Actual Tank Tactics Tested In War Thunder!

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Source: PanzerPaw

Actual Tank Commander tests real tank in War ! The basics of hull down tactics and proper use of smoke are essential in tank combat. But how well do they actually work in War Thunder? Let's find out!


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  2. You have 20 people per team fighting with modern vehicles and weapons with CAS, anti air and air to air battles going on at the same time all over a 3 square meter map… it’s just a cluster fck and I’m getting fed up with this shit, doesn’t make fun either and destroys the last remaining realistic aspects of the game completely

  3. i only use manual transmission i find i do much better with that

  4. Sir, i would like to see in practice how a platoon of tanks works in war thunder and i believe the tactics will automatically show itself if you play as a team. And all honesty i believe most of the military tactics are team oriented and not solo based or for one man only.

  5. why did you call the challenger 1 a challenger 2? i may be wrong here

  6. for ground and navel,do not use irl tactics. leave the irl moves for air to air

  7. Defilade is the word you where looking for at 19:30

  8. does using the plow ever work?

  9. you are so knowledgeable, it’s kinda beautiful

  10. How does panzer paw know the real specifications of leopard tank does he work for the manufacturers?

  11. In the actual German army tank simulator, they indeed train shooting down helos as well. If there is a helo, the whole company will stop what it is doing right now and all will shoot on the helo.

  12. So as a Germany player, how long did it take you to figure out popping smoke while immobilized was pointless? Cause at 5ish BR we call the tigers squids because they always ink when attacked.

  13. shoot and scoot

  14. Gecko Grove Reptile Breeding facility

    south Africa please

  15. The gurgle yell at 10:46 almost made me spit-take! haha

  16. … but Challengers were also designed for “Ridgeline combat”, as were Chally 2s, and Chieftains. Thats one of the main reasons Engines have not been a major priority for the UK MOD, i.e. underpowered engines and very heavy tanks.

  17. A lot of why russian tanks feel so broken to fight against is because warthunder operates under the misconception that the military russian does maintenance regularly which has been proven to be wrong in the most recent conflict they’ve been involved in

  18. What are these sights 😮 They look so clean 😀

  19. 3:00 that red alert death sound😂

  20. I wanna point my friend to this, as they were an Abrams commander, but they are also a GWOT combat vet and they have a tough time with their ptsd

  21. Man says proper Leo tactics proceeds to broadside multiple times

  22. Hey mate I have a question that has always puzzled me: when you reverse in a tank and want to turn your rear to the left, do you turn the steering wheel to the left (like driving a car) or do you turn the steering wheel to the right?

    • It depends on the tank. The Leo worked like “turn towards the track that you want to slow down” so reversing was actually the opposite way

  23. Leopard 2A6 is the best tank in the world right now in terms of armor

  24. Hey that’s my reticle! 😛

  25. The issue with sound, inteligent or actual RL tactics in WT GRB is mission lenght, respawns, map distances and urgency. A team with people hellbent in pressing and respawning instead of leaving the game, rushing for the first part of the game until they hold more caps, usually wins, unless you’re talking really small high tier gales (like 6v6 with everyone in thermals, laser rangefinder APFSDS tanks and with helis and jets with TV missiles as CAS).

  26. IRL fighter tactics also work in this game which is cool

  27. I tend to make the joke that modern War Thunder matches are basically non-historical HOI4 games.

  28. I am sorry, but battlebit is a true tank game…. get close and you get fucked. Camp on high reach place and have a small hill cower from other tanks and you will dominate.
    …and yes littlebirds with 2 players on each side with rocket launchers exist in this game…

  29. Dude, that packet loss totally isn’t on your end, I with 1 gigabit glassfibre connection(I am from The Netherlands) still get packet loss, it’s Gajins burning servers causing it 100%.

  30. I have two questions. First, where did you get the sight from? Is it a part of WT or a kind of mod that replaces the game sight?

