^^| Achilles Epic Gun handling. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. holy shit this tank looks descent

  2. I have only watched half of this at this point, and I just cannot believe
    how many BS shots you pulled off. Freakin incredible video.

  3. Circon is OP

  4. Wolverine is that you?

  5. like the Achilles accept the forward gun depression is terrible which I
    often forget in first few shots so I pop clouds a lot.

  6. im early lemme make a joke about this video

    jackson gameplay

  7. Why is iT that all of his tanks aim instanly when he stands still for a
    second when I do this there is a 2 second delay and when I play with my is
    line or other heavies its even wose can someone help me with this problem

  8. circon Suh dude nice memes for me today

  9. epic tank

  10. You farm without ever growing crops sometimes.

  11. Pretty sure the new pkmn game is star. I have no idea how that will work on
    the switch though. WILL WE FINALLY GET SPLIT SCREEN??????

  12. My favourite tank in World of tanks was the firefly am i like the only one?

  13. Why not accelerated crew training?

  14. We enjoyed this video! We look forward to the next one :)

  15. Yo bro circ, are we ever going to see the left half of your face? lol

  16. How you get that aim time? I have this tank also fully upgraded with full
    crew… Usage of extra equipment?

  17. Wow. Soo many near kills… I think there’s like 4-5 tanks you brought down
    to a dozen hp and someone else kill secured.

  18. nice battle

  19. A hidden gem of britich tech tree.

  20. Assa-duh? Wat?

  21. Do u even know what a “meme” is because u are using that word not knowing
    what it means

  22. Lol I see you got sick of the Jackson’s gun handling

  23. I have to go through that British tds line someday.

  24. penetration. got im
    penetration. got im
    penetration. got im

  25. Ya filthy seal clubber ;)

  26. I wonder if our memelord watches animemes…..

    I guess not.

  27. OMG you make it look to easy I just wish i had some games like that lol

  28. I’m tempted to get the Achilles. Not really needed since I’m up to the
    Charioteer via the Firefly, just wanting a change of pace and trying
    different tanks (bonus that the Achilles has a turret for a TD). How would
    it compare to a Hellcat or Jackson?


  30. wait wait wait… look from where the kv-85 destroyed the dicker max at 3:40
    😮 great game as usual circon

  31. Thats why I have kept mine :)

  32. The Circon Subscribers Prayer

    Our MemeLord, who art in the Netherlands,
    Hallowed be thy memes,
    Thy Memedom come,
    Thy damage be done,
    With standard rounds, as well as premium
    Give us this day our daily meme,
    But forgive us our potato moments,
    As we forgive the potatoes who play us,
    And lead us not into noob mistakes,
    But delivery us from arty.
    For thine is the memes, the credits and the XP
    For ever and ever.

  33. The stock gun on IKV 103 has less pen but can use HE and AP :)

  34. cant believe u didnt get that dicker max for top gun .should av waited
    little longer to aim but good game as usual

  35. can we get some t26e4 gameplay plz?

  36. I would have kept this TD, but the lack of gun depression killed it for me.

  37. I just fckin love the whole branch of turreted tds (archer too), they are
    pretty solid

  38. What does “A SAD” mean?

  39. Is Circon saying “Assad”, “A saw dat” or “a sade” basically like the German
    “ach schade” meaning “what a pity”?
    Or is it just random noise?

  40. Wow fantastic game SirCon, if I send my replay to you where I can send it?

  41. Please tellme whats up with all the different flags above his head? its
    different all the time! why

  42. how in the world could the KV 85 at E9 kill the Dicker Max at J5??

  43. Trump is best prezident!

  44. Indeed beautiful gun handling on this thing! I quite liked it when I ground
    through it.

  45. tier 6 TD has better stats on same gun that tier 7 heavy gets lol

  46. moist memes!

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