Actually Enjoying Free-to-Play – World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

I’ve got a confession, I’m actually starting enjoy my free-to-play account in World of Tanks and here’s why!


World of Tanks a game published by Wargaming and available as a free download.


  1. Tell ya right now dont underestimate than 2nd shot, it will kick your ass.

  2. On stock grinds I just load all premium or he rounds and have fun annoying the enemy

  3. Only thing I hate about wot is the lack of communication and help, I’ve been jumped by 2 tanks and would have 3 teammates behind me and they’d do nun, it’s just very irritating and it’d make me not wanna play anymore for a while cuz it’d be like that game after game🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. I actually hate the grind once the tank is maxed. Its fun learning the tank when it sucks and figuring out how you can make it work. Then when you get it maxed the tank feels great but that grind once it is maxed is meh

  5. Maybe WG have buffed your RNG again?

  6. please stop trying to scare people out of playing this game, my first few hundred and thousands of the game were fun

  7. QuickBaby, you took that dangerous, experimental shot over an illness with a 99.50% survival rate for the ages of 1-70 years old? Oh noooo. 🙁 Feeling sick after that shot is your body telling you it’s been contaminated!

  8. Jonathan Vieira França

    QuickBaby I normaly go for engine and tracks before the gun, but on the 50TP, oh lord after a few battles I rushed the gun, I used all my free experience for it, and now I finally started to do some damage, like for exemple a 0-Ni pekeed and half of his life just gone in a single shell.

  9. You took vaccine? duh, i don’t reckon you did.

  10. you’re extremely skilled quickybaby ^.^ wish i was near as skilled as you are 🙂

  11. I HATED my T-10 until it was fully upgraded. The tier IX Centurion I just started? The worst stock grind I’ve ever seen at tier 9.

    Tier VIII-X grinds I actually enjoyed: E-100, IS-7, T92 HMC, Kranvagn, Super Conqueror, and T110E3. Each of those were fun grinds for me.

  12. QB its cool u did the free to play acc but its not an actual representation of a normal ftp account bc normal ppl dont have the time to site thru lomg marathons to get premium and reward vehicles that are better than a lot of tech tree tanks. I dont find your account to resemble my ftp at all lol

  13. quickbaby is a masoquist conffirmed.

  14. Playing free is very boring and very hard.
    Players with premium tanks and consumables can get you in seconds in any game specially if you just bought new tank and no enough credit or experience to upgrade the tank.
    I lost interest in the game due to this.

  15. masochist haha XD

  16. Too late too come back in the game when the cars are too toxic

  17. Bob Anthony Cabudoy

    lol new f2p players have it easier now for they can have blueprints and booster for easier tank grind.. f2p 2012-2015 players were the solid hard asf grind.. btw you made the game ‘shitty” for your “snipey2” at the back farm damage tactics that everyone who plays tanks now snipes even if its a HT and LT..

  18. This new patch 1.13 will kill this game and again Wargaming listens to the wrong people, in less than a week the player base on the EU server went from 125k down to 90k. This was also during the crystal mission marathon, even that does not pull players back in. I think this is the start of the end to this game, as Wargaming seem intent fix the wrong things and carry on with game-breaking problems like the EBR clown car, 1 sided maps and op tanks that will get even stronger.

  19. Jasper Stephens

    This game is fun, losing 38 games in a row and barely winning 5 games while trying to grind tanks is just… so enjoyable (This is sarcasm, its not fun at all)

  20. Time = money in WOT. And be prepared to spend A LOT.

  21. 40hrs is an average weeks work time. so the tank will have cost you £320+ on minimum wage in the UK. it is cheaper to work for a day (8hrs) and buy the tank at full price, while still having a life. this is why I don’t bother with these grinding missions.

  22. I am a beginner and I found what your saying was totally beyond my understanding. It seemed that you were talking to the very experienced player.

  23. Armin Gleißner

    Why would you put yourself in a disadvantage voluntarily? I will never get those players (I was one of them back in the day, what was I thinking?🤣) who shoot AP and dont use premium consumables.
    Also even if you are free to play, there is no way in hell you use a hand fire extinguisher like come on, at that point you are memeing.

  24. HE Changes? I’m leaving the game. I’m a Beta player, but I’ve had enough. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on this game, but I’ve had enough. I like to play artillery, and you’ve finally killed it? I’ve had enough. I shoot at Soviet heavies with HE when they are hull down to take off small chunks of damage, but you’ve taken that away?…. I’ve had enough. No more Wargaming, you’ve sapped them last of the fun out of the game for me. I’ve had it. All the crybabies have won. I’m shutting the doors and turning off the lights. To hell with you Wargaming….

