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Source: SirCircon

No idea what this tank is suppose to bring to the table that the other meds like STB do, but owell.


  1. grille, leo1, cdc come around the corner-> good thing the Ax gets heat
    instead of spicy hesh. :/

    in blitz they just buffed the fv4202 to 50km/h top speed, but no action x
    on the horizon. unsure how i feel about this. Ax hull looks about twice the
    size too

  2. When you play in Circon match,there are more chance to win

  3. When you play in Circon match,there are more chance to win

  4. Sooooooo, I’ve missed the past streams and whats up with the new
    flat/house/ apartament? Can someone explain?

  5. Did the grille just plain miss in the end of was that a lucky bounce?

  6. i had this tank and used it for the fv4202 marathon event. as soon as i
    finished that marathon i sold this tank so fast itd make your head spin i
    hated this tank it was just an ammo rack on tracks for me it the reason i
    gave up on the leo 1 line because im pretty sure their even worse in terms
    of ammo rack damage.

  7. so early..

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