War Thunder. All of the heaviest is front and centre giving the tank very little weakness. The T-80 BVM takes this to the extreme. With Kontact armour bricks slapped all the hull and ERA bags hanging off the side, this thing basically cope incarnate. For a video game though, this works EXTREMELY well!

The T-80 no slouch either being one of the quickest tanks in the entire game and on top of this, it has one of the best performing rounds in the game.

Anyway, Russian Bias doesn’t exist… right?


    • Tore Henning Aasen

      Even though t-80 bvm has been a joke in Ukraine.Such a joke that Russia has broken out the t 62….LOL

    • @OddBawZ yeah same here over multiple consoles and pcs, one of my higher tier accounts were banned once for something i dont even know was justified,ive put possibly thousands in over the years and not a single tree completed,once again,wish i was you sometimes, rn i put 6-8 hours in a day on weekends, i have no friends, ive distanced from my family, and it along with problems of bullying,has contributed to depression

    • we see them on telegram how great they are on Ukraine.. the good this is the owner arent from South Africa..i hope u get my point. we can handle all urrs tanks.. after all is rusian game owners is normal

    • @penny pound geez dude , are u ok

    • @OddBawZ lol. trade! use the power of market for free snail coins!

  1. Toyota with a 20mm

    4:48,that was bs…Russian tabks are so op, litteraly any other tank would die instantly if it was shot in the back of the turret or at least be critically hit…this is hell to go against in any leopard variant, I perfer the Chinese tree over Germany because Chinese tanks actually have armor.

  2. KurtDanniel Peñalba

    7:46 best quote

  3. George Periferakis

    Last time I played the BVM I was getting bullied by the Swedish Leo

  4. Lol the only place where Russian tanks can do decent a video game controlled by bro Kremlin russians classic

  5. The side ERA bags are filled with ‘egg carton’ shaped bricks to help it keep its shape, That is why if you look at images on the web it seems they are empty, but they are not

  6. ERA is made for chemical only projectiles. meaning APFSDS shouldnt be affected by it

  7. Javelin teams placed throughout the map. Balanced.

  8. Yeah I don’t play North Ukraine.

  9. Odd…not sure what to tell ya, but the T-80BVM and T-80U have the same engine and transmission, so their reverse speed is identical

  10. Luka Lortkipanidze

    When you use rangefinder, how to adjust aim onto that distance? i could not find an option for that.

  11. gaijin likes to russian bias and the ERA blocks are a prime example of that, look at the chally2s blocks which are way better for kinetic around 100mm and they are poo in game . yet these 13 mm flaps are like 400 mm in game . russians are bozos .

  12. “The best thing about playing Russia, is not facing Russia”

    Sounds a little.. BIAS..

  13. Having played in the top tier leos recently, it is oddly suspicious how often DM53 is simply eaten by the ERA on the sides. Often the damage model shows what played out as the round contacting the ERA, two of the bags of the stuff going off, and the round simply disappearing.

  14. I find it odd though cause sometimes it doesn’t die and sometimes its just paper mesh. Keep in mind im running the leapord 2a5 & 2a6 but idk I dont find the T80 bvm to be that bad.

    Side shot or front lower plate and I always get a 1shot kill on them.

  15. Need a few Ukrainian tractors to counter the T-80

  16. Francesco canarecci

    Probably the strongest tank in war thunder more than the T-90A and Merkava…….i love it 😍😍

  17. Where are you from? Never heard this accent.

  18. MamaRussell ThePie

    The magical power of Russian cardboard fsr, fuck

  19. This is so ridiculous. I’ve only researched America so far and the only tanks that constantly piss me off are the russians since hitting them is constantly random, with very few exceptions. Side penning, back of turret, lower glacis, all just random. Ive even hit the underside of the tank and not pen before! The only consistent shot is that very tiny divers hatch in the front, but thats if you can get it before he shoots you…

  20. Good thing this isn’t what is being witnessed in a certain country. More like who’s turret can fly the highest!

  21. The issue with t80bvm and other russian mbts are that kinetic rounds dont have any spalling in them , not throught the era blocks, they dont spall even when u shoot them in drivers port or lower glacis, their spalling damage is set to 0 in the files for more than a few months spookston showed this with proof, top tier against russian has been a nightmare

