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Wait a minute, is it actually an accurate cannon?


  1. wow Tiger 2 so OP. pls nerf

  2. Circon: This is probably the easiest game of my life
    *proceeds to yolo 2 enemy tanks with clips*

  3. And really, that is why I hate ensk at high tiers. Combo of view range versus the size of the map. But also due to the small size, how quickly it just turns into a blowout for one side or the other.

  4. 5000 subscriber with no video challenge

    Early lemme edit after

  5. Oh the Tiger 2… For some WEIRD reason, the game has made it a sniper tank. The heaviest tank of WW2. No Tiger 2 was ever penetrated frontally in the entire war…. But in the game, it cannot bounce a single shot from anything.

  6. I really liked the Tiger II, and surprisingly did pretty well in it when I played.

  7. Yeah this is the ONLY way to play the Tiger II. Simply not getting shot at for the entire game. Notice when he does take shots… Everything pens. This is the worst heavy in the game.

  8. You’ll have to look elsewhere for ACTUAL German ARMOR though.

  9. Title: Battle against muppets! 🙇

  10. need super equipment and crew to be called sniper

  11. Macaroni All Dente

    I mean when it comes to Tiger II dont trash talk it, trash talk the WG. They just fucked up the tank only beacuse its like a “flagship” of german heavy tanks

  12. But cant hit the broadside of a shit barn in my grille 15

  13. DugThatOutMyself

    Did he shout Deuchland!” in his mind or something?

  14. Wowwie, GG. Nice accuracy !! (bit Tiger II + bit Circon I say !)

  15. Stop making terrible Non russian tanks look good. You make Wargaming Cry.

  16. German tanks will never shine in this OP Russian developed game. They have so much hate from the past and never allowing german tanks to be compakitetive

  17. glad too see you put out a video. Was wandering where they went to?

  18. **This video exists**
    WG: Do I hear the calling of the nerf bat?

  19. My reason for playing the game.
    And the reason for stop playing the game is the King Tiger

  20. Most of the German tanks are fcking unusable, buff them seriously

  21. Warning: footage not representative of actual Tiger II gameplay.

    • Tbh Circon being in Tiger didn’t change anything. This could’ve been done in pretty much any tank.

    • creativityfails

      looks like my average tiger 2 game. The gun hits and pens almost every time. Also probably the easiest tank to three mark since the gun is so good and the people who play the tank are so bad.

  22. How many virgins did you sacrifice to WG to get that enemy team? More to the point, I didn’t know the Netherlands had any!

  23. Raymond Rainwater

    What was going on with the brain behind that 152 I’ll never know

  24. What mod is the 3 mark calculator?

  25. Syahareen Sha Rani

    This tank is far more accurate than the Grille 15 at tier 10 :v

  26. That wasn’t a game, that was rape.

  27. I love the tank but I never play it as a front line tank, I always played it as a support tank lmfao! Imagine a super heavy, being a support tank, seems legit.

  28. You know what funny? In Blitz the Tiger 2 is a BOSS! I mean seriously I can bully other tier 8 tanks with it. 160mm for the ENTIRE front hull, upper and lower plate, and 220 for the turret, and then you can put on equipment that can increase that armor by 4%. Not only that but mine can reach up to 38km/h. Suffice to say Russian tank cry why they encounter me.

  29. Weren’t they gonna buff the German heavies? Whatever happened to that?

  30. How long ago did they say they were buffing the German line? Where are said buffs?

  31. bämm – nice round

  32. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    I did so terrible over the last year I played the game but the one bright spot was the Germany heavies Tiger II, the E75 and the premium E75

  33. what do you expect Circon? its German, you cant fckn get more for your money. Since WW1. simple fact. 🙂

  34. Chris_Wooden_Eye

    And once again nobody pays attention to him

  35. The Tiger 2 is not great, but the gun is solid, and boy must people play that tank poorly, when I 3 marked it the combined requirements were barely 2k, for a tank that has 1600 hit points FFS.

  36. I remember when I first got the Tiger II I thought “Finally, now I can bounce shots just by angling correctly”.

    Then when I got the E 75 I thought, “Finally, now I can bounce shots just by angling correctly”.

    And eventually when I got the E 100 I thought, “I’m just playing for fun anyway”.

  37. Alpheamus Deathbreeze

    I actually nearly 2 marked this tank. People must suck because I’m a 48%er stat-wise. Recent stats say ~50ish percent tho and I’m around that stat level.

    Wish there was a reset button 🙁 I kinda ended up enjoying the Tiger II though.

  38. My german heavies still have the wonkiest accuracy in the game

  39. he could do the same with 0 apcr

  40. Blitz With Spartan617

    Blitz Tiger II is a German apocalypse tank

  41. Trail and Street Bikes

    lol. easy

  42. They should simply buff its DPM and maybe its turret armor a little bit and I would already be happy. Unlike many others I’m not attached to the idea that Tigers should be bouncing shots, and I like its gun and its second line heavy gameplay. I just wish it could be better at it (at least let it has Tiger I DPM ffs, it’s a tier lower)

  43. Ryokajimo Sensei

    for this tank to work you have to calculate the D.P.M. or Dollars Per Minute as quoted by Mr. Claus Kellerman, and the study of Stats

  44. I feel like the Tiger 1 and 2 in game would actually be relevant and somewhat competitive if they just dropped them down a tier each.

    • Tiger 131 and the Captured Tiger actually do fairly well, and they’re just the stock versions of each a tier lower

  45. Gale0cerdocuvier

    Tiger II is here, bend knee!

  46. No one? realy? ok here: OOOO

  47. Mastery in 5 minutes? what is this game anymore. What happened to the days where a game would last 10+ minutes

  48. 🙁 my favorite heavy… I remember when I first played WoT I ran straight to the tiger 2 and E 75. The first tanks I ever 3 marked. The gun on the tiger 2 is so damn good it just really needs to be faster

  49. there is none

  50. OP German tanksin proRASHAN game! NEEEEEEEEERF!!!!!!!!

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