Actual Examples of Autoloader Gameplay

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Source: LemmingRush

Here’s the Thumbnail, pretty amazing picture imo :p


  1. Bs fake unrealistic tanks… Autoloaders before any other tank in the game…

  2. Very helpful way to teach while in live game. To see how you think on your toes. Thx man.

  3. You didn’t notice but you were actually in both games with oldmonkei

  4. please do more streams!!!

  5. i beg do more streams
    your streams is good

  6. nice rounds. loved that ending on the second one. 😉 keep up the good work

  7. All autoloaders are OP.

  8. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    “We´re on the Map Shitstorm” ^^ Literally the perfect Name   1:56 “Hey i got Spotting DMG atleast” … *96* 😀

  9. cant wait for batchat nerf.

  10. Windstorm map is problematic Lemmings….
    You need to Eat bowl of Eggs before and after you play, and you will feel them.

  11. It’s so pathetic how at 4:30 you’re in a good spot and all the enemies are out of position and just charging mindlessly (holding w)

    they’re literally mindlessly rushing around and you cannot do a single point of damage. it takes no fucking skill. if i did that in a tier 8 game or something i’d be dead instantly. but they can mindlessly fucking hold W and charge through a field in cross fire.

  12. Too much HEAT in the Bat-Chat is a mistake. The shell velocity is only 800m/s. That is slower than the KV-2’s HE rounds. Now the only thing you would need HEAT for would be the front of the Maus’s turret or the front of the Type 5 Heavy . If you are going to shoot anything else from the front or every single tank in the game from the side, including Maus and Type 5, APCR is better option. So HEAT is simply not worth carrying.

  13. Not sure why you say shit like “bad players go to the 1 line” as if my 62% winrate is bad and the fact that i own them every game doing it.

  14. I wish my potato pc played this game on high settings but the pc gods forbade it. One day I will achieve it. WoT doestn like my dual core and HD5770 😛

  15. Oy kosher boy stop shooting that iron cross.

  16. On the redshire replay if you had played the D7 bush it would have permalit their snipers and protected your heavies. You also get a lot of spotting damage generally. You may have done less of your own damage but the carry would allow more cleanup possibly.

  17. Michael Mittelsteadt

    What is wrong with the 1 line? What makes you say that only bad players go for it?

  18. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    can ask some? E5 is stil good for average pubs like me(for randoms games)

  19. WG is nerfing the Bat because of all the idiots who believe it’s some kind of monster murder machine. Yes, a Batchat left to itself and unharrassed can easily carry a game, but Batchats are almost never left unharrassed. Nerfing this tank could be the most unpopular move they’ve made yet in a long series of unpopular moves.

  20. Good video with an actual real game for a change.

  21. “I’m not gonna let it phase me” – *_*proceeds to be phased*_*

  22. Bru wats with the 20+ messages at the bottom in the garage,is this the new Facebook

  23. both battles were with the “streamer”.
    In the second one he was in the m46 KR

  24. Could you augment this video with a brief talk about mechanics and using the agility of batchats and the like. For example, you always back into a poke. Or, using brakes to powerslide into a quick turn. What other magical qualities to quick mediums posses?  Maybe a bit about how to use different types of cover (slopes, berms, buildings, rubble piles, etc.). What angle on sloping terrain gives you the best shot with lowest exposure? Like the berms on Overlord, or the hills on Erlenberg.

  25. I loved this vid cause it shows you need to have good team mates no matter how skilled you are and rng can bite you in the ass makes me feel better when im only 1500 wn8

  26. I love the reality in your live play. Yes you are a great player but like us noobs you get your bad days.

  27. Daniel Alexander

    Haha who is Anna?

  28. Lemming i would much like it if you would stream on twitch and also do a video on the AMX 50 100 so i can mimic somewhat your playstyle with it

  29. Nice to see you use the most OP auto loader in the game.. Typical

  30. guillem fuster adrover

    Yeah batchat can clip easily an entire tank…let’s nerf it

  31. Lemming, at the end of the second game you noticed Old Monkei was on the enemy team. What you didn’t notice (or at least mention) was that he was on your team in the first battle as well! He’s also a Canadian, would like to see you guys platoon =)

  32. How often do you check your email. I sent one regarding mentoring.

  33. (2ND BATTLE) It’s nice to see a unicum suffer the same fate as the rest of us when ‘blessed’ with a crap team…  Would be much more helpful is xvm was installed so we could see the quality of both teams.  Was the second battle a case of two good teams facing off, and one team just got the advantage?  Or was lemmings team chock full of red shitters facing a team of skilled tankers?  Without xvm, we’ll never know…

  34. Skybird Projects

    RIP Bat Chat 2017. We will miss your 105mm gun. As you stare into the abyss of powercreep, remember all the good times you had “Penning every shot and fully clipping out tanks”. Skrubs never loved you nor did the Wargaming Balance department, but you will always be remembered as one of the most fun and challenging tanks to play by many players. Your memes were good as gold and your legacy will never grow old. As a token of our appreciation, we offer you this KV2 152mm HE round guided by the hand of Stalin to guide you through the wasteland of Nerfdom. Perhaps you may find a kind Nerf Herder who may love you even though you have fallen from the city of Meta. Fare thee well dear Bat Chat, you will be missed. -Skybird0

  35. Is the AMX 13 105 really that bad ? and is the batchatillon 25 t really that good? and what about the AMX 30?

  36. I liked this video very much. It’s kind of refreshing to see a “normal” game once in a while. Typically you see only those selected ones, which are really good and amazing things happen and it almost feel like it’s a different game entirely. It’s good to see that even unicums wander the map aimlessly from time to time and get unexpectedly shot on this winter map 🙂 I enjoyed it quite a bit honestly.

  37. Haha that’s something funny shit. I’m glad to see a good player get saddled with the same teams I do.

  38. Did you hear that all you heavy players? Bad players go to the 1 line. Please, listen to Lemming on this one and stop doing it.

  39. Play a heavy

  40. Windstorm sucks donkey parts.

    EcVeery time I play it in something other than a heavy i see a heavy tank paradise: a corridor map with a city component that is so small that anything you can see at the center of the map can see you clearly.

    Windstorm sucks donkey parts!

  41. gold noob haha

  42. Redshire – “bad players go to the 1 line” *recalls that one time he got a 6k damage m4a1 rev game after going to the 1 line* :feelsbadman:

  43. Enough with the “cunt”. It makes u sound like at 12 yer are old.

  44. Joshua Van Der Merwe

    So… All the autoloader gameplay I’ve seen before is fake?

  45. Oldmonkei was in both games… was Patton kr on enemy team

  46. I need help with the T54E1.
    Horrible accuracy
    Standard penetration is laughable
    Armor is astoundingly bad
    Mobility is meh

    What do I do?

  47. Windstorm ugh…frankly all the maps are the worst maps. I just want new maps so bad. If they drop 1 new map on us it won’t do. We need like 3 new maps in a hurry.

  48. sorensch says WoT

    Yes, please do more ‘live’ commentaries. This is much more helpful, specially selected games, where everything goes as planned/wished for

  49. Kranvagn seriously ……………

  50. This is how my auto loader games go. Good damage and kills, still lose the match…..

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