ACTION X – Centurion Action X

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Taking the 10 for a spin.

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  1. Essence of this video: get the Patton.

  2. Henri Liimatainen

    Circon playing tier 10?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
    What in the *actual* fuck

  3. Dude I was about to do something useful.. Now I gotta watch your video 😉

  4. Tank must be doing alright, 8.5k damage combined only pushed the mark % up by about 0.9

    • tajj7 gun mark work in a fucking mysterious way

      Stop at 94.85%

      Try my bestt not to miss, fucking miss at point blank range with skill round loaded

      it drop to 93.68%

      and….it keep on dropping

    • Maybe because only the good players have stuck with the AX? Most have seen the light of new object religion and jumped ship.

  5. u r simply amazing

  6. Action Aim If You Want. I like that. New tank.

  7. Hold my wodka!!!

  8. The Centurion should be called “Centurion X Amowrecks”

  9. When I was playing ranked and I was still at the lower ranks, where people would actaully use tanks like CAX, I remember seeing this tank blow up from almost full HP something like 3 times, and every time I would be like “Oh, there it goes again.”

  10. In relation to your “no arty” comment, there is one reason I love to play arty. It is to dump on the OP tanks the crack smoking, cocaine snorting, heroin shooting balancing department has added lately, Object 268 4, object 257, Type 5 heavy, Type 4 heavy……

    • arty do no dmg to these tank.. Arty aim for LT and other no armored med and td. Cuz why not ? It’s so fking easy to hit moving target now with such a big splash aera…

    • Pretty sure a 155mm HE shell to the engine deck of a 268 4 is gonna do damage.

    • I applaud you for that, even tho arty is cancer, its the good cancer if you play it right

    • We’ve come full circle. SPG were added to stop superheavies because TDS didn’t have pen. Then American tier 10 TD happened and arty became redundant. Now we have even heavier super heavies, so until it’s td time… it’s arty time.

    • What’s the point of 268v4 when 268 exists. 268 is pointless now.

  11. I really like the AX, not the most mobile and quite huge but it gets you to places and gun is great, and has at least some armor so its not as cheese as the Leopard. Pretty easy to brawl in cities too if you can sidescrape, tracks eat alot of shots and can’t get over matched on the side by 152mm guns, USA’s 155’s will go trough tho.

    But really bad to peek over corners by going forward as the ammorack is right behind the drive wheel, large repair kit is a must have with this thing.

  12. 7-1/10 rating for the CAX :thinking:

  13. New best comment from Circon ‘Hold my Wodka’…Lol@dat IS-7

  14. I just want a girlfriend with tits a big as circons forhead

  15. What’s that mod that displays your MoE status in game?

  16. Thank you for talking about getting into the moment and forgetting what you shot selection is on.

  17. 7:58 and the 268 TK the pershing because..?

  18. the 268 killed the pershing at the end

  19. your knowledge of every angle in game is amazing/ 🙂
    ljubi brat

  20. Ugh, completely unrelated but I’m so hyped for Avengers Infinity War

  21. is-7 had 2 kills and 1700 dmg, how was him ramming the t95 his only contribution?

  22. the IS-7 kamakazi part is a “Week of circon” material 😀

  23. Aiming just doesnt matter at all in this game since they just keeping nerfing the rng.

  24. Gareth Fairclough

    I see Centurion; I click like.

  25. Gareth Fairclough

    Buff Russia, Da!

  26. The JagdMeme-100 had 23 damage total……lolololololol

  27. Love how the Obj 268 absolutely obliterates the Pershing at 8:00

  28. Awesome vid, man now I wanna see you paly Cent 7/1 even though it would be similiar, but I just think Tier 9 has the best games.

  29. But circon you aren’t using your bonds for increased performance like wargaming wants you too

  30. Centurion Action X 7/1 out of 10 ?

  31. I’m surprised only 1 person mentioned the tk at the end lol

  32. I expected that Circonflexes begins to sing “I’m like a bird” when he noticed that there is no arty in the game.

  33. Can we get a 268 4 review perhaps?

    • Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo

      Brandon Whaley Shit DPM, no accuracy on the paper but it’s russian so the gun is good. Great top speed, faster than most tier X tanks. Shit treverse speed. Unpenetrable frontally unless you load HEAT or get insanely lucky and hit the weak spot. There you go you have your review.

    • Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo I wanted a sarcastic review bringing to light the brokenness of this tank and how detrimental this tank has been to 3-5-7 mm. It stops entire flanks and W keys over anything that gets in its way.

    • Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo

      Brandon Whaley yeah you are right this is a fucking powercreep… I can’t even pen the flat front plate with my T 30… Hope WG will rebalance it soon even though they’ll find a new tank even more OP to introduce

    • Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo power creep doesn’t come near explaiing this. I mean there is literally point in playing any other tank. 350+ mm of frontal armor, goes 55 kph, has a power to weight ratio higher than the m41 90 and thats a light tank, hits for 650 and almost no frontal weakspots because even at point blank range it’s cupola is so small that you have to rely on rng to hit it and it’s usually moving so good luck. They say track it but the repair is less than 5.75 sec (with good crew) which most reloads are longer that…. I can keep going if needed

  34. And it’s trending. #Freeforactivitywhennoartillery

  35. Rick O’Shay!

  36. #ibelieve

  37. That random team kill at the end though…

  38. How do I have 40%Wr in this tank but 54% in the Cent 7/1? I play them the same way. Please help 🙁

  39. So much room for activities!

  40. Do you recommend the CAX as a first tier 10 medium? I don’t have any experience un meds and I don’t want to suck in it :b

  41. “It’s like aiming doesn’t do anything.” Blyat aiming reduces DPM blyat.

  42. how about that jg pz e100 only getting 23 damage. so good

  43. No-Arty games make me happy in my pants. If you know what I mean.

  44. been waiting to see a Tier 10 battle.

  45. Obj 268 getting a kill in the bonus round! Lol

  46. Now that circon has moved to norway, I wonder if his life has been enhanched by snus yet.

  47. hey circon, u should do videos like jingles does. jingles is nice and shit but after so many years he sounds like a broken record and uses other players videos.
    u, on the contrary, are actually meme funny and a great player

  48. Missed opportunity to use the barrel bore as the “O” in the thumbnail

  49. Just get the Patton

  50. What is this heresy? Arty prevents camping! Just because you were able to play more of the map this one time that there was no arty proves nothing. Come back when you have 50,000,000 battles of the same result and then we’ll talk.

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