^^| Achilles 1 vs 29.. (World of Tanks.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. dat clickbait tho


  3. I like how Circon plays a lot of lower tiers, really shows the game in a different light.

  4. fucking artilery….

  5. Oh, it actually came up
    Didn’t think you’d put it up

  6. GG dude GG Hummel…..F……….

  7. Gross Domestic Plums

    Oh the Hummeliation! I know the jokes been made but I felt it should be made again

  8. Dont you think its time to start streaming in 1080p? This looks like poo on 1080p display

  9. damn, that would have been the best carry i’ve ever seen by far.

  10. Lovin the Achilles love. People seem to hate on this tank more than praise it. I think it’s fantastic

  11. You played so good at the end…

  12. Where do you check your WN8 rating after the match?

  13. Well played circon, i feel the pain in my heart as I saw that one miss ;-; btw whats the song at the end? 😀

  14. Love blueberry and fruits


    Also 10:54 nice ghost shell

  15. I usually don´t complian about Apsser….but why would you fire APCR at everything in this tank :/

  16. T-150 351 roll, nice Meme

  17. 6th sense has been bugged since the last patch.

  18. wow..just wow 😀

  19. Arty just drain the fun out of this game…
    Anyway love your videos, because of all the memes? Hope you enjoy Norway so far, because moving to a new country is not easy. Anyways hope your beers taste good tonight?

  20. so CLOSE

  21. Will we ever see a face reveal though ? ^^

  22. I like seeing unicunts lose

  23. I really enjoyed the Achilles, I just wish it had the gun depression that the Hellcat and Jackson have.

  24. President Donald Trump

    I will deport the Hummel.

  25. waw ????

  26. More XP from a loss than the highest XP on the winning team. Sounds legit

  27. Awesome game!

  28. maximum effort nice meme lol circon like I’m beginning to feel like a meme god meme god

  29. bravo nice game

  30. We need more erlenberg Sinatra remixes

  31. nice video. put a softair gun on a soapbox …. Circon come and kill you all 🙂

  32. *not* got ’em ? 🙁
    very well played though!

  33. ChipotleIsLife 23

    Click bait

  34. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    That fucking force field around the T150 through whole fucking game tho…that lost u the game

  35. well.. Your replays are nice always with almost 3000 damage +.. but what if you play like the common mortals with no 3 or 4 crew skills and all equipment on your tanks.. we know you are exceptionnal good player.. but you also could show us how you would do in this case.. no? tks

  36. *loses* *more xp than enemy team* RIP

  37. Hi Circon! Thanks for posting! I clamor for more great WOT replays,
    though for temporal reasons, I cannot watch your stream. :/ 🙂

  38. The moment when I realized that an O-I exp. was approaching behind you.. in the middle line..

  39. I always die when I scout from that mid position.

  40. Had a very similar game in my Hellcat two days ago. 3500 dmg – more than rest of team combined, 7 kills, got fcked by LEFH. Can send pics or replay if anyone is interested. Not such thrilling gameplay though.

  41. That was an amazingly well played game in one of my favourite tanks.

  42. Lol at the clueless OI exp

  43. Thumbs up again for Heavy Eyes…heard them first hear.

  44. Just can’t carry hard enough sometimes 🙁

  45. arty is high skill gameplay, check mate ATHEISTS

  46. 10:40 That tree falling alerting Circon

  47. The one time u want arty to drown itself it doesn’t happen

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