  22. id rather face t80bvm than strv122/ leo2a6 m1a2 and challey.. t80bvm is very easy to destroy nowadays hell ive killed 2 russian tanks with 1 shot when i was in leopard2a6 my dm53 went through drivers port of t80bvm and exits rear and hit t80u… also i wish gaijin will fix nato tanks reload speed because in reality nato tanks reload speed is 4secs tops.. imagine dm53 with 4secs reload it will realy make game balance 😀


  24. Guilherme Wanderley

    It’s supposed to be one of the best tanks in game since is one of the newest that entered service on the Russian military, this being on 2017, and kontact 5 era was designed to stop chemical rounds and severely reduce the penetration on Kinect rounds, but unfortunately that’s only modeled on some tanks on WT

  25. Yeah contact 5 does provide protection from memetic rounds, but having the penetrating round dive balls to the wall through an entire rack of ammunition and do nothing, even when it says a round cooks off is the most frustrating bullshit rn

  26. Reverse gear mediocre compared to T80U? They literally have the same reverse speed lol…

  27. 1:09
    No, the relikt ERA was specifically design to stop stabilized sabot rounds, they say that it can cut the round in half. against chemicals it’s a downgrade from the Kontakt-5, but the advantages against KE rounds made it more valuable

    • You think that is true tho?

    • @Mr Shaggings if not, then why did the US made a shell specifically designed to go through it ?

    • @Mr Shaggings you don’t need to have your hands on something to know how it works when you’re specialised in that area….
      thinking that most of russian equipment is “horseshit” means a lot about you tho
      also, as the relikt is being replaced by Malachit era, it seems like russians had an answer to that new shell, even without having theirs hands on it too

    • @Sprix I say what I say because of what Russia has proven on Ukraine, that their equipment is not maintained as well as it should be, isn’t as good as they have advertised, and their tactics are shit, inefficient. Russia isn’t as great as we thought as a military power. So excuse me for questioning how good their ERA is.

  28. a T-80 is just an upgraded T-72. guaranteed it’s overrated.

  29. T80BVM have 2 ERA satchels at the same place. One satchel outside the tank and other behind the satchel, thats why its very effective. Also its “Relikt” the most modern ERA in War Thunder

  30. Nah I still find this fat dobber to easy to kill and given that it is just like its brothers. Thebone tank i do find difficult to deal with is a bloody leopard and espically when its far away.

  31. This tank MUST be nerfed with the armour ASAP.

  32. Petition for the T-80BVM GET NERFED!

  33. I’ve always wondered why my Top tier russian lineu/teams doesn’t steamroll enemies like how people on reddit are saying, then I realized that I don’t play in US servers and is on the other side of the world.

  34. They have lots of difference between russian tanks in war thunder and in Ukraine…

  35. T-80BVM is actually a Prized Tank in Ukraine More than T-90SM

  36. In reality, ERA on average decreases penetration of HEAT by 80% and APFSDS by 20%. Of course, there are variations, but on average, it is like this… However, tandem HEAT and other stuff can go around it and neutralize it.

  37. and in ukrain his turret fly good ^^

  38. Irl the bags on side have spacers and era… Russian troops(if they don’t get blown up) were told to take the era off the side.

  39. Mediocre Aim Horizon Main

    bro what goddamn teams are you put against every vid?

  40. Yet they nerfed the armor on the merkava :/

  41. It’s op but if the round penetrates it’s game over bvm and I play in the bvm and the amount of time I’ve died because 1 speck of shrapnel hit a round is insane

  42. Paid actors…of anyone knew how to shoot youd be a oneshot from any angle if your hull is exposed.

  43. Thanks to shit like this I’m stopping US at 9.3. That BR is miserable as it is but grinding to 10.0 to deal with that crap is a hard pass. I’ll finish the tech tree if gaijin balances things out

  44. Константин

    У меня отец на таком служит

  45. Ruskie bias stop playing ORCs nation pls

  46. MYSH Tech & Gaming

    “The best thing about playing russia is not facing russia” lol

  47. Just another reason to say fuck Gaijin, and look forward to Gunner Heat PC going into early access and eventually getting multiplayer. I can’t wait for the panic patches from Gaijin.

  48. johnny11 johnny11

    is it ktm make up camo ,do you like bum bum 😂,

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