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  1. The end game of war thunder is coming? What will the company do to keep it alive once we have all the modern MBTs and Jets?? When are we gonna get new gameplay?! I’m looking forward to the new Sim mode coming, bringing back the normal tech tree loadout to sim battles but that definitely isn’t gonna keep the game alive for the long run…

  2. Day 119 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire! It’s wicked easy to fool the German planes into a turn fight! I’ve had multiple 5-8 plane kill games in ground rb

  3. i wonder if any american tanks will have it

  4. It does work in real life, some systems don’t destroy the projectile, they deflect it. Which means it just detonates next to the projectile pushing it off course. Also, some systems can deflect sabot rounds fired from long range.

  5. Day 2: asking Steve to go back to being PHLYDaily and not TANKDaily. I wanna see some air RB

  6. Does war thunder come under US sanctions???

  7. thanks for the great content. can’t wait for the new update. hope you have a good day and a better weekend

  8. love that the old outro is back!!

  9. It’s not pellets, it’s an air burst shell, pretty much a 40mm grenade launcher

  10. good work guys keep it up haha

  11. WTF are those armor values? The RHA equivalent value for the Challenger 2 turret is more like 700-900 mm frontally, by most estimations.

  12. it’s so cool tho lol

  13. As noted by others the things being fired at the inbounds aren’t actually that hard hitting. Your typical missile or rocket is a really soft target, most of them, if you could line the shot up could be taken out by a simple 00 buckshot shotgun shell. They’re typically skinned in just a few mm of aluminium so they disintegrate super easy.

  14. The aps on the black knight doesnt use shrapnel of any sort. It purely uses the shockwave of the aps to throw off the flight path, or destroy the rocket

  15. I need an active protection system against adulterous women.

  16. PHLY! phlyphlyphly, phly man. please take a look at the french tree.. THEY ADDED THE ELC AMX. Pls test the tiny boi, i promise it’ll be fun.

  17. Technically it is from the future? I’m not aware of any tank currently in service with systems like that. There’s several in testing and some in development as of 2022.

  18. phlydaddy pls more low tier gameplay so I can watch and relate to the gameplay cause I’m never gonna be able to get to this hightier stuff

    “Vladimir Putin is an existentionanomial threat to you and your kids! He’s even bombing schools! And kids go to school! And school is where they serve pudding. And I like pudding. Mmmmm! Pudding! Almost 3pm – Time for pudding! I sure like pudding. Kids go to school and they serve pudding there at lunch. I like pudding. I like kids too. Pudding and kids – Good times! Pudding tastes good and kids smell good! Almost 3pm – that means kids gettin’ outta school – and almost time for pudding! Mmmmm… I sure like pudding…”

  20. Day 313: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  21. vhikr players gonna be so mad. and i fucking love it.

  22. Requesting since Sept 2018 please Phly. Take out the I-16 TYPE 10.

  23. More of this 1v1

  24. Day 1 of asking for a top tier L3 video

  25. Why doesn’t Russia mount these on the roof of their tanks?!

  26. The Brits sure do know how to build tanks.

  27. Phly you assistant is the worst ever, I love it 😀

  28. The APS system knows where the missile is because it knows where it isn’t.

  29. 1:44 wtf

  30. This APS is called (Hbrew) חץ דורבן or in English the Iron Fist, It was developed by Elbit an israeli militry company, The way it works is it launches a mortar sher with small stabilazing wings and, That Mortar Shell is strong enough to completely destroy some less modern APFSDSs and obviously pretty much all the anti tank heat shells and missiles.

  31. There’s some familiar about an A-10 using it’s munitions against British armor.

  32. they shoot a kind of proxy, fragmentation granades.

  33. Now test it against a 14 inch shell. It should do jack shit to it, but somehow I’m suspecting the game will detonate it anyway.

  34. “This system can’t work in real life…its impossible”

    *APS existing for like 6 years*

    “why you bully me?”

  35. Day 6 of asking phly to bring the Breda 501 to 7.0-8.7 and watch it dominate

  36. They need to add a hostile fire detection system. Especially for smaller armored vehicles.

  37. Cant see how thats OP. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

    Srsly though, from now on, fire 5 just to be sure!

    What If a plane flies close by? Will it trigger? Killing it?

  38. what game is this

  39. Can it block a SMOKE SHELL or a FV4002 shell?!

  40. APS has saved me many a time in Battlefield 4. Put a lotttt of hours into that game. Was usually in a helo when available, but spent quite a bit of time tanking as well. Such a good game.

  41. chillinger

  42. The British institute of teabottle use WW2 German technology that the Tiger H1 use it but that has Anti Personel Charge

  43. KA-50/52s with vikhrs are gonna hate this

  44. Streamer move around open fiekd. Like noobs. No shots on them. Fool if you think they dont get better teams. Gaijin.

  45. APS be like bomb, missile can’t touch me
    A-10 be like BRRRRRRTTTTTTTT 😂😂

  46. Its israeli and we have it on the merk 4m

  47. next 100% aimbotcheater: =EmpRU= keplair

  48. The Austrian Avenger

    16:30 Not only the penetration value of the Starstreak is off, they act completely weird since the missile guidance update. if a target is closer than 3km and you’r not pointing the heli directly at the target, you’ll most likely miss. so annoying.

  49. donaldcoal gaming

    Try against arti it’s an 105 he howiser round found on the m4a3 (105) Sherman

  50. Can’t wait to have a T90 with caged armor on top better than active protection

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