Actively trying to extinct the M1 Abrams with High Explosive Fin Stabilized

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Actively trying to extinct the M1 Abrams with High Explosive Fin Stabilized

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  1. Fellas!!! My internet is back up! This video was uploaded from Laura’s mothers house yesterday. Phew but all should go back to normal tomorrow.

  2. Phly please a a narval 8000 review

  3. Let’s Go worked perfectly for that insert Russian music here.

  4. УРА!!! ))))))

  5. Abrams is OP yeah right…i am laughing so hard every time i hear that in the game chat…i play my Abrams get 3 kills came up front on a VB….BOOOOM I am dead…spawn a backup BOOOOOOOOOM i am dead 4 meters up the spawn…swich to my T-64BV i get 10 kills without even getting shoot at…and they go Abrams is OP

  6. MAN why don’t you play ships, especially the Schnellboot, PLEASE!

  7. APFSDS, HEAT fin stabs, ATGM…Who needs those?
    All pale in comparison with glorious Sovietskiy Oskolochno-Fugasniy Snaryad!

    -Who’s there?
    -В башню.
    -V bashnyuu who?
    -Фугас в башню!

    Edit: I used to wonder how comes that the Leman Russ MBT (of the grim darkness of the far future, WH40K) had HE as the main round. Yup, a kinetic main gun. Not a lascannon, not a plasma blaster, not a fancy railgun or accellerator cannon, not even an APFSDS/HEATFS or something, but a plain simple HE to supposedly be equally good at dealing with infantry and alien super advanced tanks. Well, shit, turns out that the rock does beat a frickin laser. Hey, blueberrie, nice Manta you have there. Would be a shame if something were to happen to it, ke-ke-ke. Load high-EXPLOOOSIIIIIVE! HFY at it’s best.

  8. Pls play stupa, brummbär, kv2 (captured )

    — Phly 2018

  10. *Russian Bias?*

  11. German BO105 Helicopter is coming guys!

  12. Hey Phly i was playing War Thunder after the Video and noticed that the Object 120 HE shell has 49mm of penetration with a speed of 940ms

  13. When there is highly advanced armor and shells but all you need is good old HE

  14. Ooooh… So this is the perfect recipe for victory! Pick T-80 and blow shit up. Quite literally.

  15. getoutofherestalker

    i play war thunder because its like multiplayers FPS games but you can survive a hit. but top tier removes that uniqueness because everything will perforate your loose a$$

  16. The Bias is StRoNk with this one…

  17. loving the unloved: Matilda Mk.II F-96 attempt 15

  18. Issue is HE never acts like it acts in WT in reality!

  19. Андрей Фокин

    And now my dear western partners. You should know that he are nerfed in wt compared to irl. Irl HE also is bulk of russian tank ammunition. And nowadays we have even better ones. I believe u should make a new abrahams knowing this

  20. Martin From Strufve

    You’re the reason I play this game. Keep up the amazing work!

  21. From Who have you so much golden Eagles ? Its that free ?

  22. What did I just witness?

  23. This game is so insanely imbalanced. British tanks for instance are absolute trash especially at t4-7.

  24. T-80B with only APCR rounds

  25. this tells me hesh is defo nefferd

  26. No soviet music during rampage – right in the feelings

  27. This is just disrespectful lol

  28. Wow damn you just taught the russians how to destroyer Abrams more easily the russian should promote you as their army general……if war thunder exist before 1991 the americans may lose the gulf war

  29. Props on the Zerg Rush!

  30. This looks to me like exploiting a game design flaw. I am glad I do not even bother to play this game anymore… I don’t think this sort of HE gameplay should be allowed… its just crazy… :T

  31. you are such a ……… love it 🙂

  32. Actually the splash from HE rounds can damage aircraft. Someone sent a clip with a Sturmpanzer shooting at a building and destroying a plane that flew close by to the Thunder Show.

  33. Play the KV 1 zis 5 attempt #2

  34. Phly, they did manage to make HE affect planes, i killed my squad mate who was in a plane, when i shot at an enemy tank. it killed both my squad mate and the enemy tank

  35. “insert soviet music here”


  36. Gypsy 厶厶 Rewind

    …But, at 10:08 you muts say some like “na nahoy blyat”

  37. unbelievable!!!! this is awesome… wooowwww;-) the shoots are so brutal….damn….(but how…?!?!!!) i think my fav. Video….jes it is;-)…Stronk Russian Tonk…heheh sounds funny

  38. you seen the same video I seen didn’t you phly it’s k that was a really memish video

  39. Take out the T55AM-1 and defend the Motherland!!

    Attempt #22

  40. I love it when he makes blizzard warcraft/ starcraft references.

  41. Naurava_Pottu Peruna

    Use a sturmpanzer, enough said


  43. This just show the gross Russian Bias in this game. Do that with an American tank, War Thunder give American tank every disadvantage in realistic battles.

  44. Only the Biasherman is not enough PHLY ! You know it !
    The Emperor requires you to play the good ol’forgotten Japanese Sherman !
    Attempt #26

  45. Hacker shot at 7:27 lol

  46. I can’t get my guy to speak Russian but I play with Russia I don’t get it I have all the settings right

  47. play the german m48

  48. Hahahahahaha, holy shit Phly, what if this actually works in real life? Life hacks are real. Thanks for posting this.

  49. Who else actually paused the vid and played the USSR anthem when he said to?


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