    Second, will you try to look into how effective camo does work in WT? Like to try to have a winter camo of sort on a winter/snow covered map, vs having a normal camo or a default colour. I will argue that something like a green or grey ish colour will stick out more against the background of mostly white or lighter colours. Like in a winter map, or at points desert maps

    • The sight can be found on WTLive just from searching EMES-15 or Leopard 2. It’s a custom sight you can download. As for camo, yes 100% it actually works. Just as bushes and decorations can help hide or _unhide_ you, so can paint colours. I think someone on Reddit actually might have done that comparison not long ago but I’m not sure.

  31. Actually, it is quite possible for helos to attack you from the rear. If they AAA is busy doing something else, they can slip through the uncovered areas in a low level pass, and attack you from the rear. It’s not fun, indeed, but it is entirely possible, both in the game, and in real life.

    • In game, yes definitely. IRL, it’s not really a thing. Mainly because: behind that SPAA they slipped through, is usually another line defending the rear of the battlegroup. And behind them… etc. lol

    • @PanzerPaw If it is a meeting engagement (i.e. both sides are attacking), then it is entirely possible, and as far as I’m concerned, most if not all battles in War Thunder are meeting engagements, as both teams are actively attacking.

      Not to mention that: if they slip through the radar coverage of the forward battalion level and regimental level AAA units (MANPADS and SHORAD systems) in real life, the next line of air defense would have something bigger (like a Buk system, to cite an example) which has an even worse low altitude performance. Cases were reported from both sides in the current Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

  32. The gun sounds in war thunder sounds a bit weak,,i think they should’ve made it go BOOM in my humble opinion

    • I’m not sure if it’s just me but some of the sounds have changed a bit recently. Some gun sounds are not like I remember for sure

  33. as long as you are floating above your tank like a retarded ghost.. there is no realism…

    play GHPC instead

  34. even tho youre talking, how can u not hear that dyson and even get killed by it 😀 7:00

  35. Honestly in CtA you can do some combined arms stuff and probably a bit more than you can in WT

  36. do the more challenges in simulator mode

  37. Panzerpaw this entire video: “Must avoid leaking like a forum user”

  38. Real life tactics don’t really work because real life situations don’t happen. No constant CAS and artillery no AT units roaming about or BVR ATGMS. Fights are super isolated

  39. “im not gonna say if the armor is realistic in here… buuuuuuut”


  40. Playing sim would make a lot more sense for ya know….realism….like a simulation.

  41. Look with your commander’s binocs, range with the binocs BEFORE going out, go out, shoot, come back down. That’ll save you a second or 2, and might save your life in the end. 🙂

  42. 중국의 개 입니다 구독 앙망합니다 훨훨

    How did you get such an amazing ping!

  43. Actually didnt know you were an active tank commander.

    I doubt I could even fit in a tank with my 6″8 but even then, confined to a little space with multiple people would be my worst nightmare (kinda claustrofobic).

    • Yeah at 6’1 myself, I definitely only just fit haha. But one of our trainers was much taller and he made it look easy so who knows?

  44. 6:26 i think the main reason is because the german tech tree has both west and east german vehicles and so germany is kinda in a weird position where its on both sides.

  45. yeah Aussie internet is atrocious

  46. Get a team of REAL, TRAINED, Tank commanders to do this and it would be FAR more interesting.

  47. The real issue with IRL tactics is that the objectives are very gamey. Leading to the NEED for reckless tactics. You can’t just wait around all day.
    Nor do you have the vital infantry support most armored vehicles rely on.

  48. Just a simple gamer

    I need a squad to try this in cold war tanks.

    That has my attention.

  49. War thunder is not realistic
    It’s physics are sorta real but never real

  50. Unfortunately war thunder forces us to play non realistic. For example you don’t have enough time. You mostly need to play aggressive around capture points otherwise despite you doing well you will lose, and the economy punishes us.

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