  25. 6000+ rounds and 3 years to make F2P tolerable, and that’s with your level of dedication QB…

  26. QB challange NOOO “special rounds” with any tank, with your knowledge of the game you are a “sealclubber on a f2p” account and you load the freaking gold if it doesnt work

  27. Justin Stephenson

    So to get to a point where the free to play player can actually enjoy the game experience you need to play 6000 games. Assuming an average game time of 5-8 minutes that is 500-800 hours to get to a point where you can be competitive.

    The vast majority of people will not have that stamina.

  28. Tierlist non-premium incoming

  29. Herastheblackwolf

    andiamo = lets go (in a plural way)

  30. József Nyisztor

    I am not a F2P person with about 9K battles but I found out one thing that is very frustrating however you play. There is a certain point at your playstyle when you know enough of the game, you began to enjoy playing almost every type of vehicle, so basically you can make good TACTICAL plays but many times you are not enough to make STRATEGIC moves. And you are trying to your best but you simply don’t have enough experience to carry your team. It is hard learn how to do it and I always get mad at myself when I accidentally threw a game with one or two wrong decision.
    And there is a problem with WG’s Matchmaking. I know it is simple to blame the mm for everything I am not that kind of a person but when you log in play like 14 battles. Every single one is a loss. Than you think, okay “I leave and I will play a few days later.”
    And when you log in again and make another 15 battles loss in a row. And you feel like you are the biggest trash in the game. But as I have seen there is kind of a bad luck in the game but it is very hard to break.
    To sum up I am just lost in these two issues recently and did anyone got a explonation to these phenomena?

  31. Tomislav Valecic

    Bob Ross of WoT

  32. Since 2014 I have spent 6 dollars today and like 20 dollars on Christmas boxes am I still basically free to play?

  33. Steven Johnston

    Played 5000 games six years ago then gave up. Coming back now I’m crossing into 6000 games played and I don’t know if it’s because I’m older and take the game less seriously now or because I play with one or two people now but I’m really enjoying myself now

  34. Video idea:
    Make a review of the Obj. 257

  35. アレ草ンダ

    So, WoT is for people who are masochistic and into edging

  36. qb: obj. 777 is a good revard tank. how this guy can be biggest wot creator????

  37. As a free to player, I realise that I am not a customer of WarGaming but a part of their product. The players that pay allow me to play for free and, as a free to play player, I enhance their gaming experience. No problems with that.

  38. Suggestion, to help free to play players: How about a guide for which tanks to best skip. Looking at necessary modules to upgrade, xp needed breakdown etc. moving crews up the ladder can be expensive to their skills even with the 90% training that is ‘free’ know ing which tanks are best skipped, or are easy to skip with a minimum of free xp would be informative.

  39. ive never fired a gold shell & been playing the game on & off since very early days. Only thing i did was bought a couple of tier7 prems to offset lack of creds. Altho that now doesnt really matter with current game & i dont even play prem tanks

  40. “Free to play account”…. remove the “gold” ammo and i would agree it’s a free to play account

    40-50% win rate….? i call that super lucky specially as the match maker never takes into account if a player
    uses “gold” ammo or not… so many battles lost these days with the enemy side only losing 3-4 tanks and the highest
    EXP score on my team is below the smallest on the enemy or one is lucky and gets to be on the winning side…
    i think during the whole battle pass thing maybe 5% of battles were evenly matched and felt like good games

  41. Used to be easier to play Free to Play 7-8 years ago, then I have not played for about 5-6 years, now you need to have some Premium tier 8 at least… otherwise is impossible now… I bought 2 premiums, only money I spend on the game, migh buy one or 2 more in the future.. only carry 2 gold shells, so dont fire gold often… some people probably dont know how to play without gold..

  42. HI QB, I think your F2P experience is less and less relevant: You are getting tanks regular players won’t ever get, thus increasing exp and credits we don’t get; Your F2P account has all the characteristics of a paid account, and I can’t relate to your F2P experience as I used too.

  43. Brenden Pischke

    9:10 I am definitely a masochist. You kinda have to be to play this game.

  44. I don’t think “once you’ve gone through the pain of grinding low-percentage crews in terrible tanks to the point where you have 100% crews in good tanks, the game is fun enough to play.” is a particularly good incentive for new people to join the game, especially when new players aren’t going to be anywhere near as good as you and so their grind is going to be even tougher.

  45. If you want to enjoy free-to-play in WOT, stay in the mid-tiers with decent tanks. The grind to tier 6 is minimal and credits are made even in bad games.

  46. Actually you can’t really enjoy wot anymore IF you play regulary and you take it seriously.if you play casually is perfect and relaxing if you don’t really care

  47. Wg fix low tier

  48. Been plYing from 2013, and im still cant improve. Hmm

  49. If you guys really want a free to play experience then check out “mailand”. he truly plays f2p (for example without using the 2 key AT ALL). QB is a hypocrite when it comes to that: he dont use items which you only can buy through credits and labels them as “not free to play” while also using alot of gold ammo which would be the same category as for example an automatic fireextinguisher or even food.

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